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How Elevates Marketing Careers Through Events

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MarketingOps uses the Accelevents software solution to enrich the marketing careers of marketing ops professionals

Empowering Marketers With Impactful Events, a community-led platform for Marketing Operations Professionals, offers resources, courses, jobs, and networking opportunities to help individuals elevate their careers in marketing operations. Founded by Mike Rizzo in 2017, the platform provides industry-leading research, templates, on-demand, and live community-led courses, and access to a vibrant community of professionals in the field. 

Hosting events, including in-person experiences and virtual gatherings, has become a cornerstone of's business model, allowing community members to connect, learn, and grow together.

The Event Conundrum: In-Person and Virtual Challenges encountered significant hurdles while trying to organize and host virtual events, despite their obvious benefits. 

The biggest challenge was recreating the intimate and interactive atmosphere of their onsite events, such as the highly anticipated summer camps, in a virtual format. 

Additionally, Mike felt the need to integrate their various online and onsite event formats from an operational standpoint. This would not only enable his team to manage their workflows flawlessly, but also ensure that the resulting event data could be synchronized effortlessly with MarketingOps’ tech stack. 

Accelevents: The Ultimate Event Solution

MarketingOps found the perfect solution in Accelevents' event platform. When Mike and his team hosted their first virtual career fair, they were able to take advantage of a wide range of tailored features as well as rely on Accelevents' 24/7 customer support.

"The ability to have that intimate conversation as much as you can recreate what we had created in summer camp, in a virtual environment, was amazing!" said Mike.

“I receive many messages from people who use the platform, and I've lost count of how often this happens. Just last week, right after a virtual event, the person in charge of a session reached out to me and expressed their gratitude for the seamless and professional experience we provided.”

3 Key Features That Made MarketingOps Career Fair A Success

In terms of the functionality that supported the success of the MarketingOps Career Fair, Mike cited three features that stood out:

  • Open Forum Rooms: These rooms allowed for greater engagement and intimacy, fostering genuine connections among virtual participants.
  • Native Registration Flow: The built-in registration process offered a streamlined and incentivized experience for participants, driving attendance and revenue generation through the sale of educational materials.
  • Integration with's Tech Stack: Accelevents' compatibility withWordPress, Slack, and HubSpot allowed for seamless organization and execution of events.

Elevating Careers In Marketing Operations: The MarketingOps -  Accelevents Partnership

MarketingOps has successfully cemented their reputation as the leading resource for marketing operations professionals by leveraging Accelevents' all-in-one event platform to provide a range of engaging onsite and virtual experiences.

The recent virtual career fair served as a prime example of how Accelevents' features were instrumental in driving participant engagement. Additionally, the platform enabled MarketingOps to explore new revenue streams by offering enticing add-ons like courses and memberships. The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on both attendees and organizers alike.

By analyzing Accelevents' detailed engagement metrics, MarketingOps is now actively looking for ways to further enhance their upcoming events with a focus on elevating careers in marketing operations and providing value to their community. We’re looking forward to supporting their upcoming events!

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