The Power Of Long-Term Partnerships: Ethisphere’s Journey with Accelevents

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Forging a lasting partnership with the perfect event software provider isn't just a savvy decision - it's a game-changer. Why? Because it translates to time savings for you and your team, while event attendees stay consistently delighted as they navigate familiar territory year after year. 

To illustrate the value of long term collaborations in the event space we’ll explore the story of the partnership between Ethisphere, a leader in ethical business practices, and Accelevents. You’ll  learn more about how their enduring alliance crafts events that captivate and nurture attendee loyalty.

From In-Person To Virtual to Hybrid Events: Ethisphere's Evolution

Three years ago, Ethisphere, led by Chelsie Dumenigo, VP of Marketing, encountered a monumental challenge. They embarked on a journey to adapt their flagship events, initially designed for in-person gatherings, to a virtual format as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the event landscape. However, their challenges didn't stop there. In time, Ethisphere had to master the intricate art of hosting hybrid events. Chelsie recalls the pivotal moment,

"While moving our largest program back to in-person was essential, we couldn't afford to neglect our virtual audience, which had grown fivefold during the pandemic."

Their mission was crystal clear but complex: orchestrating inclusive and captivating hybrid events while preserving the essence of face-to-face interactions.

Ethisphere's Three Key Criteria for Software Evaluation

In search of the perfect long-term event solution for all their event needs, Ethisphere had three key criteria in mind. They wanted:

  • A versatile and comprehensive solution capable of accommodating various event formats and types.
  • A platform with deep HubSpot and Salesforce integrations to streamline their lead sourcing and lead nurturing efforts.
  • Dedicated platform support with rapid response times. 

These criteria guided their evaluation of potential alternatives, as they aimed to find the right fit for their unique needs.

Why Ethisphere Chose Accelevents

Chelsie and her team needed a platform that felt like home - a one-stop hub not just for events but for resources, networking, and community building. Accelevents stood out, not merely as a platform, but as a strategic partner. 

Ethisphere had already experimented with Accelevents during the Pandemic.

Chelsie shares,

"The familiarity with our team and the one-stop-shop for our events and resources made Accelevents a clear choice."

The platform’s seamless integration with HubSpot and Salesforce, coupled with a responsive customer experience team, turned a decision into a conviction. Accelevents was going to be the right long term solution for Ethisphere.

Achieving Results: Ethisphere's Transformation with Accelevents

The collaboration between Ethisphere and Accelevents led to remarkable achievements. Notably, the Global Ethics Summit in 2023 saw event attendance reach new heights, with over 1,600 participants joining the event.

However, it wasn't just about numbers; it was about transforming the way Ethisphere approached event management. The integration of Salesforce and HubSpot proved to be a game-changer, revolutionizing how Ethisphere monitored attendee engagement, captured leads, and attributed them to specific marketing efforts. Chelsie underscored the significance of this integration, stating 'For the paid events, we are using the integration that actually syncs with the HubSpot deal object to allow marketing attributions. We want to be able to connect opportunities to potential new buyers that can help build our prospecting funnel and track our revenue appropriately.' 

Accelevents' feature-rich platform also played a pivotal role in streamlining event management. Their intuitive ticketing system and versatile event page builder simplified the registration process for all Ethisphere events.

But it was the human touch that left a lasting impression.

"No one responds faster," Chelsie said.

"Accelevents’ support team - they're guiding us and helping us find new ways to better connect with our community. Last year, we also decided to bring on two individuals to provide dedicated support for the virtual side and I highly recommend that. I had confidence and faith that they were in our different chat panels, monitoring everything, answering those questions, helping with the tech solutions, and it was definitely an ease of mind knowing that no one knows the system better than they do! “

Ethisphere's Vision for Event Excellence in 2024

As Ethisphere looks ahead to 2024, the anticipation for upcoming events, including three significant ones scheduled for April, is palpable. Chelsie plans to explore several of Accelevents newly released features to push the boundaries of what's possible in event management. "Our journey is just beginning. The upcoming events in Atlanta, especially those taking place at the new Hilton Signia, are stages set for innovation, connection, and ethical business celebration," she concludes.

In the three year journey with Accelevents, Ethisphere has found more than a solution; they have discovered a long-term partner that supports them in driving event excellence. “I've never seen a company that compares to that level of intelligence and dedication to not only answering questions, but then finding alternative solutions to each of our challenges.” Chelsie concludes.

Join us at Ethisphere's Global Ethics Summit, powered by Accelevents. Mark your calendars for April 22-24 and get ready to explore, develop, and exchange ideas and insights that lead to greater business integrity.

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