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Easy-to-Use Virtual Event Software

Everything you need to market, manage, and execute your virtual
conference or event at an affordable price.

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With everything going on with Covid-19 we decided to move forward with our conference, albeit in a virtual format.  Our global reach was further and our revenue didn’t decrease by a dime!

24/7 Live Customer Support

We have your back with top-rated
customer support professionals.

Your Team Just Got Bigger

As event hosts ourselves, we know that planning an event or fundraiser can be stressful. That’s why we pride ourselves in our ‘round the clock customer service. Before, during, or after your event.

Kiley - Accelevents User

Keri T.

Laker Educational Foundation
I was able to get a landing page and start selling registrations in a few minutes, moving this event to a virtual platform could not have been easier thanks to the team at Accelevents!
derek - accelevents user

Dale G.

KCJA Fundraiser
Even though this platform is a one stop shop in many ways, I still needed to use my CRM and email marketing platforms, so when I saw the integrations I knew this was the platform that would make my life easier!

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Create Human Experiences

The heart of every event is the interaction among your attendees. Our A.I. powered
virtual cocktail hours and networking sessions allow attendees to ‘match’ with each other through real life interactions, sparking long-term professional relationships.

Virtual Event Hub

Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Sell sponsorships and host virtual exhibitors who can manage their digital presense while interacting with attendees with all the data you need to demonstrate the ROI of a virtual booth.

  • Virtual tradeshow booth: Sponsors and exhibitors can build their digital booth with their own branding, logos, messaging, and digital handouts.
  • Online lead retrieval: Attendees can connect with exhibitors in real time over chat, video, or email and request information from exhibiting companies

Real time data

Stay up-to-date on your event with our Real Time Dashboard so that you can quickly make informed marketing and logistics decisions at every stage of your event. Easily share data with your sales and marketing team to keep everyone in the loop.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

Offer ticket based permission levels for accessing live and recorded keynote or breakout sessions.

Keep attendees engaged and monitor session performance for speaker feedback.

  • Interactive Q&A
  • In-session polls
  • Downloadable handouts

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Agenda & Speaker

Manage your agenda and speakers with our built-in management tool.

Integrated event
communication tools

Interact with guests face-to-face through broadcasts, virtual roundtables, AMA, or fireside chats. Bring your own streaming service such as Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or your favorite platform.

Accurate Attendee Data

Allow attendees to update their own data and tickets.

Attendee Management

“It has a clean layout for the landing page, easy to navigate and the option to check tickets in.”


Cut out the manual work. We connect with
the platforms you love.

Unified data and metrics.

  • Integrate your event data to better understand value driven and leads created from your events.
  • Pass custom data points on your registrants through to your CRM for enriched data.

Built for flexibility.

  • Use our built in video creation and broadingcasting tools or bring your own.
  • Integrate with different platforms as your marketing programs adjust.
  • Create deep attendee profiles with accurate activity data.

Complete API Documentation.

  • Integration is a piece of cake with our documentation and 24/7 tech support.
  • Build your own ticketing site or fundraising platform without starting from scratch.
  • Access your data however you want with our API

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