8 Best Platforms for Virtual Trade Shows

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There is no doubt about it—the physical events we know and love will be moving online for the foreseeable future. Luckily the shift towards digital events does not have to slow you down or stop your plans dead in their tracks.

A virtual trade show, or a virtual trade fair, may seem like an impossible reality. But with the right virtual event platform, your trade show can be every bit as exciting as a live event.

To save you valuable time and aggravation, we have explored some of the available platform options and listed them here. We have explored available training, customer support, pricing, and features to help you decide which digital platform is right for you.

*Please note that the following platforms are listed in alphabetical order, and their order of appearance does not represent a rank. The authors of this post are affiliated with Accelevents.

Featured Image -6connex

Summary: 6Connex is a platform designed specifically for virtual summits, trade shows, and job fairs. It allows attendees to “walk” through the showroom floor and view exhibit booths.

Each virtual booth can be customized to include exhibitor branding. Exhibitors can also include educational materials and pre-recorded product demos that can be downloaded by attendees. However, real-time interactive features are limited to a basic live chat function.

6Connex allows event planners to foster audience engagement through a leaderboard feature. Points can be assigned to attendees for performing specific tasks at the trade show and this competitive play can be attractive to attendees.

Features: Customizable Branding, Live Streaming, Real-Time Chat, Virtual Lobby, Lead Generation, Survey/Poll Management, Attendee Management

Capterra Rating: Not Available

featured image - accelevents

Summary: Accelevents is a great option for event planners on a budget. For an affordable price, you get superior customer support and a range of valuable features.

This platform has live streaming capabilities, live chat, customizable exhibit booths, networking opportunities, in-session polling, downloadable content, and a wealth of real-time data to support both the exhibitors and event organizers. 

With several integrations, like email marketing, CRM, and social media, this virtual platform is intuitive enough for the first time user and in-depth enough for the experienced event planner. And with access to full API documentation, an event organizer can easily scale and build their own solution!

Features: Attendee Management, Virtual Lobby, Reporting/Analytics, Lead Generation, Online Registration, Customizable Branding, Real-Time Chat, Virtual Lobby, Live Streaming, Exhibit/Vendor Management

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

Featured Image - communique

Summary: Communiqué provides a customizable 3-D environment allowing attendees to move through the virtual event space with easy navigation tools.  

The platform promotes engagement and networking opportunities with available 1:1 chat and group chat features. In order to maximize opportunities, the exhibitors are able to provide high-value content inside their individual booths. 

With robust and scalable hosting, around the clock dedicated support, multiple language options, and high-level reporting and analytics, you can take your trade show worldwide with relative ease.

Features: Customizable Branding, Reporting/Analytics, Online Registration, Real-Time Chat 

Capterra Rating: Not Available

4. GTR

featured image - GTR

Summary: GTR combines all the best things about webinars and virtual networking to create a valuable tool for virtual trade shows.

This platform enables one-on-one real-time meetings between attendees and between attendees and exhibitors. Exhibitors are able to perform live product demos and attendees can easily request more information.

GTR’s platform organizes all event information in a way that is easily accessible for all participants, including a searchable directory making it even easier to connect.

Features: Exhibit/Vendor Management, Surveys & Feedback, Lead Generation, Real-Time Chat, Reporting/Analytics

Capterra Rating: Not Available

featured image - Hexafair

Summary: Hexafair is a platform well suited to a virtual trade show, virtual expo, or virtual summit. Using 3-D avatar-based interactive features, each booth visitor can really explore and review what they are seeing.

Attendees can view information on products and services, including images and brochures provided by the exhibitor, watch pre-recorded product demos, or chat with the exhibitor. Unfortunately, Hexafair does not allow for live demos.

Hexafair creates networking opportunities through its attendee directory. Through this feature, attendees can see which attendees are currently online, request a virtual meeting, exchange business cards, or set up video conferencing calls.

This virtual trade show platform integrates seamlessly with several essential software apps like Google Drive, DropBox, and SalesForce CRM. With an available API, it is easy to scale and host a live event for a truly global audience.

Features: Exhibit/Vendor Management, Ticketing, Social Media Promotion, Surveys/Feedback

Capterra Rating: Not Available

featured image - inxpo

Summary: As a video-based digital platform, INXPO has been around for years and is a trusted industry leader.

They offer robust analytics and high-quality streaming and webcasting capabilities. If you are considering keynote speakers and breakout sessions as part of your virtual event planning, this may be the software for you. These video elements can be streamed live or watched on demand.

The platform provides a list of exhibitors that attendees can scroll through and click to visit. Attendees are able to interact with virtual booth staff when they are online and can schedule a product demo.

INXPO tries to create the feel of a live event by including lobby and theatre features.

Features: Live Streaming, Real-Time Chat, Virtual Lobby, Lead Generation, Survey/Poll Management, Customizable Branding, Reporting/Analytics

Capterra Rating: 4.8//5

featured image - map your show

Summary: One of the newer virtual event platforms on the market, Map Your Show (MYS) is an easy to use cloud-based software tool. 

MYS makes it easy to plan your online trade show with an interactive floor plan builder. This feature allows you to save time and resources by customizing your layout (and virtual booth shapes and sizes), allowing you to create the best possible attendee experience. 

The platform provides an exhibitor list that the audience can use to search for a specific exhibitor or browse by exhibitor category. Each exhibitor has its own page which includes a brief description and promotional videos, brochures, and a list of any sessions the exhibitor has participated in. 

This virtual trade show software makes it easy for exhibitors to track leads from their own portal but it does not, unfortunately, allow for real-time interaction or communication. Attendees can view an exhibitor’s business card and reach out to them for additional details and information. This tool does not provide opportunities for networking or live streaming. 

Features: Gamification, Surveys/Feedback, Sponsorship Management

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5

featured image - vfairs

Summary: If you want to create a virtual space that perfectly mimics a physical trade show, vFairs can help. 

This event platform allows you to create customizable exhibit booths that look like the real thing on a trade show floor that can be explored by virtual attendees.

The booths offer on-demand videos and presentations that can be viewed then and there or downloaded for later. With real-time text, audio, and video chat options, attendees can interact with exhibitors easily. 

The vFairs platform also includes an e-commerce integration so attendees can add products to their carts and make a purchase just as they would at a physical exhibitor booth. 

Features: Attendee Management, Customizable Branding, Live Streaming, Real-Time Chat, Virtual Lobby, Lead Generation, Survey/Poll Management, Reporting/Analytics, Online Registration

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

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