Top 14 Virtual Conference Platforms

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As the event world rounds third on a full month of cancellations and postponements many are deciding to move ahead with their event in a virtual arena.  Cue the Google searches for “best virtual event software” and reading through endless feature lists and confusing pricing pages.  

We broke down the best features, pricing, and support policies for each one.  Please sound off in the comments what is most important to you and what platform you are going to use!  

*Please note that the following platforms are listed in alphabetical order, this does not represent a rank.  The authors of this post are affiliated with Accelevents.

6connex landing page

Summary: 6Connex was founded in the US in 2009.  They have recently widened their offering to handle virtual events like trade shows and conferences.  Their robust VR trade show floor allows for customization of booths and a place to showcase products and services that your vendors offer.  Your vendors will see this as a great exposure opportunity and will love that they get the same level of interaction without all the pesky setup.

The platform supports multiple languages as well, broadening your reach on both the attendee and vendor front.  Plus given that the event is virtual, your reach will be event greater! 

Finally, the platform offers a great analytics and metrics dashboard.  You can turn your virtual event into a qualified lead farm and market future events to specific segments of your audience to maximize your ROI from each event!  

Best For: VR trade show experience

Capterra Rating: No rating

Summary: Accelevents is a full conference registration and agenda management platform that was founded in 2014 in the United States. Offering custom branding, social media sharing (and incentivization) Accelevents helps sell and promote your conference more organically. On the virtual front, attendees can register for sessions & keep track of their agenda through their personal dashboard and show up for streams on time.

Through Zapier, Accelevents integrates with thousands of other apps ensuring connection with your CRM or email marketing platform. Plus the platform has direct integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and plugins to feature the platform directly on your event site! Measure your events success in real time with robust analytics on your sales and page traffic. Other must haves are lead capturing for your vendors and virtual booths and lobbies for your attendees.

Best for: Virtual and hybrid events with multiple registrations types and speaker sessions.

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

BigMarker Landing Page

Summary: BigMarker was founded in the United States in 2010 & has since then grown to be one of the leaders in the virtual event space. Event hosts can organize single or multi-day conferences & summits that attendees can participate in from afar. 

The platform has native integrations with many CRM platforms such as MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, & ActiveCampaign, making it easy to export data from your event & build a relationship with attendees. And if you don’t want to wait until the event is over for that relationship building to start, BigMarker makes it easy to host live Q&A’s, chat sessions, & interactive webinars.

BigMarker does not have the capability to create virtual booths for exhibitors or vendors, meaning that another option may be more realistic for a trade show, but the platform does offer lead generation, which can be used for your own organization.

In addition to the platform’s set plans, BigMarker also offers a White Labeled version of the platform, making it easy to create completely branded webinars, videos, & training sessions for your organization. 

Best for: Professional Event Hosts, Sales.

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

brella landing page

Brella is your new virtual event venue. Attendees can network and video chat 1:1, watch livestreams, interact with sponsors and much more, all within the app. Organizers can host & manage their entire event within Brella and set up takes minutes. Sponsors have virtual booths and live chat, and our AI-powered matchmaking algorithm makes it easy to find new digital sales opportunities. Suitable for all virtual and hybrid events.”
-Jon from Brella

Summary: Brella was formed in 2016 in Finland to serve the general event space.  They currently offer a centralized virtual platform where attendees can access streams, agendas, and event updates. Users can also easily share information on social media to further promote your conference for you. 

From a UI/UX perspective Brella offers a very clean web and mobile app that is sure to keep your attendees happy and informed. Sponsors will also enjoy the ability to put them into the platform for further exposure for them and more revenue opportunities for you. 

Brella offers custom branding to give your event a specialized touch, pair that with their premade templates and you will have a perfect event landing page.  Plus, you can integrate with your CRMs like Pipedrive and Salesforce to make it easy on your team & view analytics.  

Best for: Novice conference planners that need a clean platform to navigate.

