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How to Choose the Right Fundraising Event Venue

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When planning your fundraising event, selecting the right fundraiser venue is a crucial step. Below, we’ve assembled a quick checklist that will help you choose the right venue for your event:

Fundraiser Venue Criteria


Does the venue have enough space to host your anticipated guest number, in addition to allowing space for food, beverages, and a prize table (if you are also running a silent auction or raffle)?


Is your fundraiser venue easily accessible by your target audience? The easier it is for your attendees to get to your event, the more likely they are to attend (and bring friends), translating into higher proceeds for your cause.


Before choosing your fundraiser venue, you should ensure that the staff is reliable and easy to work with. There is nothing worse than being prepared for your fundraiser, only to find out that the venue staff has not done their homework. Be sure to ask the staff questions before committing to their space to confirm that they are the proper team to help with your event.

Audio / Video Capabilities

This is a quality that is often overlooked when choosing an event venue. Audio can be very important in terms of providing the right acoustics and volume level for background music at your event. A proper audio system will also allow you to make a quick announcement as the host of your event, and ensure it is heard by all in attendance. Video is also very important. When running your silent auction or raffle, having the ability to hook into a venue’s TV screens or projectors will allow you to display the total funds you have raised so far, encourage higher attendee engagement and total proceeds.


One of the most important factors to consider is price. While everyone wants to host their event at an incredible venue, some spots are just too pricey to justify. Always remember to keep a balance between your desired venue and the total funds that you have available in order to reach your fundraising goal.

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