Top 8 Virtual Meeting Platforms

The Top 8 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms

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With the surge of virtual meeting platforms, and various custom meeting options, businesses are now relying on such innovative meeting solutions to amplify networking, work-from-home options, staying connected, and increasing operational efficiency in the new meeting and business landscape.

What are Online or Virtual Meeting Platforms?

Virtual and in-person events and meetings are a great way to connect with your loyal customers, make new ones, and grow your brand. But, to be successful, you need virtual meeting platforms that support growth acceleration and event goals. With the increased popularity of virtual and in-person events alongside a growing number of available event software tools, choosing the right platform for your next event can be a real challenge. To help you decide which is the best virtual meeting platform that is right for your next event, we’ve reviewed the top 8 in 2021:

Best Virtual Meeting Platforms

1. Accelevents

Accelevents Virtual Conference Platform

As an all-in-one virtual, hybrid and in-person event management platform, event organizers can host exquisite events and empower human connections with Accelevents. A leading virtual meeting platform, Accelevents is more than just a hosting solution; instead, it inspires brands to grow loyal communities and drive sustainable growth. This leading virtual meeting and event marketing platform has redefined how brands connect with audiences. All of the platform features are user-friendly and both interactive and customizable. Primary features include:

The platform’s focus on growth acceleration means that lead generation and sales strategies are continuously optimized to your campaign needs.

  • Utilize additional features like the in-depth analytic reports, the expo hall, sponsorship capabilities, attendee engagement features, gamification, flexible pricing (pay only for the attendees who show up), a white label solution, and 24/7 customer support.
  • Host a hybrid(in-person + virtual) or online conference, summit, educational seminar, team building event, career fair, or festival. The event management platform is top-rated amongst its peers for hosting virtual meetings, and was recently validated by  G2, as having the “Highest Quality of Support” and the “Easiest to Do Business With”.

With a growing list of loyal clients, Growth Blazers are the latest company to use the virtual meeting platform to host their annual Growth Innovate Conference. Apart from achieving several success metrics, their two-day conference generated more than 6,500 registrations, 2,500 attendees, 900 leads, and 160 new membership sign-ups.

2. Airmeet

Airmeet virtual meeting platform

Pegged as one of Growjo’s fastest-growing companies in the world, Airmeet provides event organizers with a top-of-the-line event management platform with the ability to host sponsorships, extensive networking opportunities, and live events.

  • Easy-to-use virtual meeting platform designed around the core principles of networking and connecting.
  • Primary features include one-on-one speed networking, networking tables, and live chats for all members.
  • Zapier integrations, which means that you can do just about anything through Zap for a more customized experience.

Airmeet is a little different from platforms like Accelevents or Eventcube in that it allows for more integrations to customize how you interact with the product. Integrate your Stripe account for seamless ticketing sales, and then integrate your live stream with a connected Youtube account, LinkedIn account, Facebook, or Twitter profile.

3.  Eventcube

Event Cube Virtial Meeting Platform

Launched in 2014, Eventcube has drastically broadened its features to include more than white label event ticketing. Eventcube offers ticketing, registration, event management, and more for a range of industries. Their virtual meeting platform has live streaming, hosting, live chat, virtual networking, and more on their easy-to-access platform. Some features include:

  • With its Virtual Venue product, it can be designed to reflect the event type. It has multiple networking rooms, the ability to live stream, one-to-one messaging, and keynote presentations.
  • Private messaging
  • Private 1-to-1 video conferencing in breakout rooms
  • Live chat for all attendees
  • Social media integrations, like LinkedIn
  • Built-in event registration and online event ticketing
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • In-house live stream with production assistance

In addition to Virtual Venue, Eventcube also has its Broadcast product, an alternative live streaming product that helps streamline your event ticketing and online event process. Broadcast is essentially a stripped-down, self-service streaming product designed to be plugged into a stream in-store (at a physical location) and then set up to be streamed to a global audience. This improves the video streaming quality experience while also providing ways for online audiences to connect with the stream.

