Fundraiser blue print series part four

Fundraising Blueprint: Creating a Fundraising Committee

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In our last Fundraiser Blueprint Series post, we announced the venue for the 2015 Fall Formal - Boston Children’s Museum.Our next step is the formation of a fundraising committee. The fundraising Committee is crucial to your fundraiser, as it will be your go-to team for gaining sponsorship, raffle, or silent auction items, generating PR, soliciting donations, selling event tickets, and planning the event details.When building your fundraising team, there are a few crucial roles to consider - we outline each role in a previous post, “Building Your Fundraising Team.” In addition to covering these roles, it is important to select a fundraising committee that is strongly supportive of your cause, has a large network, and is willing to put in the hours of work necessary to make your event a success.Once we identified the right people for our fundraising Committee, it was time for our first meeting. We scheduled the meeting at a time that worked for everyone, and tried to follow the Agenda below:

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview / Recap of Last Year’s Event
  3. Agenda & Goals for 2015
  4. Sponsorship Levels
  5. Opportunity Drawing Items
  6. Procurement
  7. Tracking for taxes (more to come on this)
  8. Vendors
  9. Photographer
  10. Videographer
  11. DJ
  12. Photobooth
  13. Sub-committees
  14. Food
  15. Decorations
  16. Marketing
  17. PR

We found that an effective strategy is to have all fundraising committee members work towards gaining sponsorship and donations, as this supports your main goal of donating more to your cause. From there, we split up the smaller tasks such as hiring vendors, managing PR, and decorations.As we approach Fall Formal 2015, we will provide updates on how the fundraising committee is doing and some major milestones that we hit along the way!

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