The 6 Benefits of Online Event Registration

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Those who have sold physical tickets at their event know the pains involved with registration all too well. Both for those with experience in selling physical tickets, and those who are preparing for an upcoming event looking for a better alternative, you’ve come to the right place.Today, we’re going to tell you about online event registration, and some of our favorite benefits of utilizing it along with online ticket sales.But first, what exactly is online event registration?When we refer to event registration, we are talking about the collection of information from the guests who will be attending your event. Information can include anything from a name, phone number, and email address to more specific details like credit card information or address. For the most part, this information is collected during the process of buying tickets to an event. When physical tickets are sold at an event, the process of selling tickets and registering guests can become a long, tedious process that often causes a bottleneck at the event, resulting in long entry lines.With online ticket sales and event registration, however, all guest information is collected ahead of time, and is saved for when the guest attends the actual event. The collection of this data has some major benefits (listed below) that will make your event more successful and less stressful to organize!

Data Collection

An obvious benefit of event registration is the data that you collect from each of your attendees. Using an online ticketing platform allows your guests to purchase tickets and register early for your event. Through this process, they will also be providing you with their information. Basic information may include name, phone number, and email, but most event registration and ticketing providers will also let you collect custom data on your guests.This data can be extremely helpful as you plan for your event. Knowing more about your attending demographics can help you better grow your event year after year. It can also help with:

  • Selecting the relevant channels to advertise and promote your event
  • Identifying the right sponsors to solicit for your event
  • Determining the themes, vendors, and entertainment at your event

Another benefit (which we will discuss in more detail later) is that you will be collecting all of this data BEFORE your event, meaning you don’t need to bug your guests to provide this information during your event.

Communication Benefits

Because you’ve collected contact information from your guests as part of their online event registration, you have also created channels you can use to communicate with your guests. Prior to your event, email communication can help you to promote the event and to encourage your guests to invite their friends and family to drive additional sales. You can even promote your silent auction or raffle items if they are part of your event.In addition to pre-event communication, you will also be able to communicate with your guests after your event, continuing throughout the year. We recommend messaging your guests after your event in order to provide a recap, give a summary of funds raised, and express a heartfelt thank you to all of your guests and supporters.Throughout the year, you can continue communicating with your guests, reminding them of your yearly event and providing them with any updates on your organization.

Early Access to Revenue

Deciding to sell tickets and allow for online event registration will have significant financial benefits for your event. Because selling tickets will mean you can start collecting funds immediately, your organization will have the flexibility to plan the event and pay vendors in a timely fashion. This added visibility will also help as your team decides on different options for the venue, food, and entertainment.

Early Commitments / FOMO

The earlier you sell tickets to your event and open online event registration, the faster you will get your audience to commit to your event! While this will help you sell out faster and enjoy better tracking on your final guest list, selling tickets and offering online registration will also create a viral effect for your event.As your initial supporters buy their tickets, they will begin talking more and more about the event, creating a feeling of exclusivity that will drive additional sales to your event. Nobody wants to experience the fear of missing out!

Short Lines at Check-In!

One of the most appreciated benefits of online event registration (for both hosts and guests) is the decrease in check-in lines at your actual event. Because all of your guests’ data will already be captured, there will be no bottleneck at the entrance for event check-in. Instead, check-in will be as easy as checking or scanning your guests’ tickets.These shorter lines will be GREATLY appreciated by your guests and will lead to a much better overall experience for everyone.

Increased Proceeds for Your Silent Auction

Finally, online event registration can lead to higher participation and proceeds in your silent auction. With a full service fundraising and ticketing platform, you will be able to collect your guests’ emails and phone numbers during online registration.With a platform like Accelevents, you can then send your guests a push notification to their mobile device immediately upon check-in, informing them of your mobile silent auction and encouraging them to start bidding. This seamless process will make donating easy for your guests, and will lead to increased proceeds!


As you research ticketing and registration options for your event, keep in mind some of the benefits that you can realize by making the switch to online event registration and ticketing sales - we’re sure that both you and your guests will be thankful for the decision!

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