Why Your Attendees Want An App: The Benefits of Mobile Apps For Events



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In today’s fast-paced world, who doesn’t live on their mobile device for banking, productivity, entertainment, and everything in between? Attendees at your next event will be no different, and a mobile event app can boost attendee engagement and give attendees an experience in a medium that’s familiar and comfortable for them.

Incorporating an app with your conference or trade show is quickly becoming a must-have. Your attendees will expect that there will be a mobile component to your event, and if there’s not, they are not likely to be as engaged. Therefore, let’s look at the top reasons why your attendees really want an app experience:

Mobile Apps Make Events More Accessible for Attendees

The average consumer owns 1.57 devices and accesses 46 apps per month, so of course, your event attendees are expecting a mobile event app. In addition, they are looking for it to synchronize across their devices, and they expect it to provide key information and experiences all throughout the event.

Mobile event apps help keep your audience intimately connected to your event and provide a unique channel that will complement the event experience as a whole. Keep attendees engaged with timely push notifications, real-time chat, and peer connection options, as well as “the basics” of the event, such as:

  • Event agenda & lobby
  • Event speaker bios
  • Attendee profile customization
  • Lead retrieval for exhibitors
  • Session live streams
  • Vaccine card verification
  • Conference-wide announcements
  • Venue map
  • Location descriptions
  • Push notifications
  • Detailed session descriptions
  • Q&A and polling

Apps provide networking opportunities pre-, during, and post-event

Whether you are working on an in-person event or your virtual event spans across the globe, mobile event apps boost the intimacy of the experience by providing attendees with multiple ways to connect.

In particular, with hybrid and virtual events, this connection is critical. You can incorporate virtual 1:1 networking and group-style lounge sessions, virtual cocktail hours, coffee breaks, and meet and greets on your app. Moreover, your attendees can connect in various ways from their mobile device by region, industry, or stated interest.

Event attendees can receive vital app notifications from event planners in real-time

A mobile event app allows your attendees (as well as your presenters, vendors, and sponsors) to receive important and timely information from you. For example, sending a push notification can inform individuals of a last-minute change to the agenda or update them on something exciting going on at a specific venue location.

Attendees at in-person events will appreciate the knowledge of what is going on in other sessions or locations. Conversely, virtual attendees can feel more connected to the event content and the virtual experience as a whole. Therefore, use app notifications to let attendees know about changes, live polling, gamification start times, and gamification results.

Apps are a must-have in today’s virtual and hybrid event user experience

These three ideas really only scratch the surface of the value an app can bring to a virtual or hybrid event attendee’s experience. Accordingly, make sure your event management platform has an app for your next trade show or conference. This will help your attendees to take full advantage of the level of excitement and valuable information your event has to offer.

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