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Rachel Rose

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By Rachel Rose, Senior Customer Service Manager, Accelevents

Calling all event organizers who are using our trailblazing hybrid event option: are you looking for ways to simplify this process? Marrying the best of both in-person and virtual worlds can be simplified with the help of an onsite support tech person, which you probably already have in place. Based on our experience with onsite hybrid event support, here are five questions to ask your onsite tech support before the day of your event:

Exchange contact information

This might feel basic, but having your onsite tech support’s email and phone number will be useful for the day of event communication. They will most likely ask for yours as well and potentially have a preferred method of contact. As always, having a plan B and C in event support is vital!

Do they have prior experience with Accelevents?

We have had a lot of growth as a company, and with that growth comes more people who have used our platform. Before diving into all of the specifics, ask your hybrid event onsite tech person if they have ever worked with Accelevents or have any experience with virtual or hybrid events. If they are interested in learning more about our platform you can direct them to our weekly webinar page as well as our 24/7 chat support! We have so many learning resources and want you and your support to feel confident!

Get clear about RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming

To integrate onsite content with our Accelevents platform for your virtual attendees, we offer RTMP Streaming. Make sure your onsite tech support is knowledgeable about how to connect an encoder like OBS, Switcher, or Wirecast with our platform. This sounds “techy” but most of the time they will know exactly what you are talking about, take the ball, and run with it. For the small percentage who need a crash course or refresher, don’t hesitate to send them the links we provided above. Our Knowledge Base is chock full of information!

Ask what device they are planning to use

It is important for you to have a general understanding of what the setup onsite looks like even if you are not onsite. Are they connecting to a professional video camera, are they filming with their computer, or do they have something else rigged? If you and the onsite support tech are uncertain about any device’s compatibility our 24/7 chat service is always happy to help!

Test it out with them!

We always recommend testing all aspects of your hybrid event before the big day, which is why we have the free option of duplicating your event to create a test event! This definitely applies to testing out RTMP streaming with your onsite tech person. Set up some time with them to stream one of your test sessions to get all the kinks out before the event takes place!

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