10 Best Video Production Tools for Virtual Events

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With virtual events quickly becoming the new normal for the events industry, it is important that you find and make use of the best tools available to host a professional and engaging event.

We have previously given you a list of the best virtual conference platforms as well as lists of the best platforms for virtual trade shows and expos, but some event hosts and producers may need additional tools and resources in order to put on these events.

Video plays a big role in the success or failure of virtual events. The use of live and prerecorded video can increase audience engagement and improve the overall attendee experience. But, these benefits can only occur with the right kind of video. Today’s audiences are savvy and anything that looks overly amateurish, out of focus, choppy, or poorly lit is sure to turn them off.

Adding video production tools to your belt can help you overcome a number of challenges that video production is faced with. To help you make the decision that is best for you, we’ve compiled this list of the 9 best video production tools for virtual events.


*These Video Production Tools are listed in alphabetical order.

10 Best Video Production Tools for Virtual Events

1) AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor allows you to edit your videos with relative ease. With AVS Video Editor, you can add audio tracks, backgrounds, overlays, visual effects, audio effects, and text.

This software tool offers a range of functionalities and its intuitive to use, which means that you do not need to have any prior video editing or production experience to create something slick.

With the ability to add colored overlays you can fully brand all videos to match the color and theme of your virtual event.

Pricing: Plans start at $39

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5

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