review of Accelevents’ all-in-one event software and eleven other Cvent alternatives for virtual events, in-person events and hybrid events

12 Best Cvent Alternatives for Easier Event Management in 2024

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Looking for the best Cvent alternatives in 2024?

Well, you've just found the most in-depth guide on Cvent alternatives there is.

Cvent was a market leader for a long time; however, as new event platforms emerge and existing ones evolve, more and more people are looking for Cvent alternatives that will make their lives easier and less stressful.

The reasons for that are many (we'll go over them in a second), but rest assured: Here, you'll find everything you need to pick the right Cvent alternative for your specific needs and wants.
So, without further ado, let's get started.

Why Consider Cvent Alternatives?

Before we go into a full review of Cvent alternatives, let's quickly go over why people are looking for another event management software in the first place.  

Navigating Cvent Can Be Tricky

The first big reason people start looking for alternatives to Cvent is how tricky it can be to navigate the platform.

It's not just you feeling this way.

Many users have pointed out that Cvent's interface can be pretty confusing and not the friendliest to use, as you can see in reviews like these from G2:

- “The UI can be complex and somewhat hectic at times.”

- “It's worth mentioning that there is a learning curve, which could be a challenge for some users.”

- “There are times when the language used for features is not intuitive, and I have to research what they mean.”

Despite these, Cvent's software platform has many features that are really helpful once you get the hang of it.

But getting to that point can take some time and effort.

And that is why the Cvent learning curve is a reason to look for simpler event management options.

Limited Customizing and Tough Data Handling

Another big reason folks start looking for alternatives to Cvent?

Event organizers struggle with customizations.

Users have shared that customization options in Cvent can feel limited, that is, unless you have consultants and IT departments lending you a helping hand.

- “I'd love to see more options for customizing widgets and graphics.”
- “I dislike the lack of customization for the website, for example. It is very minimal and it would be nice to add more features that would make it more engaging.”

This can be frustrating when you're trying to tailor things to fit your specific needs.

And then there's the data part.

Say you've got information that you need to get into Cvent.

Users have described importing this data as anything but a walk in the park.

- “Importing information within Cvent can be difficult, as they require very specific information/formats. If you don't get it right the first time, it can be cumbersome to figure out what is needed.”

Despite these gripes, Cvent is a comprehensive platform. They constantly update their event platform and system, hoping to smooth out these rough edges for better in-person, virtual, and hybrid event management.

But for some, the wait and workarounds just aren't worth it.

High Costs

When choosing event management software, it's impossible to ignore the elephant in the room: Cvent’s price tag.

Many have echoed the sentiment that Cvent can be a heavy hitter on the budget.

- “The cost is hard with a university budget. I wish there were a cheaper option if you do free events to discount things a bit.”

- “I've noted that expenses can sometimes run high, particularly when dealing with certain features.”

- “We have found the costs to be a bit high at times. This is in particular for Social Tables and when we have had to renegotiate contracts.”

From the get-go, event setup fees are part of the deal, and that's just the beginning​​.

As you delve deeper into Cvent, you'll find that some of the features you hoped to include may come with additional costs, which can add up quickly.

This can be a tough pill to swallow for smaller events or organizations keeping a tight rein on their budget.

Despite these challenges, Cvent remains a powerful event management software for those who can navigate its costs and are willing to tolerate a longer implementation cycle.

But for others, these hurdles are enough to start looking for Cvent alternatives, where the balance between functionality, ease of use, and affordability aligns more closely with their needs and expectations.

What You Should Look For in The Best Cvent Alternative?

Now that we've unpacked the reasons even you might be scouting for Cvent alternatives, it's time to hone in on what you should be looking for in a Cvent replacement.

Let's take a look together.

Ease of Use

What is the first thing to look for in a new event management platform?

How easy it is to use.

You don't want to spend hours figuring out how to set up your event or scratching your head over complex features on a platform that’s not intuitive.

The ideal Cvent alternative is straightforward from the get-go.

Imagine logging in and intuitively knowing where to click, what to do next, and how to get your event off the ground without a hitch.

That's the simplicity you should aim for - an event tool that lets you focus on the event rather than how to use their software.

