The Fundraising Blueprint: Venue Walkthrough

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While our first committee meeting for the 2nd Annual Fall Formal was a great start, it was the venue walkthrough that we had selected which brought the committee together. Our committee consists of 11 young professionals in their mid 20s, so trying to schedule a time that works for everyone was a challenge for us. Fortunately, we were able to tour the Boston Children’s Museum at 6:30am one morning. Even though it was early, it was a great chance for us to get to know each other in a less formal setting, and to check out the venue before the crowd started to roll in. Besides the motivational benefits of our venue walkthrough, the tour also initiated conversation about many crucial topics that were key for us to pull off our biggest fundraiser yet:

  • General venue layout (location of the bars, dance floor, lighting etc.)
  • Decoration Ideas
  • Extras Activities (raffle, photobooth, games)
  • Entertainment (DJ, museum exhibits)
  • Attendee Flow (check-in process, coat check)

Getting an early start on the points above is a HUGE advantage to a successful fundraiser. But just as crucial is the sense of excitement and motivation a venue walkthrough can create. Making sure the committee has a chance to visualize the setting of your fundraiser is a great way to give them a reminder of what they will be focusing their time on, and can ultimately result in a better event for your team. Personally, seeing our committee start to come together and brainstorm really fun and unique ideas for our fundraiser was one of the most exciting moments in our planning so far. We highly recommend starting early on a venue walkthrough with your planning committee - the results will speak for themselves. From there, it will be time to prepare for the day/night of your event - and don't forget about thinking about how to raise funds outside of your fundraising venue - good luck!

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