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What are Event Breakout Sessions and How Do They Ignite Engagement

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Rachel Rose

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By Rachel Rose, Customer Success Manager

When analyzing the full scope and value of attendee engagement, we at Accelevents try to think in terms of both large and small-scale interactions. Some events call for a convention-style keynote address, in which case we suggest utilizing our Main Stage module. If you want all of your attendees to view one particular session, that large-scale main stage session is for you, but when it is time to break off and digest material on a smaller scale, we have our Breakout and Workshop sessions.

Breakout sessions allow unlimited attendees and Workshop sessions allow up to 250 attendees. But what happens when a more niche session topic is ready for discussion amongst an even smaller group of interested attendees? We now provide you with our new breakout room feature within Workshops to facilitate concentrated conversations.

We love putting like-minded individuals together in a brainstorming space! That is the primary vibe of our breakout room option. It’s easy to sometimes feel lost in a big virtual room, and this smaller-scale interaction provides the intimacy needed for genuine connections that can lead to all kinds of networking and learning opportunities. So how do event organizers generate this boiled-down interconnectivity? We have a few ideas for how to take advantage of this robust new feature:

  • Topic-based small group discussion: After your attendees have participated in a Workshop covering a specific topic, the session host announces breakout rooms with related thematic discussions per room. Attendees can choose which breakout room to attend based on their interest in the associated topic.
  • Actionable brainstorm delegation: If the Workshop is specifically amongst a company or team that has a shared goal, breakout rooms can be a super-efficient way to delegate tasks. Simplify your workflow by entering assignments in the session’s details and/or the session’s dedicated chat so attendees can have a guide with which to refer.
  • Getting to know everyone: The best kind of personal connection is specialized, and writing a list of questions for each breakout room will help foster that conversation! Further networking for attendees who are not already acquainted is so much easier when they remember distinct, fun facts about each other. It also helps with the dreaded task of recalling names. Facilitating this relationship-building creates memories by slowing everyone down to be present in the moment.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring: There are plenty of instances where attendees are inspired by the speakers they listen to in various Workshops. The initial touchpoint occurs but there might be 200+ other people feeling the exact same way and wanting a deeper connection. Breakout rooms can facilitate that smaller group setting, fostering an environment where mentoring or an advising session can occur. Especially for higher education clients, the student/teacher contact can be crucial for development, so meeting directly after a Workshop can help everyone strike while the iron is hot and the session content is fresh on the brain.

Interested in hosting an event using breakout rooms? Schedule a demo with our team today to learn just how easy it is to launch a successful event.

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