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an introduction to event badge and conference badge printing with Accelevents

Event name badges are more than just identifiers; they are a visual representation of your event and the organization behind it

Expertly designed and printed name badges reinforce your event's branding, conveying a sense of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. They set the expectation for quality, suggesting that if the badge is polished, the event promises to be of a high caliber.

This guide is crafted to help event organizers like you excel at designing and printing badges that reflect your brand and facilitate networking among attendees.

While we'll use Accelevents event badge management feature as an example, the information provided applies to setting up an effective badge management system regardless of your chosen event platform.

advantages of integrated event badge management systems for conferences and trade shows include reinforcing access control and facilitating networking at your event

The Four Advantages Of Integrated Badge Management Systems 

Opting for a fully integrated event platform that combines badge management, registration, and check-in — as Accelevents does — can have significant benefits, which we’ll explore below. 

1. Efficiency 

Integrating registration, check-in, and badge management into a single system simplifies processes and results in faster, more efficient operations.

2. Data Integrity

Integrating registration, check-in, and badge printing significantly reduces the likelihood of data errors. Names, titles, company names, and other vital badge information will be accurately displayed, aligning with the details provided during registration.

3. Cost & Time Savings

Why invest in multiple software solutions and subject your staff to lengthy training programs when you can consolidate all your event processes, including badge management, within a single event platform?

4. A Better Event Experience

Attendees love a quick check-in process. With an integrated system that efficiently prints badges, they can start their event experience promptly and on a positive note.

Once checked in, attendees will find a well-designed event badge incredibly helpful for networking.

Badge Management 101 with Accelevents

Now that we've discussed the benefits of choosing an integrated badge management system let's dive into the process of designing and printing professional badges using Accelevents.

Incorporate all variable data fields you need into an Accelevents design template or design your badge from scratch

Step 1: Design Badges Like a Pro

Information To Include On Your Badge

Designing professional badges is simple with Accelevents. Pick a customizable badge template or create your badge from scratch using our Badge Designer.

Here is some basic information you’ll want to include on your badges:

  • Attendee Name: Make it prominent! Ensure names like "John Doe" are legible and appropriately sized, facilitating easy interactions with fellow attendees.
  • Job Title & Organization: Include specific titles such as "Marketing Director at TechCorp" to create effective networking opportunities.
  • Event Branding: Add event-specific elements like logos or theme colors to your design. For example, if your summit is titled "Future of Tech," integrate tech-inspired graphics or the summit's official logo to align the badge with the event theme.
  • QR Code: Including a QR code is more than just a modern touch; it's a necessity, as we will explore in the next section of this blog.
determine the look of wristbands and event badges, decide if they’ll be protected by pvc card covers or affixed to lanyards or lapel clips, then start designing

The Importance Of A Clean and Professional Design

When designing event badges, start by considering where and how the badge will be affixed to the attendee. A branded lanyard can add an extra touch of professionalism, while a clip-on plastic badge might be suitable for more casual events.

Choosing between a lanyard, a clip-on with a plastic card, or other types of badge holders will greatly impact the overall design of the badge.

Once that is decided, move on to determining the badge size, deciding between double or single-sided options, and choosing between sharp or rounded corners for example.

Next, turn your attention to the aesthetics. Decide whether to go for full-color name tags that stand out or opt for a more subtle, monochromatic design. The design should align seamlessly with your event's branding and theme. This step is about finding the right balance between aesthetics and practicality, ensuring that the badge is on brand while presenting information clearly and professionally.

To help you craft an impactful badge, take a look at our 5 event badge design rules for professional badges!

Luckily, with Accelevents' badge designer, you can design custom event badges in any size and format from scratch or tweak a badge template to get exactly what you need. It’s all about making badges that are as unique as your event!

Why You Should Display A QR Code On Your Badge

Adding a QR code to your badge is a strategic move; here’s why:

  • Help Attendees Grow Their Network: By scanning their QR code, attendees can instantly connect with other event participants. There is no need to search through the app – a quick scan locates the desired participant profile. Think of it like sending a friend request that helps attendees expand their network and remember who they've met. Once connected, event contacts stay linked for future events. At the next event, these connections can easily be located under the “People” tab in the app.
  • Engage Attendees With Gamification: Another standout advantage of QR code scanning is the integration with gamification tactics. Attendees can earn points when exhibitors scan the QR code on their badge to capture them as leads. 
  • Accelerate Session Check-in: Instead of enduring a tedious and time-consuming manual check-in, attendees can scan their badges and check themselves into a session. 
  • Facilitate Lead Capture: The QR code on a badge represents a real treasure trove for exhibitors and vendors. Just a quick scan and they get all the important attendee details, streamlining their lead generation efforts.
preparing event pass designs with barcodes or QR codes for printing

Step 2: Preparing For The Printing Process

The next step in managing badges is making sure printing goes smoothly. With Accelevents, this part is straightforward.

Essential Equipment For Printing Professional-Grade Badges

Recommended Printers: For the best results, our platform is designed to produce a single badge per page. We recommend the Zebra ZD420, ZD500, or ZD620 thermal printers for their exceptional quality and performance.

