Virtual Event Sponsorship: Put The Focus On Exhibitors And Sponsors


Hydee Mariazeta

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Sponsors and exhibitors are vital in any virtual event. They can help offset the cost of putting on the event, or they may provide valuable resources or leads. In return, you make it possible for them to have greater exposure to their brands. 

This blog post will address how to ensure your exhibitors and sponsors are easily visible to attendees and how to make the most of their participation.

Showcase your exhibitors and sponsors in an eye-catching space on your website.

One of the best ways to highlight sponsors and exhibitors is to add their logos in prominent places on the event website. In addition, ensure that their logo and contact information are prominently displayed so that attendees can quickly get more information about them. 

Videos are also a great way of promoting them. For example, a welcome video that greets your attendees as soon as they log in or a banner video would catch their attention. You may also want to create a specific website section for sponsors and exhibitors, such as what Accelevents allows you to do. 

Provide your exhibitors and sponsors with competitive packages

Another fantastic way to highlight sponsors and exhibitors is to encourage them to join the event. Consider giving them a dedicated space in the virtual event platform. A dedicated space could either be a booth or a separate area where sponsors can showcase their products and services and even live stream! Attendees should be able to find these areas quickly, and they should be able to learn more about each sponsor or exhibitor they visit.

You can even create a special ticket for them in the registration process. For example, maybe specific tickets would allow your exhibitors and sponsors to participate in different sessions or join the lounges where they could interact with the rest of the attendees. 

Mention your exhibitors and sponsors in your emails and newsletters

You might also want to consider sending out promotional emails related to your event and feature them in your event materials. Moreover, citing them in your event materials will help ensure they get the exposure they need and deserve.

Incentivize your attendees to support your exhibitors and sponsors

Another exciting way to spotlight exhibitors and sponsors in a virtual event is to involve your attendees. For example, you can create special promotions or offer exclusive deals to attendees who visit their booths. Examples are product discounts, access to exclusive content, or you can also utilize the power of gamification to encourage engagement between them and your attendees.

Utilize the power of social media

Don't underestimate the powerful influence of tweets and hashtags. They go a long way in spreading the word about your event. For example, post a photo of you and your staff interacting with your exhibitors and sponsors or showing your team using their products. 

Consider retargeting, an advertisement strategy for those attendees who have been to your site but haven't bought their tickets yet. Make sure to include something about your exhibitors and sponsors when you send follow-up ads their way. 

If you have worked with these exhibitors and sponsors before, you can ask your most artistic team member to create eye-catching graphics to highlight the past events and add excitement to your attendees. 

Make a lasting impression

If you're looking to make a good impression on potential clients and partners at your next virtual event, be sure to take advantage of all the features available to you – especially those that will help highlight your exhibitors and sponsors. 

At Accelevents, we provide you with the right tools so you can give your exhibitors and sponsors the attention they deserve. Then, with the proper planning and execution, you can create a fascinating experience for all.

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