How Texas Rural Challenge 2021 Provided Critical Resources at Their First Virtual Event, Featuring 30+ Sessions & Speakers on Accelevents

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University Of Texas at San Antonio Small Business Development Center
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Texas Rural Challenge 2021 virtual event

The Texas Rural Challenge is an annual event that features a wide range of best practices, collaboration opportunities, and ‘how-to’ learning experiences aiming to put big ideas into action. The conference, hosted by UTSA SBDC Center for Government Contracting, focuses on business and economic development, community development, and rural issues. It includes presentations and workshops by top innovators from state and federal agencies and the private sector.

The annual event typically takes place in person, but organizers pivoted to a two-day virtual conference this year, allowing them to expand their audience and the typical reach of the event. The primary goal of the Texas Rural Challenge was to provide small rural businesses, organizations, and governments with the information and resources available to them to ensure they thrived during and after the pandemic.

When deciding on a virtual event solution, the following items were most important to Texas Rural Challenge organizers:

Impressed with Accelevents’ offerings, conference planners began to build Texas Rural Challenge 2021! They took advantage of the following platform features to host a successful event:

Accelevents’ capability to host concurrent breakout sessions significantly contributed to the success of the conference. By providing targeted programming to a wide variety of participants, event organizers were able to keep all types of attendees engaged, from small business owners to government agencies.

The Accelevents Studio allowed speakers and panelists to access their sessions and backstage area with ease.

Texas Rural Challenge 2021 featured sponsors on a dedicated registration and lobby page, in a scrolling banner above in-session live chats, and in customizable booths in the expo hall.


The two-day conference resulted in:

  • Over 240 registrations
  • 35 sessions
  • 47 speakers/panelists

Utilizing Accelevents’ robust features, Texas Rural Challenge 2021 provided small rural businesses, organizations, and governments the opportunity to collaborate, learn critical information, and directly implement those lessons into their daily operations.

Planning to host an event similar to the Texas Rural Challenge? Book a platform demo here.

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