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Accelevents Salesforce Integration


Export attendee data to Salesforce as contacts or leads. Import leads or contacts from Salesforce to Accelevents as registrants.


About Salesforce

You can now seamlessly integrate your Accelevents organizer account directly with your Salesforce account. This simplifies the process of overseeing your event audience within your CRM with real-time analytics tracking. Additionally, you can sustain post-event engagement through event follow-up email campaigns.

Integration Features

Import Accelevents Registrants & Attendees 

Automate transferring your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event registration and attendee data to Salesforce as leads or contacts. In addition to importing fundamental information, you can include other registration details in the process.

Manage Your Event Attendee Data in Salesforce

The registrations will be automatically included in a Salesforce campaign, providing a convenient way to access and view all attendee data from Accelevents. Enhance event attendance beforehand with the aid of follow-up workflows.

Prevent Duplicate Records in Salesforce

Accelevents offers an expanded search capability for potential duplicates by incorporating additional matching criteria, allowing you to thoroughly examine all existing contacts and leads before record creation.

Add Attendees to Accelevents from Salesforce

Facilitate the seamless transfer of leads or contacts from your Salesforce account to Accelevents by establishing automation flows and webhooks for importing attendee data. This streamlined process automatically provides event tickets to your leads or contacts.

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