4. Zoom

Zoom Virtual Meeting Platform

One of the most popular video conferencing platforms for businesses, Zoom is another ideal candidate for hosting your virtual event. Zoom is commonly used for business meetings during work-from-home, but it can also be helpful for a hosted conference. Zoom has the capability of hosting 500 attendees, many of whom would likely be comfortable with the platform. Zoom’s notable features include:

  • Live chat
  • Polling
  • Q&A sessions
  • Raise hand feature
  • The ability for the meeting host to control who can appear on-screen
  • The ability to host several smaller sessions in breakout rooms

While Zoom is not a comprehensive virtual meeting platform, it has proven reliable and is an excellent choice for smaller business meetings.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting Platform

Microsoft Teams is another great option as a virtual meeting platform.

  • Like Zoom, businesses use Microsoft Teams for remote meetings, smaller remote summits, and video conferencing.
  • With Teams, you can easily host up to 100 people for the basic license and 500+ attendees for large virtual events.

If you’re thinking of hosting a small gathering, Microsoft Teams would be a useful virtual meeting platform.

6. Orbits

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then you may want to try out Orbits. Orbits is an augmented reality space that creates a mini, virtual world for your online event. Think of it like the Sims but for your virtual event!

  • By creating a unique, augmented reality space, your guests can interact with each other “physically” while online. You can move throughout the entire virtual event hall, from the virtual sessions to a pool, dining room, buffet, and so on.
  • A great option for attendee engagement. Brands have the option of adding in sponsors in the little virtual walls or naming locations based on sponsors.
  • You can also add in gamification features so that your attendees, sponsors, and presenters get the most bang for your buck.

In addition to this unique augmented reality space, some of the features that Orbits offers include:

  • 1:1 meeting spaces
  • Virtual booths
  • Virtual stages
  • Breakout sessions
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Virtual coffee machines
  • Keynote presentations

With this type of virtual meeting platform, there is the ability to host auxiliary events, like wine tastings or beer flights. You can also host entertainment like music and relaxation sessions.

7. Intrado

Intrado Virtual Meeting Platform

A customizable, virtual meeting platform, Intrado offers booth designs, real-time analytics reporting, and more for enterprise-level virtual events. One of the cool things about Intrado is that the platform is still accessible even months after the event. So the platform continues to host the sessions and data that was there, and your event goers can stay connected through the live chat features. Intrado is one of the highest-rated platforms for sponsorship and customizability. Features include:

  • Extensive virtual sponsorship and booth designs
  • Chat functionality
  • Video content syndication
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Available on-demand
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Gamification
  • Multilingual support

Intrado has been used by some major companies, like CNBC, PegaWorld, and Amazon Web Services.  

8. ON24

On24 Virtual Meeting Platform

ON24 is another very popular virtual meeting platform. ON24 is primarily known for its webinar capabilities, but it has the possibility of hosting up to 5,000 people! ON24 is ideal for large events, and it provides attendees with the capability of networking and engaging with all of these attendees. This meeting platform is completely customizable, and you can sync data to marketing automation systems. If you’re looking for an enterprise solution, then ON24 may be a good bet for you. It has

  • Breakout rooms
  • Multilingual support
  • Networking
  • Gamification
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Marketing automation and other integrations
  • Extensive support

Use ON24 alongside trusted partners like SAP, Intel, and Siemens.

Hosting a Successful Event With a Comprehensive Virtual Meeting Platform

If you are looking for a platform for hosting an online meeting for your business, you can easily go with a video chat platform like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or even Google Meet. However, if you are looking to improve the event experience, or you want a platform you can rely on, then you should try to find a reliable virtual meeting platform with engagement tools. The Accelevents virtual platform provides comprehensive event hosting. Accelevents is perfect for hosting your next virtual or in-person summit or conference. With the ability to host an exhibitor booth and breakout session rooms, Accelevents is also great for virtual and hybrid trade shows with leading features for improved audience engagement, capturing data from each event attendee, marketing the event, ticketing sales, direct sales, sponsorship, and more. Book a free demo today!

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