Flexibility and Customization

Next up, flexibility and customization.

Your event is unique, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all software?

Look for a platform that lets you tweak and twist features to suit your event's specific vibe and needs.

Whether branding the event pages with your colors and logo or customizing event registration forms to gather the exact attendee info you need, the best Cvent alternative gives you the creative freedom to make your event yours.

Affordability Without Compromising Features

Affordability is key, but not at the expense of essential features.

The sweet spot?

An event management platform that offers you the bells and whistles you need to create an engaging and memorable event without breaking the bank.

It should provide a transparent pricing model where you know exactly what you're paying for and find options that scale with your event's size and complexity.

This balance ensures you invest wisely in software that delivers value without draining your budget.

Reliable Customer Support and Maintenance

Last but not least, you’ll need reliable customer support and maintenance.

Unexpected issues can arise, especially with virtual and hybrid events, but having a friendly support team ready to assist can significantly impact your experience and attendee engagement.

The best Cvent alternative backs you up with responsive, helpful support, whether it's through live chat, phone, or email.

Additionally, regular updates and maintenance should ensure the event platform stays up to date with the latest features and security measures, keeping you at the forefront of event technology.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best 12 Cvent Alternatives

Finding the best Cvent alternatives was no easy feat. We took a meticulous approach to ensure we recommend the event management solutions that truly deliver. Here's the essence of our Cvent alternative criteria:

Feature-Rich Platforms

We selected event management platforms loaded with features that simplify event planning, enhance attendee engagement, and provide sharp analytics. Our focus was on tools that offer innovative solutions, not just the basics.

User Reviews and Feedback

What better way to gauge a platform's worth than hearing from those who've walked the walk?

We sifted through user reviews, testimonials, and feedback across various forums and sites to see the real-world performance of these event platforms, highlighting their strengths and and weaknesses.

Endorsements from Independent Research

Independent research and tech analysis provided an unbiased comparison of features, usability, and value, guiding our selections to ensure we recommend the best event management platform.

Recommendations from Event Technology Experts

Lastly, we tapped into the wisdom of event technology experts.

These are the folks who've seen it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly of event management software.

Their recommendations, borne out of years of experience in the events industry, helped us identify which Cvent alternatives truly deserve your attention.

Through this process, we've curated a list of the 12 best Cvent alternatives for easier event management in 2024.

Each brings something unique to the table, ensuring a perfect match for every need and every event planner.

12 Best Cvent Alternatives for Easier Event Management in 2024

Now that we've covered everything you need to know before diving into your search for the perfect event management platform let's take a closer look at the 12 best Cvent alternatives for easier event management in 2024.

These event platforms have been carefully selected to meet and exceed your expectations, offering a blend of simplicity, power, and affordability.

Whether you're organizing a small workshop or a large-scale conference, you'll find software that suits your needs among these top picks.

So, let's get started and explore what each of these Cvent alternatives has to offer.

1# Cvent Alternative - Accelevents

key features of Cvent alternative Accelevents, an onsite and virtual event platform for conferences, trade shows, expos, fundraisers, and seminars that streamlines the event planning process for companies and non-profits worldwide

Kicking things off at the top of our Cvent alternatives list is Accelevents.

Accelevents is an end-to-end event management platform created to make everything about organizing events, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, easy and stress-free.

Think of it as your go-to tool, kind of like what HubSpot is for marketing, but for events.

Setting Accelevents up? Easy.

Customizing it? Just as easy.

Using it? You guessed it, easy.

It's built to be the one place where you can manage your event without breaking a sweat.

From start to finish, it lets you handle everything from creating cool landing pages for your event to setting up ticketing and registration.

Plus, it's super easy to check people in, whether they're showing up in person or logging in online, and you can even make and print badges on the spot.

One of the best things about Accelevents?

It puts you in control.

No need to spend extra on hiring someone to help you set the platform up or waste hours on the phone with support trying to figure things out.

It's designed to be user-friendly, so you can tweak and adjust things exactly how you want, giving a smooth experience not just for you but also for everyone coming to your event.

Let's talk about some of the cool features.

First, there's the speedy check-in process.

Nobody likes waiting in long lines, right?

