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Since the founding of Accelevents (and before), our team has been actively involved in the fundraising space. While most of our time involves helping fundraising events (both small and large), or contributing our opinions in the Accelevents Fundraising Blog, we also love spending time following some of the more influential voices in the world of fundraising. And after following many great leaders and fundraising blogs for the last year or so, we realized it would be selfish not to share these amazing sources with our followers. Without further ado, we'd like to introduce our guide to the Best Fundraising Blogs of 2016! Feel free to check out each blog below, and if you feel strongly about any fundraising blogs that did not make our list, post them in our comments!

  • Classy - One of our favorite blogs, the Classy blog has a slight emphasis on modern fundraising techniques. These include anything from Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns to finding new ways to engage with millennial donors. And to help mix things up a bit, the Classy blog includes a mix of blog posts, podcasts, videos, and infographics.

"Covering topics like fundraising and marketing best practices, technology, and the latest industry trends, the Classy blog strives to empower nonprofits and social enterprises with the information they need to learn and grow," says Classy Blog Lead Editor, Elizabeth Chung.

  • Bloomerang - A leader in creating content relevant to the nonprofit space, the Bloomerang blog stays true to its purpose of generating value for nonprofits and improving donor relationships. This blog has a strong (and effective) focus on donor retention tactics.

"Bloomerang's Core Purpose is to improve donor retention in the nonprofit world. Our software is just one of the ways we do that, but not the only way. Publishing best practices and how-to information on our blog is just another way we help the sector," says Bloomerang's blog editor, Steven Shattuck.

  • NPengage - Featuring a broad range of Nonprofit topics including technology, fundraising, marketing, and more, the NPengage blog is an essential tool for anyone in the nonprofit space. We specifically enjoy their nonprofit industry reports, which can be accessed for free from the NPengage website!
  • CauseVox - We knew it would be hard to describe the immense value that the CauseVox blog provides, so we let them do the talking for us! Says Candace Cody from CauseVox,"Our vision at CauseVox is to help good things flourish. Because of that, we created the CauseVox blog to provide as much helpful insight as possible to the nonprofit community. It’s no secret that nonprofit fundraisers and marketers have a lot on their plate, so our hope is to provide content that makes things easier and helps ensure the good they are doing in the world is seen, shared, and supported. "
  • Clairification - A nonprofit coach and blogger, Claire Axelrad brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the nonprofit and fundraising space. Her posts and guides are extremely helpful to both those in the nonprofit sector and those fundraising on their own. Keep an eye out for Claire’s advice in some of the other blogs mentioned in this post!

Says Claire, "I look at Clairification as my own online mini fundraising ‘school,’ where the ‘curriculum’ is dedicated to helping nonprofiteers become passionate philanthropy facilitators. This means focusing on, nurturing, and loving your donors. Do this, and you’ll become much more than a forgettable fundraiser. "

  • Future Fundraising Now - Curated by Jeff Brooks, Future Fundraising Now provides a series of short posts that are extremely insightful and to-the-point. Learn anything from how to improve your donor’s experience to how you can run a successful non-profit - all with posts that are usually three minute reads or less.
  • Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog - Part of, this blog focuses on helpful insights and tools for the nonprofit communicator. Topics include anything from email subject lines with high donor open rates to advice on communicating your nonprofit’s story effectively.
  • 101 Fundraising - A self-proclaimed “crowdblog,” 101Fundraising is a blog for fundraisers, by fundraisers.
  • Get Fully Funded - Our friend and Get Fully Funded founder, Sandy Rees, is an expert on do-it-yourself fundraising tactics. In addition to the amazing workshops that Sandy leads, her blog is a perfect resource for anyone in the nonprofit or fundraising space.
  • Nonprofits Source - Another great nonprofit resource, come here to find anything from digital marketing tips and tricks to online fundraising stats and templates.

We hope that you’ll find these resources as useful as we do - and don’t forget to post any additional blogs you love in the comments of this post!

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