Common Event Planning Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

event planning mistakes

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Event Planning is not a walk in the park. You have to deal with vendors, get all the resources, and deal with the guest list. With the massive amount of work, mistakes are unavoidable. Unfortunately, even the tiniest mistakes are noticeable by guests. However, if you are aware of the common mistakes in event planning, you can make sure you avoid them. Let us look at pitfalls that can cause major disasters in your event.


You can never start event planning early enough. Therefore, as soon as you have a date for the event, start working on the details immediately. Procrastination reduces the amount of time available for planning, and you may not nail down all the details within a short time. Besides, many venues have bookings. Therefore, if you procrastinate, you may have to settle for any available site. If the event requires live entertainment and guest speakers, early reservations will give you a range of options. You will have time to find performers and speakers of your choice and work out the contract details. For an event to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to create a detailed checklist when you have a date and budget. Start working on the tasks immediately.

Failure to have a contingency plan

An outdoor event without a backup indoor venue can have huge problems. Weather conditions can hinder the continuation of the outdoor gathering. Since the weather is unpredictable strong winds, rain and hailstorm can cancel your event. Therefore, you need a contingency venue to move your guests instead of cancelling. In addition to venues, you should foresee other circumstances that may require plan B. Power outages can be resolved by bringing a generator on site. If the guests are staying overnight, ensure you negotiate with the hotel to cater for the surplus. Event planners should take time to consider specific areas of an event that is likely to have issues and address the problems that may arise.

Failure to confirm vendors

Despite signing a legally binding agreement, some vendors may not show up on the day of the event. While you can sue them and hold them responsible, you will still not get furniture on time or food for the guests. Therefore, you need to be in constant communication with the vendors. After the receipt of the contract confirm a few days to the event to ensure you are still on their schedule.

Not hiring enough staff

Always have a handful of additional staff to assist during busy times. You do not want your guest queuing for long, with only one employee at the registration desk. To create an excellent first impression, ensure there are enough staffs to assist the guest. Queue barriers can make it easier to give prompt services to the guest. While budget constraints may limit the number of help you can hire, consider looking for volunteers. You can always find volunteers who have worked in a similar event.

Failure to do a technology check

It can be embarrassing if the TV screens, projectors, adapters, and microphones are not working minutes before the event starts. Many planners push the tech-check to the last minute and this can be a significant oversight. Ensure all the tech items are in proper working condition and have an expert nearby in case of any glitches. You also need to make sure there are no compatibility issues if the guest speaker wants to use a projector.

Poor communication

Miscommunication or lack of communication is a significant pitfall. You need to stay in touch with your event planning team. While you do not want to micromanage, make sure everyone is performing the assigned task and reassign any incomplete duties before the event. Also, communicate with the suppliers concerning the date and time that you expect deliveries. Many event planners communicate poorly to the guest. They give little or no information. You need to keep your guest list updated on any changes and offer insight on how they can get the most of the event.

Poor estimation of the number of guests

Promoting an event is fun. However, sometimes you are carried away with the ticketing, and soon you have a thousand people attending. Where do you fit all those people if your venue can only accommodate half the number? If it is a ticketing event, you can easily control the number of attendees. You can also research your guest speaker to find out the amount of audience they usually attract. With an estimate , you can plan better.You will never plan a perfect event, but if you learn to avoid mistakes, your event will run smoothly.

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