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Manage your Accelevents data in Salesforce

Connect Accelevents with Salesforce to automatically manage your event data with campaigns, leads, and contacts.

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Now you can directly connect your Accelevents organizer account with your Salesforce account, making it a breeze to manage your event audience right in your CRM.

Here’s why you’ll want to set up this integration:

  • Choose to send your audience data to Salesforce as leads or contacts
  • Automatically send Registered contacts to your Salesforce account
  • Automatically send Attended contacts to your Salesforce account
  • Map standard registration fields to your Salesforce contact records
  • Automatically create event campaigns and add attendees as campaign members

Note: This integration is only available for Professional, Enterprise, and White Label accounts.

Ready to set up the integration? View our setup guide here.


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