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Whew - the virtual or hybrid event you worked on for months is finally over. Now you can sit back, relax, and take a little time for yourself until the next event rolls around.

But then it hits you. “We have all this video we recorded at our virtual event. Shouldn’t I be doing something with it? What do other event planners and marketing teams do with their virtual event video once the event is over?”

So we turned to our good friends over at Vidyard (who used our platform for their “Fast Forward Virtual Summit”) and got loads of valuable information about how some of their customers make the very most out of their event video gold mines.

Leverage pieces of event video in an Account-Based Management campaign

Vidyard allows ABM video in emails

With Account-Based Management (ABM) campaigns, targeted video is an excellent way of personalizing a message to individuals at the same company.

Your business development representatives can begin by creating their own video to the prospect, sharing their screen to show that person’s LinkedIn profile, and starting a conversation along the lines of, “George, I’m Frank with Smith Brothers. I was looking at your LinkedIn profile, and when I noticed you went to the University of Alabama, I just had to give you a big 'Roll Tide!' Also, I noticed you’re on the board for your city’s Humane Society, and it just so happens that I got my four dogs from the Humane Society myself! Anyway, the reason I’m writing is to…”

At that moment, your BDR can mention they wanted to share a 2-minute clip from a recent event you conducted that sums up the state of your industry, and they thought he might be interested in seeing it. They can then embed several calls to action into the video, making this a perfect first introduction to a contact.

As you can see, using Vidyard to create and embellish your videos creates the perfect opportunities for really stellar ABM campaigns. And this is just one beautiful way to reuse the footage you captured at your virtual event.

Embed calls to action right into your virtual event videos

Whether you’re doing an introductory ABM campaign video or you’re distributing video from your recent event, you can use Vidyard to embed Calls To Action (CTAs) right into your videos from Vidyard’s CTA Catalog.

Maybe it’s a trimmed-down version of your CEO’s talk. Or perhaps a slice of a panel discussion that was particularly motivating and on point. Either way, Vidyard’s tools allow you to insert CTAs right into your videos, like “call for a demo,” or “sign up for a newsletter,” or even maybe a click-through to your social media networks. The intricacy and volume of types of CTAs set Vidyard apart from the rest of its competition.

In addition, Vidyard plays very well with the major CRMs, so they are light years ahead of their time.

Showcase event video long after the event is closed

Vidyard videos

Perhaps some of your virtual event attendees didn’t get around to all of the different sessions. In that case, you can create session summaries by editing some video clips representing those sessions. Moreover, you could even make a highly-branded landing page and display full videos of all of your sessions on that landing page, plus any assets for download that you had at the event. This keeps the content around for a really long time and encourages interested leads to peruse all of what they missed by not attending.

This is also a great way to get your branding out in front of your leads and keep your video content in front of them for added value and extra educational opportunities. If posting the videos full-length, it’s a good idea to go through and annotate the videos, so people can skip to sections of the video that might interest them. By creating links to specific sections,  people can jump straight to the content that interests them. For example:

Video Session #1: Creating great potable water pipes with less expense
  • CEO opening remarks (2:00)
  • Talk by Jon Smith, CEO of Induron Waterproof Paints (3:30)
  • Roundtable discussion (6:00)
  • Closing remarks by Jan Domit, Water Pressure Magazine (4:10)

Event video content: resend, reuse, repurpose

Video captured at your virtual events can remain valuable for months, if not years. Hopefully, these ideas will spark something that will benefit you in your follow-up efforts with clients and prospects. And by using Vidyard, you'll create video assets that can be repurposed in more ways than you can possibly count.

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