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Photo of 2 customizable Accelevents white-label apps for event organizers and event planners - one on an iOs device, the other on an Android device

Navigating an event can often be overwhelming for attendees. It's tough to keep up with a packed schedule and meet everyone you want to talk to. That's where a mobile event app comes in handy.

In this guide, we'll show you how a mobile event app, especially the Accelevents Attendee App, makes attending events easier and more organized.

Chapter 1: Decoding Mobile Event Apps

What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app for attendees is a smartphone or tablet app that provides access to event information and event content. It also helps attendees connect with speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and fellow attendees.

A user-friendly app significantly enhances the attendee experience by making attending an event more convenient and engaging.

Types of Event Apps

Standard or “Generic” Mobile Event Apps

You can find these mobile event apps under the brand of the app creator on the App Store and Google Play. They work well for simple events that prioritize functionality over brand promotion, delivering a dependable and effective way to inform and engage attendees.

White-Labeled Mobile Event Apps

photo of event attendee holding a white labeled app

White-labeled mobile event apps offer the functionality of a regular app but can be personalized to align with your unique branding and preferences. Instead of featuring the app creator brand, they put your brand front and center.

White-label apps are typically accessible through white-label pricing plans. Accelevents, for instance, provides a comprehensive white-label solution that includes a custom domain, white-labeled sender email, branded ticketing and registration forms, customized email invitations, confirmations, and reminders. Additionally, you get a fully white-labeled mobile app, featuring your unique name and logo on both the App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Event Apps for Admins

photo of event professional holding the Accelevents Admin app, one of the best event apps for admins, and checking registration and attendee metrics to see if the event goals are being met

These apps are designed to streamline the event management process for busy event professionals like you. Here are some of the things you can do with the Accelevents Admin app:

  • Track event registrations and attendee engagement in real time.
  • Register attendees, sell event tickets and accept payments on the spot.
  • Quickly check in attendees via QR codes or manual entry.
  • Print attendee badges directly from the app.
  • Issue safety alerts and notifications.
  • Manage sponsors and exhibitors with push notifications and live chat.

Chapter 2: Why Your Attendees Need An App

Attendees typically face a variety of hurdles:

  • Navigating the Venue: Finding your way through different halls and rooms in large conferences or trade shows can be daunting.
  • Accessing Event Information: Getting timely information about sessions, speakers, and exhibitors often involves juggling pamphlets or searching through emails.
  • Keeping Up with The Event Schedule: With multiple sessions happening simultaneously, it's easy to lose track of time and miss out on key presentations or workshops.
  • Networking Efficiently: One of the primary goals of attending events is to connect with peers, yet identifying and interacting with the right individuals can be challenging.
  • Participating Actively: Engaging in sessions through Q&As, polls, or discussions is often less than straightforward.
closeup screenshot of a hybrid event session displaying prominent sponsorship opportunities, a speaker bio and the session description

Chapter 3: The Accelevents Mobile App

An attendee app like the Accelevents Mobile App is designed to tackle the issues described earlier. Here’s how the app simplifies each aspect of the event experience:

  • Effortless Registration Updates: Attendees can update their registration details on the go.
  • Smooth Check-In: Attendees can check in by either presenting their App's unique QR code for staff scanning or by using the Self-Check-In Kiosk to scan the code themselves.
  • Streamlined Session Check-In: To check into a session, attendees have two options: 
  • ~Assisted Check-In: They can show the unique QR code stored in their App for a staff member to scan at the session entrance, or
  • ~Self-Check-In: They can use their App to scan the session QR code displayed at the door or in a presentation.
  • Up-to-date Event Information: Provide all the information attendees need about location, event sessions, speakers, exhibitor booths, and more in one convenient place.
  • Event Promotions: Use push notifications to promote speakers, sponsors, and sessions on the App.
  • Real-Time Schedules and Alerts: Real-time updates keep everyone informed and engaged.
  • Easy Event Navigation: Guide attendees through the event with a detailed venue map.
  • Effortless Agenda Management: Attendees can review the event agenda and create personalized schedules.
  • Easy Access To Event Content: Attendees can join live sessions or watch event content on demand. They can also access slides, videos, or documents.
  • Streamlined Attendee Networking: Have attendees connect and network with other event participants via chat, in-app messaging, or through 1-on-1 networking sessions. They are also able to request meetings with exhibitors and other attendees.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Attendees can participate in sessions and provide feedback with in-app features like Q&A, surveys, and live polls.
  • Gamification Features That Drive Engagement: Have attendees earn points when completing a gamification challenge.

