Unlocking Innovation: How Accelevents Reshaped Thryv's Internal Events

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From Yellow Pages to Leading SMB Software

Once renowned for its signature Yellow Pages, Thryv has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past seven years. Today, the company is a premier business management software solution for small to medium-sized enterprises, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to innovation.

Thryv's Event Evolution: From Traditional to Tech-Savvy

Thryv's evolution into a software-focused organization inspired Katie DePalma, Thryv's dynamic event manager overseeing the company's internal sales events, to reevaluate her event approach. "Why are we still using printed name tags?" she asked. "Our event experience should reflect Thryv's focus on innovation." 

Tasked with organizing internal events for a robust 700-member sales team, Katie started searching for an event platform with seamless online registration features, a branded mobile app for optimal engagement, and comprehensive features to meet diverse sales event requirements.

Thryv required a solution capable of handling routine business events as well as their prestigious annual sales incentive trip. 

Among competing solutions, Accelevents stood out due to its user-friendly customizations, white-label app, and double-sided badge printing capabilities.

"With Accelevents, I could think outside the box, tailor the platform to our needs, and focus on enhancing the overall event experience."

Katie DePalma

The Results: Accelevents In Action

Typically held at a Mexican resort, Thryv's annual sales incentive trips typically attract over 250 high-caliber sales professionals and their guests. To streamline the management of this critical event, the Thryv team heavily relied on Accelevents. 

Here are the four features that stood out for Katie:

  • Effortless Attendee Tracking: Katie was pleased with Accelevents unique capability to connect attendee and guest records, ensuring she could optimally cater to each guest’s needs.
  • A Branded App To Keep Everyone Engaged: Thryv understood the importance of brand consistency, so Accelevents' white-labeled mobile app was an ideal fit. Katie recalls, "During one of our events, I overheard a sales professional saying how effortlessly they navigated their day using our branded app. They didn't miss a single session, thanks to the clear agenda and timely push notifications." These features, crucial for sales professionals blending work with leisure, ensured everyone remained connected and informed while also enjoying some downtime.
  • Professionally Designed Badges: Thryv required double-sided badge printing to facilitate networking among their top sales professionals. Accelevents met this need with its easy-to-use badge design and printing features, ensuring branded badges could be effortlessly pre-printed for the annual sales incentive trip.
  • A Deep Partnership With The Support Team: More than just offering a solution, Accelevents stood out with its unparalleled customer support. "Their level of responsiveness was unmatched," Katie highlighted. Accelevents swiftly addressed any issues and took the time to empower Katie and her team, guiding them on managing the platform efficiently. "They didn't just provide workable solutions; they also taught me how to build them myself.", Katie said.

Flexible, User-Friendly Features  

Accelevents provided Thryv with unparalleled flexibility, especially with its no-code customizations. This feature allowed Katie DePalma and her team to effortlessly adapt the platform to their specific needs. This was in stark contrast with their previous experience with Cvent, which required extensive coding. Katie highlighted,

"Accelevents made our lives easier. We didn't need an external developer or waste time on backend complexities. I could easily figure out how to set everything up myself."

A New Era of Event Management: Thryv's Partnership with Accelevents

As Thryv plans its next annual trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the company looks forward to leveraging Accelevents to its full potential. The platform's ability to cater to simple and complex event needs and its dedication to customer service make it a clear choice for businesses seeking a top-tier event management solution that is easy to customize and use

Accelevents has set a new standard for event management, ensuring Thryv's events remain as innovative and dynamic as the company itself.

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