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EdgeReg by Cadmium

Seamlessly Import Registrations from EdgeReg to Enhance Event Management.

EdgeReg by Cadmium

About EdgeReg

Accelevents integrates effortlessly with EdgeReg by Cadmium, providing a robust solution for importing event registrations directly into the Accelevents platform. This integration allows event organizers to automate the transfer of attendee information, minimizing manual data entry and reducing errors.

By linking EdgeReg's detailed registration capabilities with Accelevents' comprehensive event management tools, organizers can ensure real-time updates and synchronization of attendee data, enhancing the overall event experience. Configure once and enjoy continuous synchronization every 30 minutes, with options for detailed field mapping to meet all your event needs.

Whether managing a small seminar or a large conference, this integration streamlines your workflow and supports a more efficient event setup.

Contact your Accelevents account manager to activate this integration and streamline your event registration process today.

EdgeReg by Cadmium
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