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Simple pricing for your event.

Only pay for what you need.

Includes unlimited 24/7 support with a real human AND instant payouts so that you’re not waiting for your money!

Paid Tickets

20%of the ticket price*

Free Attendance

$300per participant per day of the event

* The greater of either 20% of the ticket price or $3 per attendee per day

Sell Tickets

  • Unlimited ticket types

  • Beautiful landing pages

  • Integrated marketing tools

  • Unlimited attendees

Live Stream

  • Host 100 people or 100,000+

  • Perfect video and audio every time

  • Use our broadcasting tools or bring your own

Create Breakout Sessions

  • Add speakers and panelist

  • Live chat & polls

Build Relationships

  • Connect with other attendees

  • 1:1 speed dating networking

  • A.I. based matching

Host Exhibitors

  • Virtual tradeshow booth

  • Online lead retrieval

You are hosting a one day internal event with 450 attendees. The event will span six hours and will have two keynote sessions, several breakout sessions, and a networking reception for one hour.

Charges: 450 attendees at $3.00 per attendee.

Total = $1,350

You are hosting an intimiate live concert for 150 people. The event is $25 to attend.

Charges:  150 attendees * ($25 * 20%) = $750

Total = $750

You are hosting a two day conference where you are selling two different ticket types. General Admission and VIP. You have decided to limit which breakout sessions an attendee can join based on their ticket type. You sell 700 General Admission tickets at $50 and 300 VIP tickets at $100. You also issue 100 tickets to sponsors and guests.


General Admission tickets = 700 * ($50 * 20%) = $7,000

VIP tickets = 300 * ($100*20%) = $6,000

Free tickets = 100 * $3 * 2 days = $600

Total = $13,600

You are hosting a two day conference where your company is not charging attendees to participate in the conference. You are expecting 5,000 people to register but only 3,000 will actually show up. Accelevents only charges for people who actually attend the virtual event!


Free tickets = 3,000 * $3  *  2 days = $18,000

Total = $18,000

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Frequently asked questions

Read questions below to learn more

Is there an activation fee to sell event tickets?

Nope! There is not an activation or setup fees to run a virtual event!

Is live streaming included?

YES! Our pricing includes our built in live streaming. No more glueing differnet applications together or trying to embed Zoom links. However, if you want to use your own streaming platform you certaintly can!

Do you charge if someone registers but does not show up?

Nope! For free registrations we only charge for the people who actually come to your event! Not the people who register but never show up. That just wouldn’t be right!

When will I receive the proceeds from my event?

Your money is paid out to you as it comes in! We don’t hold it until after your event. You will receive payouts every 48 hours so that you can put your money to work and cover the costs of hosting your event!

What about credit card processing fees?

We partner with Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe charges 2.9% plus 30 cents a transaction. We offer you the choice to pay this fee, or to have your winning bidders pay processing fee at checkout.

Does your ticketing percentage fee include credit card processing fees?

No, the 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction fee mentioned above is charged by our credit card processing partner. However, we do give you the option to have your ticket buyers pay these fees.

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