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Growing your brand and expanding the services that you offer is a proven way to accelerate your business through new client acquisition AND get more revenue out of your current clients.In the event management and production space, the addition of a white labeled ticketing platform is the way. Few event firms offer this, allowing you to differentiate yourself immediately and provide more value with an additional in-house service. Since the per ticket fees are passed to the buyer, you are able to get more revenue out of existing clients without charging them a single dime.Your brand will be in everything from the URL, the logo on the event page, the tickets that the attendees receive, and even the domain the tickets are sent from!

A New Stream of Revenue and New Client Acquisition

Pitching a new service to a current client can be hard. Typically this comes in the form of a “premium” version of something you're already doing and your client sees it as a blatant cash grab. Rarely are you offering a totally different, needed option that isn’t cannibalistic of your current work or arbitrarily expensive.This is where white labeled ticketing comes into play. If you are already running the ticketing and registration side of things for them, great! First of all you're moving it in house, a client will rarely object to that. Second, if you currently charge them for this service, you will be able to reduce their cost by no longer charging them a flat fee (don’t let us stop you from still doing so), but instead making that on the back end per ticket fee that the attendee pays. This will also incentivize you to push as many tickets as possible, leading to more sales for your client making them even happier, they just made more money on this event and spent less doing so!On the new business side, you just became even more of a one stop shop. Also, like the aforementioned current clients, you can advertise this as a free service since you’re making your money on the back end anyways.

Access to Data

As each of your clients attendees registers for an event, they are entering extremely coveted data in the quick process. From standards like name and email to organization, title, location, and MORE. While it is your client's event, it is your platform and therefore your right to access and use this data for marketing purposes.Many attendees to an event will consider hosting their own event, likely in the same niche. This allows you the competitive advantage over the biggest players in the market by not only having brand recognition with them but invaluable data on them to perfectly market to them when they are searching for an event production partner.Of course, this is also a selling point to your clients as they will also have access to their attendee's info for future use. Offering yet another reason to stick with you for future events!

Why Would Your Customers Respond to This?

The idea that having ticketing and registration as a supplemental offering as a general value has been hammered to death at this point.But why else would your customers care or be interested in going with your platform over many of the others they could find from a quick Google search?You are serving a specific niche! Not only will your new platform be catering to a specific type of event, you will have a fully branded event listing page so that attendees interested in this subject can search other events of this type. Having this increases the SEO of your client’s events thus making you more appealing than other platforms that serve a general purpose and your clients know this!

Increase Overall Revenue Without Too Much Cost

Working with a partner that is already a player in the space is the best way to maximize your ROI and minimize your efforts and time spent getting up and running. The sheer cost of building your own system can be in the millions, that is just to sit at the table. The annual cost of maintenance, feature updates, and additions plus the acquisition cost of new customers to offer them features to win and keep their business totals in the hundreds of thousands per year. At that rate, it could be years to get into the black. Your efforts should be focused on getting these new clients and marketing these additional services to your current ones. Having a partner that offers a low barrier to entry and takes care of just about everything means you are turning a profit after the first few events! Not many ticketing platforms are willing to lose their brand awareness, cover the hosting and maintenance, and still offer you and your team 24/7 customer support. Many views will you as a one-off customer that they will charge a lot of upfront and maintenance fees, leaving little margin for you.Accelevents not only views this as a partnership but is willing to actively participate in the process, via ongoing support to you and your clients if needed in the form of 24/7 phone, chat and email support, and even demos to help you land those big clients!

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