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Adventure Summit: How TourRadar Used A Hybrid Event to Showcase Their Leadership Position

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TourRadar hosts a successful event for adventure travel providers

Meet TourRadar: The Adventure Booking Platform Leader

TourRadar, a leading adventure booking platform in the travel industry, recently chose Accelevents to host Adventure Summit, their first hybrid event with 100 VIP guests in Vienna and 2,500 virtual attendees from all over the globe. 

"We wanted to create an event that would showcase our position as the adventure booking platform leader in the industry," says Christian Wolters, CMO for TourRadar. "We brought all of our partners together, including travel agents, tour operators, and DMOs, to create a buzz in the industry and position ourselves as the leaders in the organized adventure travel market."

The decision to host a hybrid event format was a no-brainer from the very beginning. "We wanted to make sure that everyone interested in adventure travel had the opportunity to participate in our event," says Raffaele Murgia, Manager of Community & Category Design for TourRadar. 

The Challenge: Choosing the Right Hybrid Event Platform

The team started looking for a robust hybrid event platform with multiple easy ways to keep attendees interested and connected. After evaluating various software solutions, TourRadar chose Accelevents for the second year in a row.

"We felt confident going again with Accelevents. We love the friendly user interface, and of course, everything went so smoothly last year."

— Raffaele

Accelevents also offered TourRadar the gamification, chat, and networking features they needed to keep their attendees engaged and interested. 

Powerful  Features For a Successful Hybrid Experience


Accelevents allowed TourRadar to incentivize attendees to watch content and participate in sessions through games and prizes. "The gamification that you guys have built into your platform was really key in getting travel agents not just to attend but also watch our content," said Travis Pittman, CEO at TourRadar.

Chat & Networking

The networking features empowered attendees to interact with each other, creating business opportunities in the process and leading to a dynamic atmosphere.

Livestream Recordings 

"Because we wanted everyone to be part of the Adventure Summit, we also focused on the quality of the video recordings that we could then share after the event with regions like Australia since they couldn't join in live at three in the morning their time," said Raffaele.

Customer Service

The Accelevents platform provided TourRadar exceptional 24/7 customer service, promptly responding to questions and fixing issues.

"The best thing about Accelevents was the customer service. We could just text them a message, and they were answering it right away and fixing our problems."

— Wolters

Accelevents Takes TourRadar's Hybrid Event to New Heights

The Accelevents platform delivered exceptional results for TourRadar's hybrid event. With around 100 VIP guests attending in person in Vienna and 2,500 people joining virtually from around the globe, the event exceeded TourRadar's expectations.

Wolters cited several tangible outcomes from the event, including increased press coverage, an influx of travel agents reaching out to them, and tour operators seeking their guidance in areas like sustainability.

The Power Of Hybrid: Create Impact And Extend Your Reach 

TourRadar's successful hybrid event demonstrates the power of combining in-person and virtual elements to create and maintain attendee engagement, while also extending reach. 

"We were able to create a balance between the in-person and virtual experiences, ensuring that both were equally engaging and memorable," said Murgia.

"Thanks to Accelevents, we were able to take our event to the next level and showcase our position as the industry leader in adventure travel."
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