With Accelevents, you can quickly get people through the door thanks to self-check-in kiosks with built-in badge printing.

Badges are straightforward to design and print out. They look professional, making your event feel a bit more special.

Building an event website is a piece of cake, too.

You have total control over the design, and with drag-and-drop tools, you don't need to know anything about coding. Just drag, drop, and you're good to go.

Organizing your event agenda?

Super easy.

Whether you've got a handful of sessions or hundreds, you can set it all up in a way that makes sense and is easy for your attendees to follow.

Lastly, there's a mobile app that's really handy.

The app lets attendees manage their schedule, network with others, and stay updated with any changes.

Plus, checking in is very easy, with a unique QR code assigned to each event participant.

And when it comes to support, Accelevents really shines.

They're known for offering the best support in the industry.

This means you can rely on them to help you whenever you need it, ensuring that your event runs smoothly without any stress.

So, in short, Accelevents is here to take the headache out of event management.

It's got everything you need to make your event a hit, all in one place, making things way easier for you and everyone involved.

Interested in seeing the detailed Cvent vs Accelevents comparison? Just click on the link; we’ve already prepared that for you.

And if you prefer to run part of your event management on Cvent, here’s how Accelevents integrates with it.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Ease of Use: Accelevents is about getting things done without a hassle. Users love how straightforward it is to navigate the platform, making event management far less stressful and easier.
  • Fantastic Customer Service: Accelevents' friendly team is there when you need a hand. They frequently get a thumbs-up for their quick and helpful support.
  • Affordability: Keeping costs down while hosting a top-notch event? Yes, please. Users have highlighted how Accelevents offers great value, making it accessible for events of all sizes.

What Users Dislike:

  • Attendee App: User feedback suggested that the attendee app needed enhancements to fully meet their expectations. Accelevents took this to heart, and the attendee app has since evolved from a point of weakness to a strength.
  • Session Check-in and Checkout: User feedback also highlighted a need for robust session check-in and checkout tools. Accelevents responded positively to this by introducing multiple ways to accomplish session check-in and checkout, enhancing the event organizer's ability to keep track of session attendance in real time.
  • Academic Conference Management: For those organizing academic conferences, it's crucial to have a robust system for managing abstracts, papers, and complex scheduling. While Accelevents excels in many areas, it might not fully meet the specific needs for deep and complex abstract management systems that some academic conferences require. This is an area where specialized academic conference management tools might be more suited.


  • G2 Score: 4.8 (101 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8 (148 reviews)

Integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Cvent, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Intercom, just to name a few.

Pricing Plans:

  • Professional: Starting from $5,000
  • Business: Starting from $12,000
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote
  • White label: Contact for a quote

2# Cvent Alternative - Whova

Whova has an event platform and mobile event app for iPhone and Android mobile devices

Next up on our Cvent alternatives list, we have Whova.

This event platform is all about making your event not just another date on the calendar but something people talk about.

Whova brings a fresh vibe to events, helping you draw in the crowd and keep them engaged.

And let's not forget, it's a huge time-saver for event organizers.

With Whova, you get an event app to engage your attendees while on the go.

Then there's the online registration that's a breeze, event marketing tools that pack a punch, and event management features that help you reduce your workload.

For speakers, Whova is a suitable choice as well.

They get to use cool templates to show off their sessions, bios, and photos.

And to keep everyone connected, there are polls, surveys, and chat boards.

Plus, live and pre-recorded sessions make sure no one misses out.

Marketing your event is easy with Whova.

Create social media buzz, schedule posts, and get insights on what's working.

Whova is also good at making your event look professional and trendy.

Badges, event check-ins, and a speaker hub - everything's designed to make your event run smoothly.

And if you need help, their customer service is always ready to assist, even on weekends and holidays.

In short, Whova is a good choice if you're looking for a Cvent alternative that's easy to use, enriches the attendee experience, and simplifies event management.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Very Intuitive: Users find Whova easy to navigate. It’s like walking into a room where everything is exactly where you expect it to be.
  • Streaming Quality: The video streams are smooth as silk. Watching a session is as enjoyable as binge-watching your favorite series.
  • Networking Features: The networking capabilities of Whova, allowing attendees to easily connect, schedule meetings, and exchange information, are highly valued.

