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Organize your own events and allow your clients to create events on your fully branded event management platform.  

Set and collect your own fees without hiring a developer and start making money from every ticket sold! 

White Label Event Ticketing Solution

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From setup and implementation, to individual ticketing fees, we offer flexible pricing options to ensure that our white label solution works for your business.

Full Branding Control
You own your brand all the way from the URL to email deliver-ability.  We'll give you full design control for your events and ticketing platform.
Start Selling in Minutes
Whether your organizing your own events or providing a ticketing platform for others to sell tickets, events can be set up in minutes with our easy-to-use system.
Secure Payments
Whether online or onsite, we ensure that all payments are secure and PCI compliant through our integration with Stripe so that you don't have to.
Instant Payouts
Events are expensive. Your clients need their money. Don't wait until after the event for them to get paid out.
Easy Check-In
Our mobile app allows for easy event check in for your events, decreasing lines and increasing attendee satisfaction.
24/7 Support
Events are stressful. Don't let technology add to that.  A real person will always be there for you when you need a hand. 

Power your clients' events with a proven ticketing platform. We've worked with thousands of events

We offer flexible pricing options that work for your business model.

“I have to give credit where credit is due. This is hands down the best ticketing system we have ever used. Setup was easy, registration was seamless, and the mobile app for check-in was so fast. The best part is that our clients think that we built it!"

Joanne A.

Total Brand Control - True White Label

Build and maintain your own brand without any mention of Accelevents. You will have full control of all aspects of your customer purchase experience including the website URL/domain, email delivery, receipts, and electronic tickets. This way you can focus on your clients and leave the technical stuff to Accelevents. 

Full Revenue and Fee Control

You're used to paying a service fee to use a ticketing platform. Now that service fee will become an additional revenue source for you. Events are not cheap. Gaining access to your proceeds as the tickets are sold will provide you the cash flow you need to cover your event expenses. With Accelevents instant payouts, you don't need to wait until your event is over to get paid. 

Producers Marketing Agencies

If you work with event organizers on a regular basis this is your opportunity to increase your revenue from each event.  Our ticketing solution can handle all types of events while giving control over the Service Fees, Data, Brand, and Functionality. Create new revenue channels you didn't know existed. 

Events & Festivals

Whether you’re selling out stadiums for Ed Sheeran  or promoting craft beer festivals you’ll find the ticketing solution you need for events of any size.

Venues & Sports

Own your brand with powerful white label ticketing solutions. Accelevents disappears behind your brand so you have full control of both checkout and customer data. From seated stadiums to world championship events, tournaments and sports teams, we have the ticketing platform you need.

Whether you're looking to add a new revenue stream or protect your brand image, the Accelevents platform can be customized for your business.

Own Your Own Data

Use the data and insights you collect from events hosted on your ticketing platform to build an audience, assist your marketing efforts, and sell more tickets. This is your data. We will keep it secure so that all you need to worry about is how to use that data to sell out your next event and add value for your event organizers.

Infinite Capacity - Totally Secure

Accelevents runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest and most secure hosting provider. This infrastructure ensures that bandwidth will always be available to support even the largest events. We extend our focus on user experience all the way through to our REST API ensuring that any requirement you can dream up can be provided. 

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