How Growth Blazers Successfully Hosted Their First Virtual Conference for Thousands of Attendees and Generated 900+ Leads

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Growth Blazers virtual conference

Growth Blazers shifted to a virtual conference solution with Accelevents and connected thousands of attendees across the world.

For nearly a decade the team at Growth Blazers (formerly Growth Marketing Conference) hosted in-person conferences in San Francisco that brought together marketing and business leaders from around the globe to participate in cutting-edge conversations.

In 2020, the conference successfully shifted to a virtual platform by piecing together disparate technologies. However, as the team at Growth Blazers began to plan for 2021, they wanted to optimize and streamline the event experience for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors by using a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” virtual conference platform.

About Growth Innovate Virtual Conference

The Growth Innovate Conference is a series of global events organized by Growth Blazers, an integrated media company with a mission of empowering and educating a community of marketing and business leaders. This year’s kick-off event and the very first under the new Growth Blazers brand focused on ways to “Jumpstart Your Growth Goals.”

Virtual Conference Goals and Expectations

During the initial planning stages of the inaugural Growth Innovate Conference, the team prioritized finding a virtual event platform solution that could deliver a seamless experience for all stakeholders within the event ecosystem.

After confirming speakers and exhibitors from top brands such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pantheon, Wrike, NVIDIA, Drift, Masterclass, Instacart, and Wistia, it became increasingly evident that the event platform sophistication needed to match the caliber of companies that would participate at the conference.

Two of the essential elements that Growth Innovate Conference required in a platform was the ability to report on in-depth attendee analytics and demand generation management for exhibitors as part of their sponsorship packages.

The Virtual Software Solution

Upon conducting their due diligence and narrowing it down to 3 providers, Growth Blazers ultimately chose Accelevents to power their first branded virtual conference. The decision came down to integrated live streaming functionality, detailed attendee analytics, and a user-friendly exhibitor/sponsorship experience.

The 2-day virtual conference was packed with actionable sessions and interactive workshops about marketing and business growth strategies. The jam-packed agenda included insider conversations from leading growth experts and innovative business minds covering exciting areas such as:

The online conference featured prominent thought leaders who shared their actionable growth marketing strategies and insights. Speakers included the following:

Here are some of the features that made the virtual conference a success:


The inaugural Growth Innovate Conference, which generated 6,500 registrations, delighted both attendees and exhibitors. With approximately 40 sessions, 12 virtual booths, multiple networking blocks, and even a DJ, attendees were given a plethora of options to choose from during the event.

In a post-event survey, attendees rated the virtual conference experience a collective 4.8 out of 5 stars.

One of the respondents proclaimed: “I LOVED IT! MUCH MUCH more effective than going to live events. I feel that I’ve retained so much more this way.”

Over the course of two days, nearly 900 leads were generated for exhibitors and sponsors, and many of the sessions’ speakers commented on the user-friendly interface of the platform’s backstage.

When asked about the event host experience on the virtual conference platform, Azarov responded, “We are beyond happy with Accelevents and how the event turned out. In fact, we’re planning to host all of our 2021 events on the platform! ”


Looking to host your next virtual conference but do not know where to begin? Learn more about our all-in-one virtual platform solution and get in touch with our 24/7 live chat for any of your queries.

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