What Users Dislike:

  • Update Messages Overload: Users get a bit swamped with update notifications.
  • Outdated Interface: The platform's look feels a bit like a throwback to earlier times. Users think it could use a style upgrade to match its cool features.
  • Repetitive Entry for Multi-role Participants: The necessity to enter individuals multiple times if they had multiple roles (e.g., speaker, sponsor, exhibitor) was considered inefficient and cumbersome.


  • G2 Score: 4.8 (1,327 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8 (1,978 reviews)

Integrations: Cvent, Eventbrite, RegFox, and other CRMs and tools via Zapier

Pricing Plans: Contact for a quote

3# Cvent Alternative - Pheedloop

cloud-based Pheedloop is suitable for all types of events making it a valid Cvent alternative

Moving on, we have another great Cvent alternative: Pheedloop.

Pheedloop is an end-to-end event management platform that has everything you need to manage events.

From event ticket sales and sign-ups to live streaming and chatting face-to-face online.

What's cool about Pheedloop is that it ensures no one yawns during your event.

With live polls and games, it's like having a secret weapon to make sure everyone's having a good time. It’s also great for trade shows and conferences, making sure speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors get the spotlight they deserve.

Whether you're with a school, a government group, or any organization,

Pheedloop has got your back.

It's easy on the wallet while being big on features, making sure everyone can pay and sign up without a hitch, and letting your event shine both online and off.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Very straightforward: People find PheedLoop really straightforward. Everything is right where you expect it to be, making it easy to jump in and start using.
  • Customizable: Users love that they can change things up to make their event feel special. It gives them the freedom to make their event look just the way they want.
  • All-in-One Spot: PheedLoop is like a big toolbox for your event. Everything you need, from planning to party time, is right there.

What Users Dislike

  • Zoom Integration Can Be Tricky: Some folks find linking up with Zoom a bit clunky. It's like trying to change the TV channel with an old remote – sometimes, you have to hit it a few times.
  • Some Glitches and Limits: Occasionally, users encounter minor issues or find they can't do everything they'd like with the design.
  • Takes Time to Set Up: Getting started with PheedLoop can take some time. Especially for new users, there's a learning curve, and some wish for more precise and better video instructions or more prominent visuals to help along the way.


  • G2 Score: 4.8 (319 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8 (8 reviews)

Integrations: Integrations available via Zapier

Pricing Plans: Contact for a quote

4# Cvent Alternative - Bizzabo

Bizzabo offers comprehensive event management features for events ranging from expos to webinars

Let's dive into another top Cvent alternative for managing your events: Bizzabo.

Imagine having one tool that handles all the big and tricky parts of organizing your events.

That's Bizzabo for you.

It’s like your event-planning buddy that helps you handle everything from small meetups to huge conferences, whether they are in the real world, online, or a mix of both.

Everything from setting up your event to making it easy for people to connect, buy tickets, and even get insights on how well your event did is all there.

Thanks to its easy interface, Bizzabo is a dream for event organizers, letting you tick off tasks from anywhere.

Need to get people checked in, gather feedback, manage your contacts, or promote on social media?

Bizzabo has you covered.

It even takes care of the nitty-gritty like badge printing, keeping an eye on attendees, and making sure your event website is top-notch.

With Bizzabo, it's about making every event feel like it's the only one that matters.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Good Customer Support: When you need help, you get it. The support team communicates well and solves problems. (Which wasn’t really the case till recently)
  • Smooth Registration, Post-Setup: It might take a bit to set everything up, but once done, registering people for events works smoothly.
  • Dashboard Clarity: The dashboard makes managing events straightforward. Everything is organized and easy to find.

What Users Dislike:

  • Not Very Intuitive: Some users find Bizzabo hard to understand at first. Learning how to use it can take some time.
  • No Training for New Users: If you're new to Bizzabo, you're on your own. There isn't much guidance or training to get you started.


  • G2 Score: 4.4 (310 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.5 (128 reviews)

Integrations: Open API plus direct integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce

Pricing Plans:

  • Essential: Contact for a quote
  • Premium: Contact for a quote
  • Unleash: Contact for a quote
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

5# Cvent Alternative - Stova (Formerly Meetingplay & Aventri)

Stova has comprehensive features ranging from registration and ticketing to audience engagement tools

Stova steps up as a strong Cvent alternative in the event management game, making organizing events feel less like a chore and more like a smooth ride.

