How to Increase Your Fundraiser Proceeds in Under an Hour

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Are you interested in dramatically increasing your fundraiser proceeds in less than an hour?In this post, I’m going to outline how you can effectively and efficiently market your Accelevents fundraiser in order to improve your contribution results for your next fundraiser.But first, let’s think about what goes into an effective marketing campaign of any kind.Two of the most important parts of an effective marketing campaign are preparation and implementation. Without both, your campaign will likely fall short. You may put together a great plan to get the message out for a certain topic, but if you cannot execute or implement your plan, you will certainly miss your goals.Marketing your Accelevents fundraiser is no different!To show you how you can properly prepare and implement your fundraising marketing strategy, I have put together a list of steps that you can take. These steps will take less thanan hour of your time, and are sure to help improve your results at your upcoming event.


1. Create a timeline

When marketing your fundraiser, timing is crucial! Looking more specifically at your Accelevents fundraiser, we believe proper timing can be one of the keys to your fundraiser’s success.Why is timing so important? Proper timing during your fundraising planning allows you to open your silent auction or raffle early and maximize your fundraising window.To get the ball rolling for your planning, begin by creating a quick list, outlining the major milestones for your Accelevents fundraiser. These may include things like:

  • Receipt of silent auction / raffle items
  • Fundraiser set up in the Accelevents host console
  • Fundraiser start and end dates and times

Loosely planning these steps out will allow you to better manage the setup of your fundraiser, with the ultimate goal of opening your silent auction or raffle early (a week or more before your physical event).

2. Assess your marketing channels

Based on your specific fundraising event or nonprofit, you may have different marketing channels available to you.Does your annual event or nonprofit organization have a large following on social media? Do you have an email list of past donors? Maybe instead you have a list of those who have purchased tickets to attend your fundraising event.Regardless of the channels available to you, it’s important to take five or ten minutes and identify your options. Once the time comes to market your fundraiser, it will be through these channels that you’ll execute your marketing plans.A few places to start include:

  • Social media following (this includes followers of your fundraiser, cause, nonprofit, or even of your committee members)
  • Email lists
  • Contact information for those who have purchased tickets for your fundraising event


3. Open your fundraiser early

As we discussed before, one of the easiest ways to increase your proceeds is to open your silent auction or raffle prior to your physical event, in order to maximize your fundraising window.To do so, you’ll need to have a channel that allows your donors to easily access and participate in your fundraiser. Luckily, your Accelevents silent auction or raffle can do just that.Once you have an idea of when your team will receive most of its silent auction or raffle items (see tip #1), you will be able to determine a date when your fundraiser can go live.The earlier your fundraiser is live, the more time your audience has to donate, resulting in a larger number of donations, and higher contributions for your cause!

4. Get the Word Out

While opening your fundraiser early will give you a huge boost, the real impact will come from your ability to spread the word and socialize your fundraiser.At this point, you’ve hopefully completed Step #2 and have assessed your marketing channels. Now it’s time to put these channels to good use.Take your Accelevents fundraising page URL, and craft a message to your audience promoting your cause and your silent auction or raffle. This message should be relevant on any of your channels (email, social media, etc.).A few tips here:

  1. Add a personal touch, by describing the cause and your own story or connection to the organization you are supporting.
  2. Hype up your grand prizes or best items—these will draw your audience in, and will lead to bids on all of your items.
  3. Send your fundraiser URL to your audience directly—this will make it even easier for your donors to support your cause.

After completing the four steps above, you will be well on your way to improving your fundraiser proceeds for your next event.. The best part is that these steps can all be completed in under an hour—so save some time and use it towards securing your next fundraiser sponsor!

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