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Rachel Rose

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As the world begins to safely tiptoe toward in-person events again, event planners are repositioning themselves to utilize the most innovative tools to create unforgettable events. Nothing will ever be exactly how it was before the pandemic, and that still includes events that are conducted solely in person. 

For the organizers who plan on returning to in-person events, the best step they can take is to start with a tried and true event management platform. . Read below for how an event management platform can take an in-person event from good to great. 

Better attendee communication

Having all of your attendee information in one place is crucial for organization purposes, and it can decrease the number of headaches that pop up during the event planning process in a major way. A robust event management platform can achieve this by aggregating all of your attendee information, which sessions they plan on attending, and the ability to customize the marketing emails sent in bulk. 

Sending confirmation, reminders, and follow-up emails through an intuitive platform is an absolute must to preserve an event organizer’s peace of mind. 

Improved ticketing abilities

Every event needs a tool that sells and collects tickets, including free tickets! Having a polished event landing page where attendees can register creates the seamless process that all event organizers want to provide. It is essential to have a ballpark idea of how many attendees plan to show up to accurately track and serve the number of people attending your event. This is where a versatile ticketing service comes in. 

There is an efficient way to use virtual event management to monitor, check in, and track attendees for your in-person event. A virtual event mobile app is an excellent resource for event organizers and their staff to use during the event to monitor who has arrived. Some platforms also allow event administrators to create different ticket types that grant access to specific sessions or perks throughout the event (like us.) 

Amplified attendee engagement

A robust event management tool is an excellent resource for attendees. The landing page provides multiple opportunities for attendees to view the event schedule and even bookmark sessions they plan on attending. This helps participants build their schedule electronically before the event and map out the different locations of each session. 

In addition, utilizing the mobile app during an in-person event can provide extra support and direction for attendees. They can view the event schedule, the expo hall, and all the respective locations of the different sessions and booths. IIt can also be a resource for event organizers to list information about the various speakers' bio details! Having this background on speakers can enhance the attendee’s experience of their talk.  

Lead Generation

Utilizing a mobile app will significantly simplify the lead generation process for planning events that contain expo halls. Virtual event platforms can make life easier for your exhibitors too! 

Gone are the days of a pen and paper email list; streamline that process for your exhibitors by providing attendees with virtual QR codes that scan in a matter of seconds. This saves time for everyone and can double the number of leads collected. 

Post-event analytics

It’s no secret that the key to creating events better than the last comes down to skillfully dissecting each event’s analytics. An all-in-one virtual event management platform makes this process more accessible than ever.

A clever virtual event management platform will allow event planners to collect attendee information during registration.

Having this information regarding attendee backgrounds or specific attendee preferences can provide crucial insight for organizers in planning their next successful event. The option to send a survey to all of your attendees post-event is a great way to gather feedback for your planning procedures.

To summarize, there are many ways you can utilize a virtual event management platform to enhance your attendee’s in-person event experience! Having all of your attendee, session, and lead generation information in one place eliminates the hassle of holding everything together mentally. 

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