Paper/Card Stock: Choosing the appropriate paper is vital for thermal printers. Thermal paper is tailored for these devices, guaranteeing sharp and enduring prints. Choose durable yet lightweight paper. Think about laminating your badges, too – lamination adds sturdiness and a touch of elegance, which is particularly beneficial for extended events or if the badges are intended as mementos.

How To Prepare Your Designs for Print

Designing an aesthetically pleasing badge is one thing; making sure it prints perfectly is another. Here are some essential tips to ensure your design is print-ready:

Resolution: While a badge may appear crisp on your digital display, it might translate differently in print with the right settings. To guarantee the best print quality, use the darkest print setting and select the highest DPI (dots per inch) your printer allows. This ensures that your badge remains sharp and free from pixelation when printed.

Padding: Consider padding as a buffer zone around your badge's design. Adding an extra space of about 1/8 inch (3mm) ensures that everything you want is included when the badge is printed and cut. This prevents any design elements from accidentally being left off the edge, helping you achieve a cleaner, more professional look.

Fonts and Typography: Prioritize readability when selecting your badge's font. We recommend a classic and easily legible font like Times New Roman. Accelevents offers a curated selection of font styles; it's beneficial to play around with them to determine which best aligns with the mood and theme of your event. This ensures a consistent appearance, optimizing the legibility and aesthetics of your badges when printed.

Proofing: Ensuring the accuracy and quality of your badge design is key. Before diving into the full printing process, we strongly advise a meticulous review of your design. Review the following:

  • Typography: Ensure that font sizes are legible and that there are no typographical errors.
  • Layout Consistency: Make sure that margins, alignments, and spacings are uniform across all badges, especially if there are variations in attendee titles or names.

  • Graphics and Logos: Confirm that graphics or logos are clear, not pixelated, and positioned correctly without overshadowing crucial information.

Once you're satisfied with the digital design, conduct a test print on the material you intend to use for the final badges. This can highlight issues that might not be evident on screen, allowing you to address any potential discrepancies or errors before committing to the complete printing task.

Event Badge Printing: When Is The Right Time to Hit 'Print'?

Choosing when to print your event badges is as important as their design. Here are your options:

pre-printing VIP passes and other badges a few business days before the event to avoid the hassle of printing at check-in

Option 1: Pre-Event Printing

Pre-printing is great for events with stable registration numbers and few last-minute registrations or changes. This approach guarantees that badges are prepared, arranged, and readied in advance, simplifying the on-site setup and reducing stress on the day of the event.

Pre-printing cannot however accommodate sudden changes or additional registrations. Making post-printing adjustments requires reprints, which wastes material and time. 

printing event badges at check-in on event day

Option 2: On-Demand Printing

On demand printing with an integrated badge management system like Accelevents has many advantages:

  • Rapid Printing: The Accelevents badge printing module allows for badges to be printed in less than 2 seconds, ensuring quick service for attendees.
  • Flexibility: Easily edit and reprint badges as needed during the event. This adaptability is perfect for accommodating any last-minute changes or corrections.
  • Convenience For Walk-Ins: Instantly print badges for walk-in attendees,ensuring there's a minimal wait time, even for those who haven't pre-registered.
  • Offline Protection: Never worry about internet outages. The system offers offline protection, ensuring printing continues smoothly even without an internet connection.
  • Sustainability: Reduce paper waste and environmental impact by printing badges on-demand, minimizing the need for excessive pre-printing.

One important caveat: While Accelevents streamlines the badge printing process, it's essential to have dependable printers and an efficient on-site team. Otherwise, attendees may still experience extended wait times at check-in.

printing badges in real time on event day 

Step 3: Printing Badges On Event Day

Accelevents' badge management module seamlessly works with our registration and check-in features, allowing you to check in attendees and print their badges quickly and efficiently. 

Here are two ways to check in attendees:

Assisted Check-In:  Event staff registers attendees and print their badges at the venue. This ensures that badges have the latest information and reduces unnecessary waste. Even last-minute attendees can be quickly registered and given badges, ensuring they have a seamless experience, just like pre-registered attendees.

Self-Check-In in Kiosk Model: The Accelevents Admin App can be switched to kiosk mode to accommodate self-check-ins. Attendees can either scan their QR code or find their registration on the kiosk, check themselves in, and print their badges all in one go.

Both of these methods reflect Accelevents' commitment to providing flexible, attendee-focused solutions that prioritize efficiency and ensure a smooth check-in experience.

blog post summary and invitation to contact Accelevents to learn more about our pricing and to get FAQ answered within the next day

The Crucial Role of Streamlined Badge Systems in Event Operations: Key Takeaways

Streamlined badge systems are essential for smooth operations. Here's what we've covered in this guide:

  • Integrate Check-In And Badge Management: A seamless check-in process with instant badge printing saves time and enhances the attendee experience.

  • Design Professional Badges: Thoughtfully select your design elements to craft a polished and professional badge that reflects your event’s high quality and standards and makes a memorable first impression.
  • Make Your Printing Process As Adaptable As Possible: Whether pre-printing or on-demand printing, ensure you can adapt to changes and quickly print badges for attendees, while maintaining a professional and relaxed event atmosphere.

If you're interested in learning more about badge management with Accelevents, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to give you a demo of our event management platform in action.

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