It's built for those who dive deep into making events memorable, from the big picture to the tiny details.

With Stova, you're equipped to tackle everything event-related.

Planning, email campaigns, registrations, and keeping everyone engaged on the day - Stova handles it all.

But, Stova isn't just about managing event workflows, it's also about connecting people.

Before the event, you can start the buzz, getting people excited and involved.

It's also tech-savvy, offering live streams and interactive features without needing extra downloads, plus easy-to-customize apps to keep your brand in the spotlight.

Behind the scenes, Stova plays nice with big names like HubSpot and Salesforce, which helps keep everything flowing smoothly.

In a nutshell, Stova offers a complete toolkit for bringing your event to life, engaging your audience, and making every moment count.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Custom Reports: Users appreciate the depth of Stova's reporting capabilities, allowing for detailed insights into nearly every aspect of their events.
  • Responsive Customer Service: The support team at Stova gets high marks for being there when you need them, ready with solutions and quick responses.

What Users Dislike:

  • Price Tag: Some find Stova to be pricey, feeling that the cost might not always match the value they're getting.
  • Feels a Bit Old: There's feedback that Stova could use a refresh. Users mention that it seems a bit behind the times, lacking some of the newer, more modern features.


  • G2 Score: 4.2 (167 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.3 (81 reviews)

Integrations: API plus direct integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce

Pricing Plans: Contact for a quote

6# Cvent Alternative - Hubilo

Hubilo is a solid Cvent alternative that streamlines event attendee management and registrations

Hubilo jumps in as a fresh pick among Cvent alternatives.

Think of it as your go-to for not just any event but for ones that actually help your business grow.

Whether it's a virtual internal meet-up, a big online conference, or a regular webinar, Hubilo's got your back.

It's got everything you'd want to pull off an event without any hurdles:

- tools for making your brand pop

- ways to keep everyone hooked,

- insights to see how you're doing,

- and even smooth ways to show off your stuff to the world.

Plus, Hubilo isn't just there for the show.

It’s available 24/7 with a team ready to help make your event a hit from start to finish.

All of this makes Hubilo a great alternative to Cvent for anyone looking to make their online events unique and compelling.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Great Help When It’s Needed: People appreciate the help they get from Hubilo, saying the support team is always ready to solve problems.
  • Fun and Engaging: Users like talking, hanging out in special rooms, or meeting up one-on-one.
  • Easy to Make Friends: The platform makes chatting and meeting simple, almost like being at an onsite event.

What Users Dislike:

  • Too Busy: Sometimes, there’s just too much going on, making it hard to find what you need.
  • No Spot for Sponsors: It’s tricky to show off sponsors, which is a bit of a letdown.
  • Needs More Templates: A few more ready-made designs would help a lot when making web pages.


  • G2 Score: 4.6 (435 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.6 (152 reviews)

Integrations: Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Kahoot, Slido, API and Zapier

Pricing Plans:

  • Webinar+: Starting from $10,000/year
  • Webinar Multiply: Starting from $15,000/year

7# Cvent Alternative - Swoogo

Swoogo is an end-to-end event management platform that includes everything from email marketing to post-event surveys

Swoogo emerges as a no-nonsense Cvent alternative for streamlining event management.

It’s designed for functionality, enabling event organizers to connect participants across the globe efficiently.

This platform simplifies the entire event process, from registration and scheduling to analyzing outcomes, without the fluff.

With Swoogo, creating an event website, automating emails, and managing sponsor and speaker content becomes straightforward, thanks to its intuitive tools.

Swoogo distinguishes itself with robust customization options and seamless integration capabilities, making it a reliable addition to any marketing technology stack. Its pricing model puts control back in the hands of organizers.

Essentially, Swoogo is crafted by event professionals for event professionals, prioritizing efficiency and support over unnecessary complexity.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Effortless Reporting: Pulling reports is a snap, saving time and hassle for organizers.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates keep the platform fresh and responsive to user needs.