As you can see, mobile event apps like Accelevents make life easier for attendees and enrich the overall event experience.

Chapter 4: Choosing The Right Mobile App For Your Attendees

Your chosen mobile app should perfectly fit your unique event needs and goals. Here's what to consider:

  • Functionality: Does the app offer essential features such as event schedules, session details, speaker information, and venue maps?
  • Depth of Features: Can the app handle the complexity of your event? For example: Can attendees easily view and bookmark sessions in a multi-track agenda? Is it possible for remote viewers to access a high-quality live stream of onsite sessions?
  • User Experience: Is the app user-friendly and easy to navigate for attendees of all technical levels?
  • Customization: Can the app be tailored to match your event branding and unique requirements?
  • Content Management: Is updating and managing event content within the app, including last-minute changes, easy
  • Offline Access: Can attendees access important information within the app even with limited or no internet connectivity?
  • Scalability: Can the app accommodate events of various sizes, from small gatherings to large conferences?
  • Updates and Maintenance: Is the app regularly updated and maintained to ensure compatibility and security?
  • Support: What level of customer support does the app provider offer?
  • User Training: Is there support and training available to help attendees make the most of the app's features?

Chapter 5: All About White Labeling Your Event App

The Benefits of A White Labeled Event App

White labeling your app puts your brand front and center, ensuring that your event attendees experience a seamless and on-brand journey from start to finish. If you’re new to the concept of white labeling, head over to our intro to white labeling to decide for yourself if white labeling is a brand boost or a budget drain for your next event.

How To White Label Your App

Setting up a white-label app is a breeze. You provide us with some basic info like your app's name and a few images for the store listings. If you're feeling tech-savvy, you can even use your own developer account.

Check out our support article on White Label Attendee App Requirements for all the juicy details and step-by-step instructions. It's your roadmap to making your event app truly yours without getting lost in the tech jargon.

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Very Own App?

Before you see your app shine in the stores, remember that the development process can take up to 15 business days. Patience, event pros! Approval from the App Store and Google Play can also range from 24 to 72 hours.

collage of various engagement features such as matchmaking that work on the event platform as well as the app

Chapter 6: How Apps Drive Engagement

Your event app is not just a digital brochure – it's a dynamic tool to drive engagement and make your event unforgettable. Use the app to keep attendees engaged and connected;  we've packed our app with features to do just that.

Let’s take a closer look at some key app features that can significantly boost event engagement:

Q&A Sessions

Q&A sessions offer a fantastic opportunity for attendees to delve deeper into live discussions. This feature is a favorite among participants because it enables them to pose questions without physically standing up and joining a microphone queue. Instead, they can discreetly submit their queries through the app.

Session Chats

Encourage attendees to participate in vibrant online discussions via the app, fostering a deeper level of engagement without causing interruptions for your speakers. Session chats facilitate interactions among onsite attendees and bridge the gap with those logging in remotely, creating a seamless experience where everyone feels like they're in the same room.

Gamification Features

Consider incentivizing event participation by implementing a gamification system that rewards attendees with points for checking into onsite sessions or performing other actions such as purchasing early bird tickets or joining or watching a virtual session. Attendees can easily track their point balance through the app's leaderboard.

