Common Questions on Mobile Bidding With Accelevents.

We are here to help you make you maximize and mobilize your fundraiser.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

Using our text message based mobile bidding system, your donors can bid from their own phone – no app required! Switching from a traditional silent auction or raffle to our mobile platform means that your donors can bid from anywhere, even if they cannot attend your fundraising event. You can even begin accepting bids well before (or after) your event online or via text message. With a 99% read rate, you don’t need to worry about your donors missing their chance to participate.

Accelevents is a fundraising solution for events of all kinds, supporting event hosts from start to finish. We currently feature two products:

  • Event Ticketing – our event ticketing system allows event hosts to create a ticketing page and begin selling tickets in minutes. Hosts can create custom ticket tiers, track their progress, and check guests in seamlessly.
  • Mobile Fundraising – our mobile fundraising platform focuses on enhances silent auctions, raffles and Fund a Need programs with mobile and online bidding. Hosts can create their fundraiser and begin accepting donations in minutes!

Accelevents currently offers two solutions: Event Ticketing and Mobile Fundraising.

Event Ticketing

  • Hosts can create a custom ticketing page and begin selling tickets in minutes
  • Setup custom ticketing tiers, prices, and amount available
  • Collect custom data on your guests
  • Track sales in real-time
  • Seamlessly check-in your guests

Mobile Fundraising

Auctions are a complete mobile bidding system for silent auctions:

  • Participants submit bids from anywhere using their mobile phone
  • Participants receive notifications if they have been outbid on a particular item
  • Our Live Event Displays allow donors to view prizes, current highest bids, and encourages engagement to drive further donations

Raffles are a complete mobile raffle system:

  • Participants can purchase and submit tickets from anywhere
  • Participants receive instant notifications to confirm their bids
  • Our live displays allow donors to view prizes, current highest bids, and encourages engagement to drive further donations

Our goal is to enhance your event and increase proceeds, regardless of the size of the event.  With our flexible pricing and easy-to-use technology, AccelEvents solutions can be used for events with any number of attendees or prizes.

No – our system relies on the text-messaging so your donors do not need to download an app.  As long as they have a cell phone capable of sending and receiving text messages, they can participate in your fundraising solution!

AccelEvents solutions are designed to enhance your event experience, for both you and your attendees. From event ticketing to mobile fundraising, our solutions create an easy to use and engaging experience for your guests from start to finish, all while making event organization easier for hosts.

By getting rid of the physical silent auction / raffle systems, AccelEvents removes the headaches of manually filling out bid sheets or tickets and waiting near the bidding tables to submit your bids or tickets. From the host’s viewpoint, AccelEvents allows you to easily track items, bids, total funds raised, and prize winners without the hassle of doing so with physical tickets and bid sheets.

The ease-of-use and efficiency of our solutions allows donors and hosts alike to focus on the event itself, creating an enhanced event experience, and resulting in increased funds raised for your event.

Accelevents takes pride in providing affordable solutions that truly help increase funds collected at your event. For Event Ticketing, we charge $1 per ticket plus 1% of ticket sales.

For our Mobile Fundraising Solutions (auction, raffle, fund a need), we charge $1 per person who participates in your silent auction or raffle, with a $99 activation fee per event. After you have created a free account, you can make your fundraiser live by paying $99. After your event’s conclusion, we will charge your remaining amount based on your number of bidders.  For more information see our pricing page.

Our easy to use Host Dashboard provides a simple way for hosts to enter all information before the event.  Through your Host Dashboard you can enter the following information:

Event Ticketing

  • Event date and time
  • Event description and location
  • Tickets available
  • Ticket prices and amounts available


  • Event end date and time (time at which winners will be drawn)
  • Event logo
  • Enable credit card payments
  • Auction item name, picture, description, starting bid amount


  • Event end date and time (time at which winners will be drawn)
  • Event logo
  • Enable credit card payments
  • Prize item name, picture, description
  • Unique prize codes
  • Ticket prices
  • Volunteer ticket sales staff

Create a free account today to see how easy the Host Dashboard is to use.

Accelevents event ticketing and mobile fundraising pages can be set up in a matter of minutes using our Host Dashboard.  Our easy to use system allows hosts to set up all aspects of the fundraiser including ticket creation, prize entry, volunteer assignment, credit card payment enablement, and much more.

Our Host Dashboard is the command center for your event.  The Dashboard has two major features: event setup and event tracking.