Capterra Rating: No rating

communique conferencing virtual exhibitor booth

Summary: Communique Conferencing was founded in the United States in 2001 & has hosted over 614,000 virtual events. Communique offers an incredibly customizable 3D virtual conference platform where participants can visit & engage with exhibitor booths as well as take part in live, interactive sessions. Utilize polls, live Q&A sessions, webinars and other attendee engagement features to give your participants that face-to-face experience that many online events make the mistake of leaving out.

The 3D experience continues with options like virtual theaters for webinars, a networking lounge, & a devoted resource bank for attendees. 

The variety of packages makes Communique Conferencing a great option for event organizers who may host multiple events each year.

Communique’s experienced Customer Success Squad, led by a dedicated event manager, will help support you every step of the way from planning to executing flawless virtual events.

Best for: Large virtual events, networking events, professional & large-scale event planners.

Capterra Rating: Not listed, although ShopperApproved rates it 4.9/5 starrs

engagez landing page

“Ideal for online sales, marketing, corporate communication, and recruiting events and professional educational destinations. Designed to encourage attendee engagement through video calls, chats, polls, notifications, surveys, Q&A, and games”

-Michael from Engagez

Summary: Engagez was founded in 2008 in the United States as an online platform to make attending a virtual event easier. Since then, they have continued to do just that, by keeping it simple & user friendly.  This platform is best used for single stream events like a product launch or live broadcast. 

Engagez offers virtual booths and lobbies for your attendees as well as chat functionality.  Features like these help boost engagement for your attendees and make them feel like they are not sitting in their living room but actually at a conference networking. 

Unfortunately there do not appear to be any direct integrations listed for this platform on the CRM side but do integrate with many webcasting solutions like WebEx and GoToMeeting, but they do offer analytics and reporting to keep track of your event on their platform.

Best for:  Networking events, single stream webinars.

Capterra Rating: No rating

hopin landing page

Hopin is designed to replicate an in-person event experience, only without the barriers of travel, venues, weather, awkward wandering, parking, and so on. With Hopin, businesses, communities, and organisations can reach their global audiences, gather in one place, and make an enormous online event feel small again.”

-Nicole from Hopin

Summary: Hopin was founded in the UK in 2019 with the initial goal of moving events online to provide a greener experience overall.  Now they are helping conferences move online with the COVID outbreak with an easy UI and quick set up times.

Hopin provides virtual meeting rooms where you can connect using YouTube live or host a stream for speakers using their native video stream platform. On the networking site they make it easy for you to set parameters like the maximum time a meeting can last and who can meet who based on ticket types.

Best For: Hybrid events, quick set up

Capterra Rating: No rating

localist landing page

Summary: Localist is a virtual event marketing software that simplifies event planning and promotion, keeping your community informed and engaged with dedicated landing pages, automated social media posts and emails, and seamless integration with video streaming services like Zoom and GoToWebinar.

Marketing, HR, and communications teams love Localist because it’s simple to use, lets you create beautiful landing pages for multiple events, and consistently brands everything you promote; simply drag and drop your elements and begin sharing. Because every event and calendar is centralized in a single dashboard, creating, publishing, managing, and promoting your events has never been easier.

Best for: Events with vendors that can benefit from lead retrieval.

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5

pathable landing page

Summary: Pathable was founded in 2007 in the United States & has grown to be a leader in the event space. On the large scale, the platform provides custom event & conference apps, trade show websites, webinars & video chatting. To break that down, Pathable offers online agendas, private meeting scheduling, gamification, exhibitor listings, lead retrieval and social networking communities, and more. 

This platform is a great option for event hosts looking to create a highly immersive experience for their virtual guests- making them almost forget that they’re taking their video meetings from their living room couch.

In addition to its multitude of features, Pathable integrates with many of the most popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Cvent, & Experient. The platform boasts easy set up and a dedicated customer support representative to help make sure that whether this is your first, or thousandth event, things go off without a hitch. 

