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By Matt Leighton, Vitor Domingos, and Carly Ford, Customer Success Representatives

Event planners have many different tasks leading up to an event that can feel a little overwhelming. With a bit of “people planning,” you can spread out the strategic management of the event on the “day of” by assigning many hands to the project.

Here are some ways for you to divide the many tasks you’ll have to take care of while your event is taking place. Assigning a person to each of these areas will ensure that your event attendees get the most out of their event experience, and it will permit you to oversee all of their activities, jumping in where needed:

Attendee assistance 

People will use the chat function of your event to talk amongst themselves and notify if they are experiencing any issues with navigating your event. It’s good to have someone exclusively monitoring the different chat channels, answering questions, and troubleshooting problems as soon as they come up. 

In addition, various events have different attendee sizes, and some have more sessions than others. The most important channels to monitor are the Lobby channel and the individual Session channels while they’re happening. Make sure you assign this task to the right amount of people, depending on your event and session size.

Speaker assistance 

On most of the streaming providers that you can choose while building an event on Accelevents, the speakers can join backstage before the session even starts. If you have speaker assistants at your event, they will be able to join the backstages and check if everything is running smoothly for all the speakers before the session begins. 

Some organizers even assign the task of starting broadcasts to the speaker assistants - that’s up to you!

Exhibitor assistance 

If you have an exhibitor area at your event, you can assign expo assistants to that area - their task is to assist attendees browsing the exhibitor booths within your event and help exhibitor staff. 

To assist attendees, the best way to see if someone needs assistance is to monitor the chats within each booth. Conversely, to help exhibitor staff, expo assistants can share their email addresses with them in case they run into any problems.

Help Desk

You’ve probably noticed that the lounges at your event have a tab named Live Forum. This tab allows attendees to join an ongoing session with their camera and microphone. You can call one of your lounges “Help Desk” or something similar, have an assistant always be available on the Live Forum, and direct attendees there when they need help with your event. 

You can also do this with an Exhibitor Booth. However, please note you will need to purchase the Pro Exhibitor plan for that particular booth if you want to live stream from your browser using Accelevents Studio. 

Contact Form Monitoring 

If your contact form is activated on your event (with Show Organizer Information toggled on,) people will be able to write you a message if they are having any issues. Most attendees use this when they can’t log in to the event. Contact form monitors can check on the messages they receive in their emails and help the attendees in need of assistance. 

Contact form assistants can also send magic links to people with trouble logging in, help attendees register for the event, and clarify pre-event questions, for example. If you are having multiple contact form monitors working on your event, please make sure they notify each other about who they are replying to, as you don’t want an attendee to receive the same answer to a problem multiple times.

Having team members assisting the areas mentioned above can make your event run like a well-oiled machine. While you can never have too much support for an event, you should make sure admin roles are clearly defined. 

Always remember that if there is an issue you and your team are not equipped to handle, you can always reach out to our 24/7 live chat for support. If you feel your team might be a bit too understaffed to be able to keep an eye out through the entire event, then requesting our Dedicated Event Support would be a terrific solution for you.

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