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Low-Cost Ticketing Systems: Your Path To Event Optimization

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There are over 2 million events in the United States each year. With this many events, there has to be an easier way to handle management and coordination at a budget-friendly cost. Luckily, the rise of event ticketing systems with low prices has allowed event planners to manage more events and focus on operations and coordination rather than ticket sales.

An event ticketing system helps planners automate the ticketing process by digitizing and storing all tickets within a software. This means costs are cut, marketing opportunities are expanded, and efficiency is improved—all thanks to low-cost online event ticketing.If you're looking for the cheapest event ticketing system for flawless event planning, preview our affordable event ticketing plan or read on for the benefits you'll enjoy by using online event ticketing software.

Stay On Brand with an Affordable Event Ticketing System

Event ticketing systems allow you to create a ticketing page and assets that are on brand and professional. Users are quick to lose trust in companies. This is why you need to present yourself with a professional appearance.Going to a designer for this level of design would cost a small fortune and take extra time out of your day to coordinate. But using the systems built into your ticketing software you can achieve the same level of professional design for a fraction of the cost. Even better, if you begin with a low-cost event ticketing system you'll free up an even larger portion of your planning budget.

User-Friendly Software for All Skill Levels

You work in event planning and management, not website development. Luckily, using online event ticketing companies you can avoid the headache of coding and designing. The drag-and-drop ease of event ticketing software allows for easy, quick, and affordable design.With event ticketing software you won't be wasting time you could use for planning on fussing over a complicated website interface instead. You can also avoid recruiting, hiring, and managing the work of a hired website designer and developer. This will free up a significant portion of your event budget for use on other important features.

Encourage Sales with Savings and Promotional Offers Without Additional Fees

If you're running sales you don't want to incur additional fees—it just doesn't make sense. By using an online event ticketing company that has the lowest fees you'll be able to pull more profit from your ticket sales.Using ticketing software allows you to better manage tiered ticket systems and offer varied promotional offers. You can create percentage-based discounts or create coupon codes that will be recognized by the ticketing software when applied.This ease of promotional offer implementation means the most you'll need to do is set up the initial code. You can utilize the marketing tools within the software to then let your audience know about the sales offers.

Get Access to Invaluable Marketing Tools

Good marketing means reaching the right person at the right time with the right message. Ticketing software companies know your target audience and the challenges you face as an event industry professional. This means the marketing features that come with your ticketing software were designed specifically with event professionals in mind.Accelevents marketing software includes features such as:

  • Social media integration for ease of planning, scheduling, and publishing
  • Contact management software to keep all information accessible and up-to-date
  • A custom email builder for marketing purposes
  • Incentive program software
  • Affiliate program systemsThese features, especially the incentive and affiliate program systems, can help you amp up revenue and bring in impressive ticket sales. Plus, when there the software you use is low-cast with minimal fees the additional ticket sales are straight profit.

Take Advantage of Integrations Without Additional Fees

Event tech purchases are growing among event planners with a $5 million dollar budget or higher. This trend is expected to continue.You don't want to waste a portion of your budget to ticketing fees. Using a ticketing software, like Accelevents, with the lowest ticketing fees, you can spend more of your budget toward useful integrations.It comes as no surprise that professionals in the event planning industry want to invest more in tech. Technology allows for ease of planning and management. This creates more time for event professionals to focus on other event details or other client events.Event ticketing software allows you to take advantage of your various event tech investments with integration. Most technology will 'speak' to each other at this point. This makes processes easy and automated.For example, you can have your ticket purchasing host shoot leads through to a lead capture tool that then notifies your email hosting platform. Normally this process would take manual effort on the event manager's part. But, with integration, it all happens independently from your direction.

Use Analytics to Monitor and Improve Event Management

In addition to the low fees, you'll be able to look at analytics in your ticketing software to show how well your event is doing. An all-in-one event management software, like Accelevents, will allow you to make better decisions as an event planner and produce solid results. The analytics offers in an event management software will allow you to better measure the successes and failures of your event. For example, with Accelevents you can track the following:

  • Traffic amount and sources
  • Ticket purchases in real-time
  • Total gross sales
  • Progress toward goals
  • Ticket sales based on type or category

Keep in mind, this isn't a complete list. Over time and with the assistance of a company rep, you'll be able to better understand just how extensive event ticketing software analytics can be.

Don't Worry About Payment Processing

Paying for additional payment processing can be a headache, especially when fees are involved. But, with an event ticketing software like Accelevents, you can eliminate the need for managing payments. It's taken care of for you within the software, giving you time to focus on more important things like planning your event.Payment processing within an event ticketing system also allows for more payment options. This means your guests will have better payment accommodations which can potentially open your event up to a larger audience.

Take Your Event Management to the Next Level with Event Ticketing Software

An event ticketing system with the lowest fees allows event industry professionals to focus their attention on operations and planning. Instead of wasting time fussing over ticket management and watching ROI fade away to pay for ticketing fees, they can worry about higher-level pressing matters. This will help them put on more successful events and produce happier clients in the long run.If you want to learn more about how our event ticketing system with the lowest fees of all competitors can help your business, check out our event ticketing overview page.

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