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Once your fundraising event has concluded, there are still important steps that you should take as the event host/organizer. As a general rule, remember that you can NEVER thank your donors enough. This means thanking those who attended your fundraising event, your sponsors, and those who donated items to your silent auction or raffle. It ALSO included your volunteer team, as these members probably donated both time and money to your cause.Before closing the books on your fundraiser, be sure to end it on the right note and to set your next fundraising event up for success by completing our list of fundraiser follow-up items:

1. Thank Your Donors

Your number one priority following your fundraiser is to thank those that have supported your cause and donated. Showing your appreciation here will go a long way in order to ensure that your donors come back next and time and continue to support your cause. And don’t forget to let your donors know if you reached your contribution goal / how much money everyone raise! Thank you notes, emails, or even a quick phone call are all great ways to show your appreciation.

2. Acknowledge Raffle / Silent Auction Donors

Both during and after your fundraiser, be sure to acknowledge and thank the organizations and people who provided items for your raffle and silent auction. These groups went out of their way to provide free items to your cause, so it’s important to recognize their help and thank them for their support. This will also keep communications open for your next event.

3. Collect Feedback

Asking attendees about their experience at your event will provide great insight on how you can improve for your next event. If you ran a smaller event, individual emails or conversations should do the trick. For larger events, try creating a short survey online (our favorite provider is and distribute it to your attendees. This will provide great feedback so that you are even more prepared for your next fundraiser!

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