  1. Setup – Our easy to use Host Dashboard allows you to quickly enter all of your event information including date and time, ticketing available, prizes, volunteers to sell your tickets (for Raffles), and much more. The Dashboard also allows hosts to enable credit card payments for their event.
  1. Tracking – Both during and after your event, the Dashboard will track the  number of tickets you have sold for your event, and the performance of your fundraiser by monitoring proceeds raised (in total and for each prize). For Raffles, the Dashboard will also monitor the number of tickets sold by each of your volunteers. For Auctions, you can see payments as they come in.

With our easy-to-use Host Dashboard, this is not a problem.  Hosts can enter prize information right up to the event start (and during the event itself!).

Donor registration is optional but for smaller events we suggest avoiding up front registration.  Donors can simply text message the unique phone number assigned to your event to begin the bidding process.  If it is a new bidder we will ask for their first and last name as a form of confirmation.

Donors can view all of the prizes available for auction (online or displayed at the venue and at the main prize table).  To submit a bid for a specific prize, donors text your unique event phone number with the three letter prize code and bid amount.  For example, if a bidder wants to bid $200 dollars for a pair of football tickets with a prize code of TIX, they would simply text “TIX$200.”  Upon bidding, your donors will instantly receive a confirmation text, or a text informing you that their bid was below the current minimum bid.

In addition, your bidders can bid on your items directly through your online fundraising page.

For more information on our auction system click here.

Using our integrated payment system, event winners will receive a text with a custom link.  This link will bring attendees to a secure URL where they can submit payment using their credit card.  Alternatively, you can require all bidders to enter their credit card information in to our system (on their own device or through an event volunteer) before placing any bids.

For cash payments, donors can pay event volunteers directly.

With our integrated payment system, donors will receive a text with a custom link for their phone number.  This link will bring attendees to a secure website, where they can select the number of tickets they would like to buy with a credit card.  The purchaser will immediately receive a text message confirming the number of tickets they just purchased.

For cash payments, donors simply find an event volunteer to submit payment.  When the volunteer issues the digital tickets the purchase will receive a text message confirming the number of tickets they purchased.

Donors will first view the list of prizes up for raffle (visible around the venue and at the main prize table).  To submit tickets for a specific prize, donors simply text the unique event phone number with the three letter prize code and desired number of tickets they would like to bid.  For example, if you wanted to submit five tickets for a pair of football tickets with a prize code of ABC, you would simply text “ABC5.”  Upon bidding, you would instantly receive a text confirming your bid, and the number of tickets you have remaining.

The fundraiser page is a custom URL that you can display throughout the venue of your fundraiser buy connecting to monitors or projectors.  This fundraiser page will give a live view of the proceeds you have raised in total, and by prize.

Our system will automatically notify attendees if they are not the highest bidder as the event reaches its conclusion.  Once the auction ending time has been reached the highest bidder for each item will receive a text message notifying them that they have won and giving them the option to pay.

As the raffle closes (at the time you as the event host specified) the Accelevents raffle system will randomly “draw” a winner from the pool of digital tickets submitted for each prize.  Winners will be notified of their prize via text.  Any tickets that were not submitted will be randomly entered into the drawing so that no ticket goes to waste. For more information on our raffle system click here.


Stripe is the secure third party vendor that Accelevents uses to allow hosts to accept credit card payments for their fundraiser.  By setting up a personal Stripe account, Hosts can enable credit card payments for their silent auction or raffle. This means their donors and attendees can purchase their tickets or pay for their winning bids directly from their phones using credit card payments. Funds are then transferred into your account in a matter of days once the fundraiser has ended.  For more information on Stripe, visit


Yes, hosts can monitor a variety of metrics (total proceeds, bids per price, time until end of fundraiser, etc.)  in real-time during their event with two of our tools:

Host Dashboard – This tool is personalized for the event host to monitor the performance of their event, showing total proceeds and the performance of each prize in their fundraiser.

Live Event Display – These displays can be shown throughout your venue by connecting to monitors and projection screens and is great of engaging your donors by showing total proceeds and bids in real-time.

Yes, with both our Auction and Raffle tools, hosts can easily export information from their fundraiser. This easy export includes information such as:

  • Total Funds Raised
  • Total bids (or raffle tickets) submitted
  • Prize winner names and contact information
  • All participant data


With AccelEvents solutions, this is not a problem.  Because we also offer text message bidding, your donors can submit bids with any cell phone.  If your guests do not have any cell phone, or are not comfortable with our bidding system, we offer a volunteer functionality which allows your fundraiser staff and volunteers to submit bids on behalf of your guests.