Best For: Large budget events, easy set up

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5

Summary: RunTheWorld was founded in the United States in 2019 and although one of the newer platforms on this list, the company has some great features that put them right in the running with long-term players.

The platform boasts an incredibly simple interface & set-up, making it easy for anyone to run their own event. In addition to being able to create speakers & sessions, hosts can set up fun interactive events like virtual happy hours and intimate fireside chats with speakers.

Hosts can also browse and reach out to their attendees, making them feel welcome and engaged, even from afar!

The platform does not have any listed integrations on their site.

Best For: Networking events, interactive events, new event hosts

Capterra Rating: No rating

11. SpotMe

Summary: SpotMe was founded in 2010 in Switzerland, & focuses on improving engagement at both in-person and online events. The platform offers guest interaction through engagement apps like live video & text chat, Q&A sessions, & polls/surveys, all easily branded through the use of pre-made templates. Guests can exchange virtual business cards to connect not just with speakers & session leaders but fellow attendees, adding to the “in-person” feel if your event is completely virtual.

Allow your attendees to check out vendors from virtual booths & give those same vendors lead generation capabilities. The platform boasts its own CMS but also integrates with Salesforce, Cvent, & Veeva. You can also easily view data from a robust in-platform analytics page.

The platform offers full service & enterprise level plans, allowing you to customize your usage & support to your organization’s needs.

Best For: Fostering interactions between your attendees.

Capterra Rating: No rating

12. vFairs

vfairs landing page

Summary: If you’re looking to host virtual trade shows & conferences, vFairs is a great option. Founded in 2010 in Canada, vFairs allows attendees to visit 3D booths & interact with exhibitors via chat & video for an “in person” experience, all from the comfort of their own home. With technology that enables people to network, access content & listen to speakers from anywhere, you have all the great aspects of a conference, fair, or trade show, without having to rent a venue.

To further enhance the “in-person” aspects, the platform offers interactive tools such as audio/video/text chat, polls, webinars, & videos to drive conversation among attendees, exhibitors, & presenters.  Currently, vFairs does not list any integrations on their site. 

One of the more unique features that vFairs offers is that attendees can create “wishlists” for products from booths that they’ve visited. This makes it easy for vendors to create buyer personas & target marketing campaigns after the event concludes.

When setting up your event, a dedicated event manager from vFairs will help support you every step of the way. You can fully customize your event’s landing page, registration form & branding, making it completely your own.

Best for: Professional event hosts, Large scale conferences, trade shows & fairs

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

virtual summits software

Summary: Everything you need to run a virtual summit! Virtual Summits gives you the ability to set up an agenda for your summit & allows attendees to register for & attend virtual sessions from their own computer. Add & manage speakers, & sponsors, making it easy for your attendees to review information & learn about who is driving your event forward.

Your sponsors will enjoy an offering of different tiers on both a landing page and membership site to increase their exposure to the segments attendees they want to reach most. 

Virtual Summits also allows you to set different membership levels for your summit, so your VIPs can access certain perks & benefits that are not available to general attendees. You can even add bonuses or giveaways to certain registration levels to entice potential attendees to upgrade their membership!

Unfortunately, they do not offer any listed integrations. 

Best for: First-time event hosts.

Capterra Rating: No rating

workcast landing page

Summary: WorkCast is a UK based company founded in 2008, having done events as large as 50,000 attendees. In the way of a virtual event, WorkCast provides everything that attendees and organizers need like virtual booths and lobbies, live chat, and on demand webinars. 

Like some of the other platforms listed on this page, WorkCast offers custom branding for your event as well as social media promotion, along with robust reporting and analytics this platform is what you need to both increase and measure your engagement and reach.  

WorkCast has integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot as well as automated marketing tool Marketo. 

Best for: Networking events, easy data transfer, professional event hosts

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5

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