Simple pricing for your event or fundraiser.

Event Ticketing

$1 per ticket
  • + 1% of ticket sale amount
  • No activation fee
  • Set up your event and sell tickets in minutes
  • Seamless event check-in
  • Unlimited custom ticket types

Auction, Raffle, Fund a Need

$1 per participant
  • + $99 activation fee per auction, raffle, or fund a need
  • Unlimited items
  • Display proceeds in real-time throughout your event
  • Integrated credit card payments
  • No percentage of funds raised taken!

Text to Give & Online Donations

$29per month
  • + 1% of each donation
  • Accept text message and online donations
  • Track proceeds in real-time
  • Recurring donations
  • Cancel at any time

Unlimited 24/7 support with a real person.

Increase your proceeds or your money back!

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Are you really just $1 per participant?

YES! However, we do charge a $99 activation fee per event / fundraising type. Your $99 payment will activate your account prior to your event. Following your event’s conclusion, we will charge you the remainder based on your number of participants.

Who is considered a participant?

A participant is someone who submits a bid for a silent auction or submits tickets for a raffle.

What if someone bids on multiple items?

Your participants can submit an unlimited number of bids, for an unlimited number of items – all still for $1!

What about credit card processing fees?

We partner with Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe charges 2.9% plus 30 cents a transaction. We offer you the choice to pay this fee, or to have your winning bidders pay processing fee at checkout.

Does your ticketing percentage fee include credit card processing fees?

No, the 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction fee mentioned above is charged by our credit card processing partner. However, we do give you the option to have your ticket buyers pay these fees.