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Are you an event planner looking for some new inspiration? Are you curious about the latest trends in event marketing? Look no further! We've compiled a list of 26 great event podcasts to help get you inspired for your next event. From industry-leading experts to creative newcomers, these podcasts have something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and start listening!

Behind The Clipboard Expert Event Tips 

Hosts: Tamara Cook & Melissa Howie

Tamara and Melissa share their expert tips for organizing events of all kinds. This podcast is for anyone who needs to know the strategies for managing events, whether you're an event professional, a wedding planner, a student, or simply planning a gig!

Better Events

Hosts: Logan Clements & Mary Davidson

Event planners and strategists Logan Clements and Mary Davidson share actionable strategies with event hosts, managers, and event planners on how to create innovative and inspiring events. Tune in to know the ins and outs of creating, hosting, and attending better events! 

Beyond the BEO 

Host: Shanondoah Nicholson

Are you an event planner who'd like to know the latest trends? Join Shanondoah Nicholson as she talks about the latest trends to improve your attendees' experience while staying within budget.

Event Brew

Hosts: Dustin Westling, Nick Borelli, Thuy Diep, Will Curran

Hosted by well-known individuals in the event industry, Event Brew is the podcast where event professionals talk about the latest trends and most exciting and controversial topics in the events industry. Grab your favorite brew and tune in! 


Hosts: Will Curran, Karmen Jericevic, Anja Grčar

How would you like to interview the biggest names in the events industry? Yes, you! #EventIcons feature the biggest names in the events industry and give their listeners the chance to ask questions. See how event icons in the industry think by listening to this podcast. 

Event Industry News Podcast

Host: James Dickson

Join Nineteen52 Media & Events Director James Dickson as he interviews event planners, event organizers, and agencies from around the globe. Listen as guests from the events industry discuss a range of topics regarding event management.

Event Manager Podcast by Skift Meetings (formerly EventMB) 

Host: Miguel Neves 

This podcast features the leading innovators in the industry and goes in-depth on case studies of successful events. Tune in to learn the latest innovations, exciting destination updates, and the latest in event design.

Event Tech Podcast

Hosts: Will Curran and Brandt Krueger

Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting & Will Curran of Endless Events takes us on thought-provoking journeys on how technology can evolve in the industry. This podcast talks about topics ranging from augmented reality to artificial intelligence. Want to know which ones are the trend and which ones are just hype? Tune in!

Events Demystified 

Host: Anca Trifan

Founder and CEO of Tree-fan Events, Anca Trifan, shares stories of those who make the magic behind the scenes happen. Learn insightful tips and tricks on planning and executing events, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person. 

Events for Breakfast

Host: Kelly Frew

In this podcast, event industry advice, tips, and insights are delivered in "bite-size" chunks to enable listeners to quickly digest the information and expand their knowledge of everything they need to know about events. 

Events That Made Me

Host: Liz Taylor

Would you like to know what contributed to the success of the celebrities and event leaders in the event industry? This podcast talks about the life lessons learned by successful people in the industry. Each episode includes a bonus "Air Extension," where you get to listen to Liz's insight and breakdown of the theme of each episode. 

Extraordinary Events Podcast

Host: Dr. Kristin Malek

Hear directly from Dr. Kristin Malek, and listen as she talks about the event design process and the necessary skills and mindsets that will lead you to become a successful event professional.  


Host: David Adler

Learn the latest trends affecting people in the events industry. This podcast is for everyone involved in event planning, meetings, tradeshows, weddings, etc. 

Meeting Minds 

Host: Charles Eide

In this podcast, Charles Eide chats with industry leaders and innovators. Tune in as they talk about meetings, conferences, audience experiences, and other topics related to events.

Meetings Today

Hosts: Danielle LeBreck & Tyler Davidson

Get insights on topics pertinent to the industry, including current events, expert interviews, etc. Listen in for thoughtful and in-depth information with some of the most influential people in the events industry. 

Planners on Purpose 

Host: Naomi Tucker

This podcast is for event planners to help them focus on their personal goals and enhance their productivity. Join Naomi on your journey to self-discovery and explore your leadership strengths, leading you to live a well-balanced life. 

The Business of Meetings 

Host: Eric Rozenberg

This podcast is for independent business owners in the meetings and events industry. You’ll learn strategies and tactics to bring your business to success. 

The Dan Assor Show 

Host: Dan Assor

Dan Assor leads the discussion with tradeshows, events, and exhibition professionals in this podcast. Tune in for a comprehensive range of episodes with renowned guests.

The Eventful Entrepreneur

Host: Dodge Woodall

Dodge talks to fascinating people, namely festival owners, sporting icons, entrepreneurs, known celebrities, and more! Learn from the business, mental health, and events industry leaders.

The Event Hustlers 

Host: Liz Caruso

Listen as Liz interviews thought leaders in the events industry, with topics ranging from setting up your events, best practices, latest tech, and more. 

The Event Tech Talk Show 

Host: Adam Parry

In this podcast, Adam talks to event professionals regarding the various aspects of event technology. Tune in to get the latest on virtual events, technology, and other insightful topics in the industry.  

The Events Cast 

Host: Francesca R. Balit

This podcast is for corporate event professionals who want to enhance their marketing strategies. Listen in to know the processes that will increase your ticket sales and sponsorships and build a community with returning attendees.

The Events Experience 

Host: Brenna Adkins

Take a deep dive into everything related to event planning. Learn from the experts as they discuss trends and strategies for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

The Events Insight 

Hosts: Jack Saward & Karen Edwards

Are you curious about how people find their way into the events industry and what makes them stay? This podcast shares enlightening stories of event professionals in various roles. The Events Insight is intended for people already in the industry and people thinking of joining. 

The Events Podcast 

Host: Dan Taylor

Are you an event professional looking for insights into running profitable and stress-free events? Get tips and tricks from The Events Podcast on how to run successful and effective meetings, conferences, and events.

Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives 

Host: Adelaine Ng

This podcast is for people involved in creating exceptional travel and event experiences for corporate clients. Get ideas and strategies on how to thrive even in this pandemic.

So there you have it. Whether you're looking to learn about new technology, upcoming trends, or planning a successful event, our top event industry podcast picks will keep you in the know. What are you waiting for? Start listening today!

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