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Club Ichi Telethon: The Inside Story of an Ambitious Membership Drive

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Club Ichi
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I didn't have any challenges figuring out what to do or where to go. Making it look really nice was really easy.
Liz Lathan
Chief Community Officer, Ichi Community
Virtual Event
75+ Speakers
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Club Ichi: A Community with a Clear Mission

Created by Nicole Osibodu and Liz Lathan, the innovative minds behind The Community Factory, Club Ichi stands out as more than your typical event professional network. With a thriving community of one thousand corporate event professionals, it is designed to serve as the premier hub for B2B event marketers and their collaborators

Lathan elaborates, “Club ICHI is a community with a clear mission. Our members actively engage in sharing tactical advice, posing and answering questions, and exchanging ideas within the dynamic landscape of corporate events. From providing valuable resources and insightful advice to offering job-hunting support, our community is hands-on and ready to empower event professionals for success.”

Club Ichi Telethon: A Bold Move To Grow The Club Ichi Community

In December 2023, Club Ichi embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its community through an energy-filled 12-hour "virtual telethon." Hosted live from the SpliceVideo studios in Scottsdale, AZ, this telethon was a marathon of ideas, discussions, and some light-hearted fun, with over 75 speakers contributing their expertise. Each 5-30 minute segment featured subject matter experts delving into a wide array of topics, keeping the audience engaged and informed.

How Accelevents Stepped Up

Even for experienced event pros like Liz and Nicole, orchestrating a non-stop 12-hour event with 57 unique sessions was no walk in the park. But thanks to Accelevents, they had some powerful tools at their disposal. Here are some of the key features that really helped them out.

Community-Driven Promotion: Spreading the Telethon News

Promoting Club Ichi’s membership drive was a complex task that required a combination of savvy tactics to ensure success:

Effortless Agenda and Speaker Management 

To get the excitement rolling, Liz made the most of Accelevents' super easy Agenda Builder. She crafted a carefully thought-out event schedule that considered time zones and featured a diverse range of attractive topics, spanning from AI for events to killer cold calling strategies. Next, she invited over 75 speakers and automatically slotted them into their respective sessions.

Harnessing Word-of-Mouth Power via Snoball

During the registration process on Accelevents, speakers and attendees were encouraged to share their participation on social media through Snöball, a word-of-mouth marketing platform for B2B events that integrates seamlessly with Accelevents. This innovative approach led to a chain reaction of registrations, resulting in an impressive turnout of over 513 enthusiastic event professionals registering for the Telethon!

12 Hours of Event Content For Sustained Audience Engagement

With a whopping 57 sessions squeezed into a 12-hour time frame, the challenge arose: how could attendees digest all this content in one go? The reality was that attendees often hopped in and out, catching five-minute snippets here and half-hour discussions there. 

But what about those sessions they missed live? The solution was simple yet impactful - every single session was recorded and made available on Accelevents for unlimited post-event viewing. This feature not only offered convenience but also breathed new life into the event, extending its impact far beyond the initial day.

Converting Attendees into Club Ichi Members with Accelevents

In virtual membership drives, the challenge lies in converting attendees into members without appearing too pushy. Your audience is always just a click away from dropping from the event! 

Club Ichi's Telethon addressed this challenge by implementing a strategy to seamlessly integrate calls to action into the event interface with the help of Accelevents. Instead of a traditional sales pitch, Liz and Nicole’s approach focused on clearly communicating the value of membership and simplifying the action steps for attendees.

To streamline the purchasing process, calls to action were seamlessly integrated into the Accelevents interface. While attendees were immersed in the sessions, a noticeable banner on the screen provided a direct link to their website, where attendees could easily purchase memberships.

Additionally, the Club Ichi website address was prominently displayed on a ticker in the broadcast to reinforce the message. This multifaceted approach ensured that attendees knew exactly how to become Club Ichi members.

More Than Just a Membership Drive

The Club Ichi Telethon wasn't just about getting members; it was a showcase of what happens when technology and human creativity team up. Liz and Nicole demonstrated that even in a virtual setting, where people can easily lose interest, they could create an environment that was not only engaging but also interactive, and, most importantly, effective in achieving its goals. Accelevents is thrilled to have supported them in bringing their ambitious vision to life.

We're confident that this Telethon is just the beginning for a community that's ready to redefine the event marketing landscape with creativity, engagement, and a whole lot of fun.

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