The Fundraising Blueprint: Picking the Perfect Fundraiser Venue

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And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for...the venue announcement for Fall Formal 2015!...But before we reveal the location (our teaser image may have already done the trick), let’s recap what we learned from last year’s Fall Formal.To start, it’s critical to realize the importance of the fundraiser venue that your team chooses. The choice you make will likely impact every aspect of planning as you approach the day/night of your fundraiser. Ideally, you will be able to choose a fundraiser venue that successfully balances entertainment, general appeal, and affordability.Looking back at the original Fall Formal fundraiser venue, we met the three criteria above, choosing the New England Aquarium which proved to be affordable while also providing a unique feel and experience in order to peak the interest of our potential attendees. Still, there were many things we could improve upon. Learning specifically from the first Fall Formal, this year we began our search to find a location that would:

  1. Provide a fun and unique appeal factor to attract guests
  2. NOT include live penguins*…
  3. Allow us to to play louder music and have a sound system loud enough to support host announcements (we identified this need through a post event survey our attendees completed)

And thus, after a long and thorough vetting process, we have decided to hold the 2015 Fall Formal at…..The Boston Children’s Museum! So come be a kid again and join us on November 7th! Tickets can be purchased at*Believe it or not, the penguins at the New England Aquarium ended up restricting our event in multiple areas including, music volume, lighting, and photography (penguins HATE flashes and dancing music)

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