What Users Dislike:

  • Video Integration Hurdles: Embedding decorative background videos requires specific formats, while simpler embedding options like YouTube links are easier but limited.
  • Extra Costs for Templates: Accessing a broader selection of templates for agendas or speaker pages often means additional purchases, which can be a downside for some.


  • G2 Score: 4.9 (120 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.9 (36 reviews)

Integrations: Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zoom, Pigeonhole Live, SpotMe, Google Analytics, and Campaign Monitor, just to name a few. API is also available.

Pricing Plans:

  • One User: $11.800/year
  • Three Users: $16,500/year
  • Five Users: $26,000/year
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

8# Cvent Alternative - Webex Events (formerly Socio)

Webex is a valid Cvent alternative with somewhat scarce onboarding and support, but good video conference features

Webex Events steps into the ring as a versatile Cvent alternative for handling any event you've got planned, whether it's in-person, virtual, or a mix of both.

This platform is all about making event management straightforward.

Most folks find they can run it on their own, but there's always a dedicated expert on standby to help smooth out any wrinkles.

From creating a custom event app to building online communities that keep folks engaged year-round, Webex Events has the tools you need.

It covers all bases - registration, mobile apps, event check-ins, and even making your event look slick with its production studio.

Plus, with features for tickets, schedules, live streams, fun engagement tricks, and insights into how your event's doing, it's geared up to make your onsite, virtual, or hybrid events flourish beyond expectations.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Loads of Easy-to-Use Features: Webex excels with its comprehensive set of simple features, whether you're behind the scenes organizing or attending up front.
  • Perfect Fit Customization: Customization and personalization on this platform align perfectly with user expectations, enhancing the overall event experience.

What Users Dislike:

  • Seeking Direct Help Can Be Challenging: When you need quick, direct assistance, sometimes your only path is to check the help or FAQ pages, which might not always solve the issue promptly.


  • G2 Score: 4.7 (561 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8 (207 reviews)

Integrations: TypeForm, Remo, Zoom, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Zapier, Cvent, RegOnline, Google Analytics, and Miro, just to name a few.

Pricing Plans (Pricing is based on the number of attendees per year so we’ll cover only a few):

  • 100: $999 annually
  • 500: $4,500 annually
  • 1,500: $10,500 annually
  • 5.000: $22,500 annually
  • 10,000: $35,000 annually

9# Cvent Alternative - RainFocus

Rainfocus is an enterprise event platform which serves as a strong Cvent alternative

If you're hunting for a Cvent alternative built for the big leagues, RainFocus might just be your ticket.

This platform is ideal for hefty events like annual conferences and trade shows, especially if you're playing in the enterprise field.

With RainFocus, you're not just organizing an event - you're crafting personalized experiences.

It combines registration, handling exhibitors, and managing content in a way that's easy to navigate.

This means you can create events that truly resonate with attendees, providing personalized touches that make a difference.

Plus, RainFocus makes it easier for exhibitors to stand out and generate leads, ensuring that your event is a win-win for everyone involved.

Whether in-person, online, or a mix of both, RainFocus turns your event into a powerful opportunity for engagement and insights.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Focused on Success: RainFocus puts a big spotlight on customer success, making sure your event hits all its goals.
  • Highly Configurable: Flexibility is key with RainFocus. It lets you tweak and tune the event setup to match your exact needs.

What Users Dislike:

  • Exported Reports Lack Polish: Users note that while you can get your data out, the exported reports could use a bit more finesse in formatting.


  • G2 Score: 4.6 (40 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4 (1 review)

Integrations: Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Domo, Spreedly, DocuSign, Braindate, Slack,, Zoom, and many others.

Pricing Plans: Contact for a quote

10# Cvent Alternative - Splash

Splash has weaker features for in person events and virtual events than other Cvent contenders such as Rainfocus

Let's dive into Splash, another player on the field for those eyeing alternatives to Cvent.

This platform may have a slimmer feature set than the heavyweight Cvent, but it punches above its weight for most needs.

Splash shines in event marketing, helping you smoothly pull off virtual, live, or hybrid events.

This Cvent alternative makes attendee management and email communication as simple as possible, all while keeping your workflow slick and compliant with privacy laws.

