How to Use Your Event Registration Page to Sell Sponsorship

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In today’s fundraising and event landscape, event registration and online ticketing have become common practices. The ease of use for both host and attendee, ability to reach larger audiences, and data collection associated with event registration makes it a no-brainer for those planning their fundraising events.But what if I told you that there is another very effective way to use event registration? Many fundraising event hosts know the importance of securing sponsorship for their fundraising events, but not many are using their event registration platforms to sell sponsorships! Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that, with a bonus at the end: how to give your sponsors better publicity by incorporating them into your ticketing and online fundraising pages.

Using Event Registration to Sell Event Sponsorship

The best event registration / online ticketing platforms will allow you to create custom ticket types, where you can specify:

  • Pricing
  • Dates available
  • Number of tickets available
  • Ticket / benefit descriptions

While the main purpose of this feature is to sell tickets to attendees for your fundraising event, these same principles apply to selling fundraiser sponsorship – and the process is quite simple!Just as you would set up pricing, availability, and a description for your ticket types, you can do the same for your sponsorship levels. You will then be able to have your sponsorship opportunities appear on your event registration page. This will make it easier for your sponsors to participate in your fundraiser, but it will also create more awareness about the availability of sponsorships as anyone who buys an event ticket will now know that you are also looking for great sponsors. All these ticket buyers can now become sponsorship referrals for you! To give you a better idea of how to incorporate your sponsors into your event registration page, here’s a quick example. First, let’s suppose you’re selling three levels of sponsorship at your event:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Each level has a different associated investment, as well as different levels of exposure and access to your event. Your first step would then be to create each of these sponsorship levels in your event registration platform. Let’s start with the Platinum Level:

Fundraising Sponsorship Setup

And here's what all three levels look like, once they're in place:

Sponsorship levels

Now, on your event registration page, both your sponsorship levels and your event tickets will be available for your potential attendees and interested sponsors.

fundraising page

This will allow you to easily drive awareness for your sponsorship levels, as well as have a central location where you can guide your sponsors to submit their donations and information on those who will be attending the event.

BONUS: Using Your Mobile Fundraising Page to Promote Your Sponsors

If you are already using online event registration, we would strongly recommend using a mobile fundraising platform at your event as well. Some event registration platforms integrate with their mobile fundraising tools, meaning you can have your registration and ticketing page in the same location as your mobile silent auction or donation page!While this integration allows for many benefits to increase your proceeds, it is also another opportunity to promote the sponsors you’ve attracted. With platforms like Accelevents, you can include your sponsor logos directly on your event registration and mobile fundraising page, providing even more valuable exposure to potential sponsors.Below, you’ll find a great example of sponsor logos being built directly into a mobile fundraising page.

sponsorship display


After reading this post, we hope you’ll be able to implement the strategies we’ve shown you to make your event registration and mobile fundraising pages even more efficient by incorporating sponsorship into both.

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