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How To Get More Donations For Your Fundraiser

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Do you want to drastically increase your fundraiser proceeds with one simple change to your fundraiser?While we can all agree that different types of fundraising events are a great way to boost proceeds for your cause, not many people focus on ways to maximize their fundraising window.  Your fundraising window is the length of time that your fundraiser is accepting donations, and can apply to any form of fundraiser, including raffles, silent auction, peer-to-peer campaigns, or any other type of fundraising you may be running.You may argue that your only possible fundraising window is the day or night of your event, due to the physical constraints that typically accompany your fundraiser (physical venue, paper raffle tickets or bid sheets, etc). There is, however, one major way to avoid these constraints - GO ONLINE!Why should you "go online," and how will this benefit your fundraiser? Going online will increase your fundraising window and will enable your donors to support your cause for a longer period of time.  With online and mobile fundraising, your donors do not even need to be present at your physical event!There are two quick and easy steps you can take so that your fundraising event utilizes online capabilities to increase your fundraising window:

1. Create an Online Page for your Fundraiser

Creating an online page for your fundraiser is crucial for increasing your fundraising window and proceeds. Your online fundraising page will be the easiest channel through which your audience can donate, and will allow your donors 24/7 access to information on your cause and fundraiser.We recommend including all aspects of your fundraiser and cause on your fundraising page, including information about your event, a donation section, and especially sections for your online silent auction or raffle.  Here is a quick list of additional features you can add to your page to increase engagement and donations:

  • Description of your cause
  • Description of your fundraising event
  • Picture of your silent auction / raffle items
  • Donation button / link
  • A countdown to your event
  • A current running total of proceeds raised

2. Accept Credit Card Payments!

Without the use of credit card payments, your fundraiser will be restricted to accepting physical payment methods (cash and check).  This greatly reduces your potential donors base, as you will need to rely on those donors that are able to attend your physical event.  Instead, we recommend incorporating credit card payments into your fundraiser.  There are many credit card processing providers out there, and most mobile fundraising companies even have these services integrated into their products.  This means, that you can accomplish both of our two tips in one easy step!

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