Need custom invites or registration forms?

Splash saves the day with personalizable templates.

Plus, its mobile-friendly nature means guests can sign up from anywhere, anytime.

Though it might be a tad pricier for some, Splash's focus on event marketing and ease of integration with other tools make it a contender worth considering, especially if event promotion is your thing.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Polished Finish: With Splash, your events look top-notch, giving off that polished vibe every time.
  • Helpful & Fast Support: When questions pop up, Splash’s customer service is on the ball, providing quick and useful answers.

What Users Dislike:

  • No Instant Help: Stuck in a bind? You can’t reach out directly via chat or phone in emergencies, only ticket submissions here.
  • Integration Hiccups: Sometimes, meshing Splash with other tools doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d hope, leading to a few bumps in the road.


  • G2 Score: 4.4 (325 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.7 (53 reviews)

Integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier, Zoom, Eloqua, Slack, HubSpot, and many others.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free
  • Pro: Contact for a quote
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

11# Cvent Alternative - vFairs

Before we dive into this Cvent alternative, picture this: 3D venues so lifelike, you almost believe you're there.

Is that possible?

Yeah, with vFairs.

vFairs is a playground for tech-savvy event planners.

It's where events come to life online, making you feel right in the middle of the action.

From webinars that engage to virtual booths that fascinate and event networking spaces that connect, vFairs brings it all.

Hosting a big hybrid conference or a small in-person meet-up?

No worries. vFairs adjusts, fitting any event size perfectly.

Their mobile app makes everything smoother, from quick event check-ins to effortless networking.

Behind all this, vFairs' smart tools and a super supportive customer service team make sure you focus on wowing your audience.

Simplified, streamlined, and supportive - vFairs is all about making your event unforgettable, minus the hassle.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Simplicity at Its Best: vFairs makes everything simple. It's designed so anyone can use it without getting lost.
  • Great Support: The support team at vFairs is really good. They help a lot and make sure you're happy with everything.

What Users Dislike:

  • Signing In Can Be Tricky: Some attendees find the sign-in process less than straightforward, needing a nudge to download and follow instructions correctly.
  • A Dash More Personality, Please: Users feel the visual experience could be customized more. The idea is to make virtual booths and spaces even more engaging by adding personal touches that mirror real-life interactions more closely.


  • G2 Score: 4.7 (1,588 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8 (510 reviews)

Integrations: Stripe, PayPal, Kudo, ChatGPT, Slido, Restream, Eloqua, HubSpot, plus many others

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic Annual License: Contact for a quote
  • Premium Annual License: Contact for a quote
  • Enterprise Annual License: Contact for a quote
  • Customized Plans: Available for all event types and goals

12# Cvent Alternative - Eventbrite

Eventbrite is for ticketing events what Hopin is for internal events - a powerful tool for sourcing the maximum event of eyeballs possible

Last but not least: Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is a straightforward choice for those looking into Cvent alternatives.

It's a platform that makes event planning and ticket selling easy.

Whether you're setting up a concert, a festival, or a workshop, Eventbrite has the tools to get your tickets out there and your event on the map.

While it's a champ at handling event ticket sales, with features for sending out invites, keeping track of RSVPs, and selling tickets online, it does miss out on some extras like direct attendee engagement and networking tools.

Using Eventbrite means you also get to keep an eye on how sales are going in real time, which is great for tracking attendance and managing your budget. Plus, its mobile app helps manage your event on the go and scans tickets at the door.

Eventbrite excels by focusing on what it does best: helping you promote, manage, and sell tickets to your event with a customizable setup that suits your style.

What Users Particularly Like:

  • Simple Designing: People love how easy it is to set up their event pages, making everything look just right without much hassle.
  • Easy Sharing: Spreading the word about your event is super simple, helping you effortlessly reach more people.

What Users Dislike:

  • Browser Warnings: Sometimes, web browsers mistakenly label Eventbrite as risky, which can make people hesitant to sign up for your event.
  • Limited Features and Support: Users wish for more features and better customer support to help navigate any challenges.


