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Why Branded Event Apps Are The Key To Impactful Brand Experiences

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In a world where our phones are almost like extensions of ourselves, the power of a branded mobile event app is undeniable. Think of it this way: every time attendees engage with your event on their phones, it's a golden opportunity for your brand to shine.

By extending your brand beyond the typical branded event page and email invites to a dedicated app, you're not just enhancing the user experience, but creating a lasting brand impression.

Let’s explore more closely how a branded event app can be a game-changer for your events.

generic event app with Accelevents branding versus branded app with customer event branding

Generic Versus Branded Mobile Event App

First of all, what exactly is a mobile event app? A mobile event app is essentially your event's digital concierge. It's a portable, interactive gateway to your event that allows attendees to manage their event experience, network with fellow event participants, and receive real-time event updates.

Unlike generic event apps, however, a branded app is designed to also reflect your brand's unique identity, from the overall event theme to the minute details like fonts and splash screens. It's where functionality meets aesthetics, ensuring every tap and swipe deepens the attendee's connection with your brand.

Why a Fully Branded Event App is a Game-Changer

That’s great, you say, but why should I invest in a branded app when plenty of generic options are available? The answer lies in the power of branding:

A Branded App Strengthens Your Brand Identity

A branded app ensures that every interaction attendees have with your event reinforces your brand identity. Every element of the app, from the color palette to the messaging tone, strengthens your brand recall, ensuring that your brand stays top-of-mind.

This consistency is crucial in today's crowded, competitive market, where brand recognition can be the difference between being remembered or forgotten.

A Branded App Enhances Attendee Engagement

Engagement is the currency of successful events. A branded event app, with interactive features like chat, polls & surveys, networking and gamification, ensures that attendees are not just passive participants but active contributors. Branding turns the app into a trusted space for attendees to interact, not just with the content but with each other, fostering a sense of community around your brand.

Introducing Accelevents White Label Plan And App

At Accelevents, we understand the importance of branding. That's why we offer a comprehensive white-label solution beyond just a white-label app.

Our white-label plan encompasses every event touchpoint, from the event page, email invites, order confirmations, and reminders to ticketing, check-in kiosks, and a customizable white-label app. Your brand takes center stage while Accelevents steps aside.

event app features typically include livestream for webinars and hybrid events, a customizable agenda, speaker and session profiles, interactive maps, drag and drop agenda builders, and more

Key Features of Our Branded Mobile Event App

The best event apps do more than just look good; they function flawlessly. Accelevents White Label App, for example, has all the robust features of a standard event app, BUT with your brand's unique look and feel:

  • Registration Updates & Check-In: Attendees can update their event registration forms. And they can check in by having their unique QR code scanned.
  • Assisted and Self-Check-In For Sessions: Attendees can scan themselves into a session or have staff check them in by scanning their unique QR code.
  • Up-to-date Event Information: Attendees can access location information, event sessions, speakers, exhibitor booths, and more in one convenient place.
  • Real-Time Schedules & Alerts: Event organizers can use push notifications to keep attendees informed and engaged.
  • Customizable Agenda: Attendees can review speakers and sessions and build a personalized agenda.
  • Access To Event Content: Attendees can join live sessions or watch event content on demand. They can also access presentation slides, videos, or documents.
  • Attendee Networking: Attendees can connect and network with other event participants via chat and in-app messaging. They can also request meetings with exhibitors and other attendees.
  • Attendee Feedback: Attendees can provide feedback via Q&A sessions, surveys, and live polls.

Three Event Types That Are Perfect for Branded Apps

While almost any event can reap the benefits of a branded app, some event types stand out for their ability to truly leverage these apps' unique features and personalized touch. Here are three examples:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows: For large-scale onsite events with multiple sessions, exhibitors, and networking opportunities, a trade show or conference app can serve as a central hub for attendees. It helps them navigate the event, schedule meetings, access content, and engage with speakers and other participants. With each interaction within the app, your brand rightfully claims the spotlight!
  • Corporate Meetings and Incentive Programs: Companies can utilize branded apps to streamline communication with key participants, disseminate important information, gather feedback, and foster team building through interactive features. Here, strategic event branding via a white-label app reinforces the company's identity and cultivates brand trust and loyalty among attendees.
  • Educational Workshops and Seminars: Educational events can benefit from branded apps by providing attendees with easy access to schedules, course materials, and resources, as well as interactive features like Q&A, sessions, and polls. If you have a powerful brand, consider how a white-label app can help build trust in the value of your content.
event planning process for event organizers and planners interested in submitting a white label app

Setting Up Your Branded Event App: A Step-by-Step Guide

With Accelevents, setting up your branded app for iOs and Android devices is a straightforward, three-step process:

Step 1: Assemble Your Branding Basics

We'll need your App's name and Icon, banner Image and splash screen images, an event list to feature on the app, and a sign-in page Icon. We'll also require URLs to your privacy policy and terms and conditions. Don't worry; we've got detailed instructions that outline the app requirements!

Step 2: Set The App Up On The App Store & Google Play

Decide whether to launch the app under our own Apple and Google Play developer accounts or yours. If you want to use your own accounts, we’ll need access to them.

The development process until submission to Apple or Google may take up to 15 business days.

Step 3: Launch the App and Start Engaging With Attendees

We’ll deliver your App to the App Store and Google Play. Approval from the respective store can range from 24 to 72 hours. Once your app is live on the App Store and Google Play, we provide you with a unique link to share with your attendees. The real journey begins here as attendees download the app and embark on their personalized brand experience.

call to action to book a demo to learn more about Accelevents event software, the integrations it offers and the white label software pricing plans

Enhance Branding with Accelevents Event Management Platform

Opting for a branded app is a decisive move towards unifying your event branding across your event website, marketing materials, and app, creating a smooth and connected experience for attendees. It's also your direct line to where your audience spends most of their time: their smartphones.

With Accelevents’ robust, all-in-one event technology, your brand isn't just visible; it's functional: Our custom-branded event app offers event participants all the user-friendly features they need for a frictionless, convenient attendee experience.

Ready to make your brand a constant companion on your attendees' phones? Book a demo of our event platform and app; we’d be happy to provide you with an overview of our event app features.

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