Gamification For Events: 7 Excellent Ways Gamification Boosts Engagement


Hydee Mariazeta

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Gamification is the use of game design elements in an event. It's when you include competition, goals, points, and rewards to encourage engagement among your attendees. 

Combining the elements of game and reward can be a compelling way to get people interested in participating in virtual events. By adding game-like features to your event, you encourage participants to explore every area of the event by attending the sessions, visiting your sponsor's booths, and having fun at the same time!

This blog post will discuss the benefits of gamification and how it can help increase attendance and engagement at your next event.

#1 - Enhances the attendees' behavior

One of the main benefits of gamification is that it encourages positive behavior. Who doesn't want to get rewarded for their achievement? It feels good to receive positive feedback or win in a gamified learning environment. Dopamine, the brain’s reward system, releases when we expect a reward, making gamification so popular! 

Awarding prizes is especially beneficial for virtual events, as you want your guests to be engaged and active throughout the event.

#2 - Increases attendees' sense of control

Another great benefit of gamification is igniting the participant's sense of control. People love feeling like they're in charge and can make decisions that affect their lives. With gamification, guests can make choices about what they do during the event. 

When it comes to virtual events, giving attendees control over their experience is essential. By empowering participants to make choices, you can create a more engaging and enjoyable event. 

#3 - Encourages healthy competition

Everyone loves a good competition! Gamification taps into our natural competitive instincts and encourages us to do our best, making it so effective since people are inherently competitive. 

We all enjoy feeling like we're doing well and outperforming other challengers. For this reason, gamification works so well in virtual events since it encourages the attendees to participate while doing their best. 

#4 - Tracks the attendees' achievements

A vital component of gamification is seeing progress. People love tracking their accomplishments and feeling like they are making headway towards a goal. With gamification, you can allow your attendees to see how well they are performing throughout the event. 

Seeing what they've accomplished so far keeps them motivated and engaged until the very end.

#5 - Inspires cooperation and bonds the attendees

Gamification can also help create a sense of community by giving them a common goal. When people work together towards a shared purpose, they feel more connected. In addition, encouraging them to achieve a common goal helps guests feel less isolated and more engaged with the event overall.

#6 - Intensifies attendees' enthusiasm 

When people feel like they are part of something larger, they are more likely to speak up and participate. In addition, making your attendees feel comfortable interacting encourages engagement in the event. 

#7 - Produces a high-quality experience

By adding fun and excitement to your event, you can ensure that participants feel like they got their time and money's worth. In addition, by including gamification in your event, you can guarantee that everyone had a fabulous time. 

Finally, with the extraordinary experience that your attendees will take with them even after the event is over, you're able to encourage them to attend future events and speak highly of your organization.

We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the benefits of gamification and how it can help increase attendance and engagement at your next virtual event! If you would like more information on using gamification to boost your event, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help!

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