  • G2 Score: 4.3 (762 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.6 (4,974 reviews)

Integrations: API and Zapier integrations available

Pricing Plans:

  • Free:
  • ~$0 per event for up to 25 tickets
  • Flex:
  • ~$9,99 per event for up to 100 tickets
  • ~$24,99 per event for up to 250 tickets
  • ~$49,99 per event for unlimited tickets
  • Pro:
  • ~$29 per month for up to 100 tickets
  • ~$79 per month for up to 250 tickets
  • ~$159 per month for unlimited tickets
  • Pricing Plans: Contact for a quote

Spotlight on the Top Pick: Why Accelevents Is The Best Cvent Alternative

Well, this was a long read, wasn't it?

Look, we know choosing the right Cvent alternative isn't exactly a walk in the park.

You want something easy to set up and use.

You crave the freedom to customize it just the way you like.

You need top-notch support ready at any hour and are looking for seamless ways to make everything work together perfectly.

Most of all, you want your event to be successful, and you are looking for not just an event management platform but a partner who:

  • understands your needs,
  • shares your vision,
  • and actively contributes to making your event a hit.

So, which one is the perfect Cvent alternative?

While 'perfect' is a very individual thing, we've covered many amazing Cvent alternatives in this article, considering everything from features, integrations, and customer support to thousands of user reviews.

We've spent hours talking to industry experts and even more time going through various independent research and analyses.

Despite the depth of our research and the diversity and strengths of each platform we explored, one Cvent alternative consistently comes out on top: Accelevents.

And here's why:

Quick and Easy Setup

If you've ever set up an event using Cvent, you know how stressful and time-consuming it can be.

And no one wants that, right?

Getting your event up and running should be straightforward, not a month-long project.

Now, can you imagine setting up your event and getting your team on board without having to wade through complicated manuals, call in IT experts, or hire expensive consultants?

That's the beauty of Accelevents.

It's designed to be straightforward and user-friendly so you can focus on what matters: making your event successful.

Effortless Experience for Everyone

Ever tried learning something new and ended up scratching your head?

Not fun. Accelevents gets it.

That's why they've made their platform so easy to use.

No headaches, no endless training sessions.

Just simple, clear steps anyone can follow.

Whether you're a pro at events or this is your first rodeo, you won't need to stress over complicated setups.

Accelevents is all about making things smooth for you and your team so you can dive straight into bringing your event to life without any unnecessary roadblocks.

24/7 Real-Time Customer Support

Imagine having a safety net under your event, ready to catch any issues before they become problems.

That's what Accelevents offers with its 24/7 real-time customer support.

Picture this:

You're in the middle of planning the event of the year, and suddenly, you hit a bump.

What do you do?


Not with Accelevents.

A quick message gets you in touch with an expert ready to solve your problem in an average of 22 seconds.

No more waiting, no more stress.

Voted by users for providing the highest support quality and being the easiest to work with, Accelevents sets the bar high.

With impressive stats like 96% chat satisfaction and 99.99% platform uptime, they're not just bragging. They're delivering.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Ever dreamed of hosting an event that's unmistakably yours in every way?

With Accelevents, that dream becomes your reality.

Whether you're organizing a grand conference or a cozy workshop, the power to craft it exactly as you envision is at your fingertips.

Imagine every aspect of your event, from ticketing and registration to marketing emails and event apps, all singing in harmony with your brand's voice and style.

That's the level of personalization Accelevents brings to the table.

Your brand doesn't just make a guest appearance - it takes center stage throughout the entire event experience.

Try Accelevents and See How Simple Managing Events Can Be

After diving deep into the features, support, and customization options Accelevents offers, there's only one thing left to do: to experience it yourself.

It's time to step away from the endless search for the perfect event management platform and see how Accelevents can transform the way you create, manage, and execute events.

From the moment you start setting up your event to the final round of applause, Accelevents is designed to make every step as seamless and stress-free as possible.

With its intuitive interface, comprehensive support, and extensive customization options, managing events becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Don't just take our word for it.

The proof is in the pudding - or in this case in the platform.

Give Accelevents a try and discover how it can simplify your event management process, elevate your attendee experience, and enhance your brand presence.

It's time to redefine what you expect from an event management platform.

Book a demo with Accelevents today and see how simple, enjoyable, and rewarding managing events can be.

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