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Streamline Event Management with Accelevents and HubSpot

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Over the past few years, the demand for event management platforms has reached an all-time high. Once in-person events were no longer an option in 2020, marketing, sales, and other customer-facing teams pivoted to virtual events. Once the world began to gradually open back up, these same teams pivoted again to hybrid events and maintained more virtual event programming as an inclusive, scalable option. The global events industry is growing at a rate of more than 20% year over year and a 2021 research report showed that 85% of marketers believe online events and experiences are here to stay. The same report also revealed that almost 60% of marketers budgets for online experiences will grow in 2022. With a predicted surge in online events, marketing, sales, and demand generation teams will need to lean on automated workflows and integrated tools to successfully manage and produce event programs.

That said, when integrated into the HubSpot CRM, the Accelevents organizer account allows you to run drip campaigns and sequences to boost attendance before the event, monitor attendance during the event, and continue the conversation after the event has ended. “Having attendee information from Accelevents in the HubSpot CRM allows for lead scoring of event registrants, which opens the door for upselling opportunities. It also allows for the development of marketing campaigns to target engaged contacts who frequently attend your events. The possibilities are exciting for all customer and prospect-facing teams,” says Jonathan Kazarian, Founder & CEO, Accelevents. Here’s how marketing teams, event teams, sales teams, and customer support teams can use the Accelevents Integration with HubSpot.

Benefits of Using The Accelevents Event Management Platform with the HubSpot CRM

60% of business leaders agree that event marketing is the most critical marketing channel for achieving business goals. Events are known to boost promotional efforts, generate valuable leads, increase pipeline value, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction overall. Running a successful event requires the joint effort of your GTM teams. Using an event management platform like Accelevents, all teams can streamline their collaboration efforts through a centralized platform, leading to more cohesive event attendee messaging and management. Here are a few ways the Accelevents integration with HubSpot allows event teams to optimize their attendee interactions throughout the planning and follow-up process.

Manage Your Accelevents Data in HubSpot

Automatically send your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event attendee data to the HubSpot CRM. This data flow gives marketing teams the ability to run automated email campaigns and sequences in an effort to boost event attendance rates before the event. With automated data imports that are mapped into HubSpot contact properties, teams can segment and personalize these workflows based on actions or lifecycle stage.

Kick-Off Automation with Triggers

Within the Accelevents integration with the HubSpot CRM, choose actions as triggers, kicking off automated workflows for nurturing, engagement, or registration. Set goals to find out how well certain segments are performing. Triggers include:

  • User check-in
  • New contact
  • New company
  • Updated contact information
  • New ticket purchase

Continue the Conversation After Your Event

The lifespan of event marketing continues long after the event itself has ended. To continue engaging your attendees after the event, using your Accelevents data in the HubSpot CRM makes it possible for event marketing and customer support teams to create follow-up workflows and feedback surveys or send highly engaged contacts to sales.

3 Ways to Use the Accelevents Event Technology Integration  with the HubSpot CRM

Managing an event audience requires your sales, customer support, and marketing teams to always be on the same page. Whether generating leads, managing registration, or converting attendees from “registered” to “attending” the event, operating out of a centralized platform with shared data leads to a cohesive event experience for all attendees. Moreover, when events span customers, prospects, and leads, all teams want to be aware of any customer touchpoints to avoid duplicate messaging or an influx of reminders from various departments. Here’s how the Accelevents integration with the HubSpot CRM helps teams who manage events or event attendees achieve their goals and analyze performance.

1. Boost Sales Efficiency Using Data to Inform Conversations with Customers and Prospects

Enriched attendee information in the CRM allows for lead scoring of prospects. With additional information on event attendance and activities in the HubSpot CRM, sales teams can upsell or cross-sell more easily. The integration helps sales reps identify areas of interest for pre-qualified prospects, increasing the likelihood of a successful deal. By knowing which content attendees viewed, sales and marketing teams can look for upsell opportunities, such as the ability to build campaigns to target contacts who frequent your events. You can also track who attended your event and what sessions they attended so that your sales and customer success team can have informed conversations with customers and prospects.

2. Segment and Personalize Attendee Messaging

The integration allows event marketing teams to track which people on their invite list have already registered so that they can send promotional emails out to only those who have not already registered. By using segmented attendee lists, marketing teams can create more targeted, personalized messaging and prevent unwanted emails from being delivered to people who have already registered for their event. Try segmenting by:

  • Past event registrants
  • Location
  • Role
  • Department
  • Industry

3. Increase Attendee Conversion Rates and Overall Event Attendance

For virtual and hybrid events, the integration gives event marketing teams the ability to track attendees who registered for the event but are not actively remotely attending it. During the event, reminder emails can be sent to only those registered and not attending to prompt them to remotely log into the event platform, leading to increased conversion rates from “registered” guests to “attended” guests. Event marketing tools allow companies to take a holistic approach to running events. When integrated with a powerful CRM like HubSpot, marketing teams can easily share attendee contact information with customer support and sales teams, and vice versa.

Accelevents and HubSpot Convert Your Event Data Into Sales and Nurturing Opportunities

As events continue to transition between virtual, in-person, and hybrid formats, cross-team cohesion and integrated systems are necessary to successfully execute events and deliver an engaging attendee experience. Begin leveraging the power of event technology with the Accelevents Integration with HubSpot.

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