Event & Session Feedback

Accelevents has a straightforward survey builder that makes building your own event and session surveys easy. You can distribute it via an in-app push notification to drive engagement and gather valuable feedback.

screenshot showing attendee profiles that are connections for current and future events

Chapter 7: How Apps Foster Meaningful, Long-Term Connections

Fostering meaningful and lasting connections at events is key for attendees, and our app is designed to make this process seamless and efficient. Below we explore how attendees can build and maintain valuable relationships during and beyond the event.

Event Connections That Last

At Accelevents, we ensure that event connections extend far beyond the current event, enriching your network for future gatherings hosted by the same event organizer! Here's how it all works:

The Connection Request Feature

By simply clicking the "Connect" button, attendees can easily request a connection with other event participants. Once the connection request is sent, the recipient has the option to approve it, leading to a notification confirming the connection.

Peer-To-Peer QR Code Scanning

This feature streamlines the connection process.  Event participants can just scan someone's QR code to view their profile and add them as a connection, eliminating the need to search through an attendee list.

Private Messaging

Attendees can take networking to a more personal level by sending private messages to others in the same session.

Private Meetings

Give attendees the power to schedule meetings themselves or enhance their networking experience by scheduling meetings on their behalf. All resulting meetings will be conveniently displayed in the Attendee App, ensuring a seamless networking experience.

exhibitor profile with exhibitor company description and social media channels

Chapter 7: Why A Mobile Event App Ads Value For Exhibitors

Help Exhibitors Connect With Attendees

In today's fast-paced event landscape, exhibitors seek opportunities to effectively connect and engage with attendees.  Here's how the app adds significant value for them:

Facilitate Networking

The app offers attendees the chance to connect with exhibitors beyond the physical booth visit. Attendees can explore exhibitor company details, request meetings, and engage in direct conversations, providing exhibitors with exceptional networking opportunities – a true advantage, especially when in-person booth traffic is high.

Encourage Exhibitor Booth Visits

As part of a gamification challenge, in-person attendees can earn points when they visit exhibitor booths in the app or when they let an exhibitor scan them as a lead. Attendees can easily track their point balance through the app's leaderboard, adding an element of competition and play to their event experience.

Enhance Lead Capture  

Simplify Lead Collection

Attendees can effortlessly share their contact details with exhibitors by presenting their unique QR code for scanning. This hassle-free process significantly simplifies data acquisition for exhibitors, ensuring efficient addition to their leads list.

Provide Gamification Challenges

As an added layer of engagement, in-person attendees can participate in a gamification challenge within the app. Encourage them to earn points by viewing exhibitors on the App or by allowing exhibitors to scan their QR code as a lead.

visual of offline protection screen sequence in app

Provide Mobile App Offline Protection

Picture this: your event is in full swing, exhibitors are eager to collect leads, and then, the internet connection drops. No need to panic! In such situations, exhibitors can rely on their app's "Go Offline Mode" feature. They have the option to select either Manual Capture or QR Capture.

With Manual Capture, exhibitors can manually input lead details, ensuring no valuable information is lost during connectivity issues. On the other hand, QR Capture allows exhibitors to easily scan attendees' QR codes, instantly populating their name and email, requiring only additional information to be filled in.

The best part is that when the connection returns, captured leads sync automatically within 5 minutes!

And hey, if attendees using the Attendee App face connectivity hiccups, they also get an offline page with access to event details. While offline, they can't do much else, but it's still handy!

screenshot of Accelevents mobile app and Accelevents on desktop combined, to illustrate our all-in-one event planning and event management platform for onsite and virtual events

Chapter 8: The Value of Mobile Event Apps

Attending large conferences and trade shows can be exhausting, especially for those who frequent numerous events each year. It's often challenging to navigate these events and make meaningful connections within a limited timeframe. As event organizers, your goal is to ensure attendees have a seamless and stress-free experience and the opportunity to establish lasting and valuable relationships.

This is where mobile event apps like Accelevents play a crucial role. They are designed to simplify event navigation and provide a platform for attendees to connect and foster meaningful connections. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in elevating your next in-person event and making it more enjoyable for your attendees. We'd love to give you a demo!

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