Learn best practices when it comes to organizing and executing your fundraising event.

10 Creative Fundraising Event Ideas

2019-07-23T11:41:16-04:00July 22nd, 2019|

Fundraisers are events that present a unique set of challenges. These events can take many different forms and sizes, from a middle school bake sale or raffle to a large gala or political event.  With so many different fundraising event ideas floating around and so many ways to raise money, it can be hard [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Include Consignment Items in Your Next Silent Auction

2019-07-11T14:37:31-04:00September 4th, 2018|

Congratulations! You’ve successfully orchestrated a fundraising event, and you and your team are putting the finishing touches on your plans before your event goes live. Your final task in the planning process is to make sure you have amazing silent auction items for your guests to bid on in order to increase your proceeds. [...]

The Best Fundraising Blogs to Follow in 2018

2018-05-01T07:40:06-04:00April 30th, 2018|

As a company focused on helping our clients raise as much money as possible through their fundraising initiatives, we enjoy keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the nonprofit, fundraising, and event space. While there are endless resources providing fundraising tips, promotion & communication strategies, and guides on how to [...]

How to Highlight Your Fundraiser Sponsors

2018-01-23T21:48:29-04:00January 23rd, 2018|

So you’ve spent hours upon hours attracting fundraising sponsors to your upcoming event, raising a ton of incremental dollars for your cause – congrats! The biggest question left regarding your sponsors is…How can you adequately highlight your fundraiser sponsors in a meaningful and engaging manner? In this post, we will provide you with a [...]

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Fundraising Appeal Letter

2018-01-19T00:05:29-04:00January 19th, 2018|

Today, we are featuring a guest post from Gloria Kopp, a fundraising manager at Australian Help. Writing a fundraising appeal letter is an extremely niche form of writing that can be difficult to master. Instead of trying to promote a service or a product like most businesses, you’ll be trying to write a letter that [...]

5 Planning Tips for Your Upcoming Capital Campaign Event

2017-12-29T10:13:59-04:00December 29th, 2017|

Capital campaigns are often periods of chaos for nonprofit organizations because of tight deadlines, intense strategy, and aggressive fundraising goals, leading to more than a little bit of pressure. Composed of two phases, private and public, a capital campaign typically transitions from the private phase into the public phase with a kickoff event. If [...]

4 Steps to Finally Getting Your Fundraising Plan in Writing

2017-05-01T22:12:49-04:00May 1st, 2017|

For today’s post, we are featuring a guest article from our friend Sandy Rees at Get Fully Funded.  Anytime is a great time to work on a fundraising plan. You don’t have to wait until the first of January or the beginning of your fiscal year. If you don’t have a plan, NOW is a [...]

How to Choose the Best Online Ticket Sales Service

2017-03-11T16:04:53-04:00February 22nd, 2017|

With so many options available for online ticket sales, it can be stressful for event organizers to cut through the clutter and find the best option. Many online ticket sales providers offer a broad range of similar functions, but there are a few features in particular that can make your ticket sales, event planning and [...]

How to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Event

2019-07-23T11:18:10-04:00January 23rd, 2017|

Many of our peers in the fundraising industry often ask how they can optimize their fundraising events in order to raise more money year after year. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve helped fundraising events of all kinds, giving us a good grasp of consistent strategies to help your team raise more [...]

Fundraising Thermometers and Other Tactics to Engage Your Audience

2016-12-13T08:22:55-04:00December 9th, 2016|

If someone told you that the key to their increased fundraiser proceeds was a fundraising thermometer, would you believe them? After consulting with and running many of our own fundraisers, we buy it! The benefit of fundraising thermometers (and similar tools) is that they are a dynamic way to engage your audience, and make them [...]