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Robotics at Amazon Day: How Accelevents Helped Amazon Robotics Connect with Early-Career Talent

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Amazon Robotics
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Amazon Robotics' Virtual Summit creates an awesome attendee experience for junior job searchers

Building a Community of Innovators: The Role of Accelevents in Amazon Robotics' Virtual Event Strategy

Amazon Robotics, an innovative Amazon subsidiary, specializes in developing automated robotic systems for e-commerce warehouses and fulfillment centers. Offering a dynamic work environment for robotics engineers and tech graduates, the company provides opportunities to work on groundbreaking automation, machine learning, and algorithm development.

To engage potential candidates, Amazon Robotics hosts events like the Robotics at Amazon Day virtual summit, where students and early-career professionals can explore the latest industry advances.

In 2022, Amazon Robotics organized its inaugural Robotics at Amazon Day. Initially planned as an onsite event, the company decided to pilot a virtual experience first. The idea was to add an onsite component later.

Expanding Reach and Building Community: How Amazon Robotics Used Accelevents to Connect with Talent At A Global Scale

Amazon Robotics needed a platform that would enable them to reach a wide range of potential candidates across different regions and demographics. Additionally, the company wanted to create a sense of community among participants who share a passion for innovation and technology.

"We cover a fairly expansive geographic network, and thought that to create something inclusive and invite as many people as possible to our summit, we felt that a virtual format was logical, which is how we landed on Accelevents," said Amanda Rodrigues Smith, Senior Program Manager and Lead at University Outreach and Engagement for Amazon Robotics.

How Amazon Robotics Used Accelevents to Accomplish Their Goals

Accelevents provided Amazon Robotics with a solution that met their event goals. Here's how:

  • Accessibility: Amazon Robotics needed a platform that was accessible and could effortlessly accommodate a global audience. Accelevents met this requirement by providing a simple user interface that was easy to use for both organizers and attendees.
  • Customization: Amazon Robotics also required a platform that could be branded and personalized to create a unique experience for the audience. Accelevents delivered on this by providing the ability to create professional landing pages that looked fresh and inviting. "We were able to create an identity for Robotics on Amazon Day by integrating our branding and personalizing the virtual environment with logos, colors, and other design elements," said Amanda Rodrigues.
  • Engagement: Amazon Robotics sought a platform with interactive features to maintain attendee engagement and prevent fatigue. Accelevents provided chats, breakout rooms, and one-on-one networking, curating diverse social experiences to enhance the event.
  • Integrations and Data Security: Accelevents is a secure and accessible virtual event platform that could be easily integrated with Amazon Robotics' internal systems.

In addition to supplying the right toolset, Accelevents provided Amazon Robotics with excellent customer service. A dedicated account representative offered comprehensive training and support, making it easy for Amazon Robotics to get started with the platform.

"We researched other vendors, but as a customer-centric company, good customer service was a big factor in our decision. We appreciated having a dedicated account rep and receiving comprehensive training and support. Accelevents provided technical and experiential expertise to help us make decisions."

— Amanda Rodrigues Smith

Accelevents' exceptional customer service was also crucial in building Amazon Robotics' confidence to organize events independently. Amanda Rodrigues Smith stated, "The outstanding customer service, customizable features, and the user-friendly platform gave us the confidence we needed to work towards self-sufficiency and internal management of the platform."

Key Features That Made the Robotics On Amazon Day a Success

The Robotics On Amazon Day virtual summit provided Amazon Robotics with a distinctive and engaging experience for their participants. Amanda said, "By incorporating interactive features, we created a unique experience for all participants and avoided attendee fatigue."

She praised the tag-based matchmaking, which facilitated randomized pairing between candidates and team members in informal virtual "coffee chats."

Amanda also highlighted the platform's ability to track sentiment using features like polls, which enabled her team to add specific questions that were not part of the registration questionnaire or post-conference survey.

To keep track of results, the Amazon Robotics team measured attendance and engagement metrics overall and per session, which helped them ensure their content was compelling and valuable to the audience. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Robotics at Amazon Day with Accelevents

Amanda likes the versatility of the Accelevents platform, which empowers her to execute events of varying sizes and formats.

As for the Robotics On Amazon Day event specifically, Amanda notes that she intends to have an in-person component of their program soon. Ideally, Amazon Robotics will be able to offer a hybrid program to connect both in-person and virtual audiences. And with the success of their virtual event, Amanda reports that other teams within her organization are already considering using Accelevents for their programs.

In conclusion, Accelevents was the ideal platform for Amazon Robotics' virtual event, providing the features and support needed to create a unique and engaging experience for early-career talent. Amanda notes:

"Accelevents was extremely responsive to building that ideal experience with us, which was truly unique."
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