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Trade Shows

Host a full-scale trade show with multiple sessions, workshops, keynotes, breakouts, and of course an engaging exhibitor hall with unique virtual booths that draw attendees in.

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Set Up an Expo Hall in Minutes

Allow your exhibitors to easily create a memorable and engaging virtual footprint within your trade show environment. With our intuitive back-end user-interface, exhibitors can spend less time assembling their booth and more time focusing on optimizing ROI. Convert passive booth visitors into potential customers by engaging attendees directly in your exhibit with a dedicated live stream, promo videos, downloadable materials, and 1:1 chat.


Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Adding an expo hall to any event is a great way to deliver extra value to your sponsors and partners. By creating tiers of sponsorship packages you can offer different sized footprints for varying virtual booth spaces. All exhibitors will be able to gain access to actionable analytics including booth visits, downloads, and clicks on specific calls-to-action.  As the event organizer, you can evaluate which exhibitor content resonated the most with your audience to help inform future trade show decisions.

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