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Hybrid Events that Break Boundaries

Extend your in-person event across borders and let attendees connect from around the world.

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Expand Your Audience Reach

Extend your event beyond the limitations of a physical venue and reach a wider audience. Allow attendees to create meaningful connections no matter where they are located. Our platform integrates with any audio/visual provider to digitally broadcast experiences in real-time. 

  • Simultaneous Live Streaming of In-Person Sessions
  • Physical and Virtual Experiences Across Devices
  • Mobile and Responsive Web App Access

Maximize ROI of Your Events

Attract a global audience of attendees, speakers, and sponsors with a hybrid event. Adding a virtual component to a physical event will create layers of value that will ultimately translate to enhanced growth and revenue opportunities.

  • Multiple Ticket Types for Revenue Optimization
  • Added Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities
  • Lead Capture for Sales & Marketing


Transform Events into an Evergreen Community

Allow attendees to connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships before, during, and after the event is over. Foster a sense of community around your event to strengthen loyalty and brand affinity that will last until your next virtual or hybrid event.

  • Tailored Networking for In-Person and Virtual Attendees 
  • Integrated On-Site and Virtual Chat Rooms
  • Immersive Live Polling and Integrated Q&A
  • Attendee Browse, Connect, and Meeting Scheduler

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